BSoF: 4S (Multiverse, science fantasy, school life)

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More combat or less combat?

  1. More combat! For more epic fights!

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  2. Less combat! So there is more other stuff!

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  1. Boarding School of Freaks:
    Special Student Security Section

    The Boarding School of Freaks (BSoF), the school which produces the most powerful fighters of the Post-Dimensional Society, the vast interconnected cultures that have the ability to travel the Science Fantasy Multiverse known as the Inter-Dimensional Space. With the relocation to a bigger complex and a huge expansion in the number of students, it quickly became obvious that BSoF would need a new way to deal with the emerging problems among both students and the staff, be it favoritism, bullying or worse. This would be the Special Student Security Section (4S) - a gathering of students that are to uphold the rules of BSoF in return for points in the school's ranking system (which is used to remove a certain amount of students at the end of each semester). At first made only out of a single team and only meant to deal with troublesome students that would be hard to take care just by the School Security, it would evolve into a body for self-policing the students under the Student Council with the ability to conduct investigations, handle troublesome students and deal with all rule-breaking conducts on the BSoF campus, supplementing the School Security.

    4S Sub-Sections:
    Officers - The combat force of the 4S, made of individuals with powerful combat skills and/or abilities. Usually split in teams of 3-5 people. They have a red 4S symbol on their uniforms.
    Investigators - The main crime-solving force of 4S, made out of individuals with useful skills or abilities. Their 4S symbol is blue.
    Administration - The paperwork section. Their 4S symbol is green.
    Elite - The elite force of the 4S, made out of individuals with special training and powerful combat skills and/or abilities. They wear a white 4S symbol.

    Setting In Short: Combat-oriented school in a society of cultures that can travel trough a Science Fantasy Multiverse.

    Oh and for those wondering what Freaks are, those are people that posses certain abilities, usually called Freak Powers or just Powers, that their race should not have, but which are not magic. Most of them only have one Power.


    The only question is how much should we focus on combat. If we want more combat we should pick the early days of the 4S. Otherwise we should take a period after the pacification of BSoF when the 4S has to fight less and do other stuff more.

    Fell free to show interest or ask questions!
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