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    "My name is Rita, and it is currently 2040 of June. Not long ago a disease began to spread throughout the world, it slowly began to kill everyone who fell victim to it. No has been able to pinpoint it or figure out how someone got it, not in time anyways. The disease caused a war of survival and if you didn't die from the disease, you died from the people around you stealing your goods. It didn't take long for the war to dim down though, but when it did people were left in terror and weak. Cities have built strong walls around their perimeters to prevent outsiders and the disease. But when the people within the cities died, no one wanted to respectfully discard the bodies and just left them as they died.
    I stay in the City of Darkened Skies with my little sister Mirrasin, she is so young though it is a shame she has to go through this. But I will protect her at all costs. We can't afford to loose each other, that is what I at least think....
    Our enemies are every one around us, and...Brutis."

    It was early in the day, but a small glimpse of sun shined through into Rita's closed eyes. Rita gave a quiet yawn and stretched as she sat up and scuffed her hair with her hands. First thing that came to her mind was to check in Mira make sure she was still there and alive. Rita watched her rest, she was still alive thankfully. She leaned back to a stone wall and took a deep breath. Together they have forged a hideout from the city, anyone would think it was just rubble from the outside but underneath the building that was now rubble actually had an underground basement that they were able to access secretly. The basement wasn't much though, mostly stone and wood planks. Rita was able to gather some comfortable blankets and sleeping bags for her and Mira to sleep on, in the back there was some supplies they gathered. Other then that, there wasn't much.

    Rita decided to shine her shotgun as she waited for Mira to wake. She thought about what they would do today, but seemed more saddened by the thought...
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    Mira stretched, yawning. She rubbed a sleepy red eye and sat up slowly. "Sissy?" she mumbled quietly, her cat ears falling crooked on her head. She yawned again, her eyes opening and looking around. Her white hair was in a messy tangle, but she didn't care. She looked out at the sun and giggled sleepily. "It's sunnnnnyyy" the ten year old said in a little voice. She stood unsteadily and walked to Rita, giving her big sister a huge hug. "Guess what.." she said, smiling brightly.
  3. Rita set her gun to the side, and smiled at Mira. She always thought her little sister was so adorable, it gave her more of a reason to protect her. Mira walked over to Rita giving her a hug and Rita returned her hug with a big squeeze.
    "Guess what, what?" Rita chuckled.

    Seeing her hair a mess, she wanted to just brush it, but she couldn't which bugged her.
  4. "I had a dream last night..and it was funny." she said, curling up in Rita's lap and resting her head on her big sister's shoulder. "It was scary too..there where spiders and people wif smiles that where waaaay too big for their faces." she frowned slightly, but shook her head and continued. "but we find this blue cup thingy and doctors chased us away..but when we got outside we gave it to made people feel all better!" she said with a smile.
  5. Rita petted her sister's head slowly listening to her crazy dream.
    "That must of been one heck of a dream Mira, but I can guarantee you that there is no spiders and wacky people with huge smiles here."
    Rita pondered on the thought of something that made people better.
    "Where did the blue cup thingy come from Mira? Something that helps people sound like a interesting idea no?"
  6. Mira smiled, nodding. "Yay!" She giggled. "Well..I don't know.." her brows furrowed in though. "Well..I think it was from a biiiiiiiiig building!" she threw her hands in the air for emphasis on big. "And helping is intewesting!" she giggled happily. "Ooooh..sissy..can we go find the blue cup!?" She asked excitedly.
  7. "Ermph..." Rita scratched the back of her head. "Find the cup Mira? I don't know, one we don't even know where to start and two I don't want you to get hurt..."
    As the morning slowly went by, other survivors were starting to come out and walk about. Their steps could be heard above them.
  8. Mira pouted, her bottom lip poking out and she tilted her kitty-eared head a little to the left. "Paweeeeeeeaaaaaasssee sissy?" she asked in a sweet voice. "Isn't there a big buiwding at the wall?" she asked curiously. She paused, looking up, then giggled. "Peoples are out sissy!"
  9. Rita sighed, she was going to regret everything. She just know it.
    "Fine... Let's get to it..."
    Rita equipped her weapons and dusted off.
    "Since people are awake, we have to be careful and not have them have a clue of what we are doing...Got it Mira?"
  10. Mira nodded. "Yes Rita." she said with a smile as she stood up. She picked up a small packet and clipped it to the edge of her skirt, pulling her shirt over it. Her only weapon other than her teeth and fists...her knives. She smiled innocently. "Weee!" she giggled, skipping around Rita excitedly.
  11. Rita was glad she had Mira with her, Mira was her only sense of happiness but even time and again, Mira couldn't always get a smile to appear. Rita led the way out by heading up planked stairs, then moving a piece of rubble to make sure no one was nearby. When the coast was clear, Rita opened up the usual opening to let Mira out then closed it.
    "Mira you should lead the way so I can keep an eye on you. Besides you have a better idea of what you are looking for. I'll be behind you the whole time."
    Rita gave a slight smile.
  12. Mira nodded, bouncing around happily as she started to skip down the street, looking around curiously. "Hmmm.." her step faltered a moment as she turned left, trying to follow the path in her dream, waving at people as they passed. A few would recognize her and give half-hearted smiles, waving back. Others would ignore her completely or grumble about her. She did not mind at all. She had a mission.
  13. While following Mira, she noticed she was being social by waveing to people. She could only imagine people sneaking up behind them and trying something silly. Though with those who ignored her or grouch, she would threaten them with her gun behind Mira. She hated people. All of them. If she didn't know any better she would kill them all.
    "Mira, see anything?"
  14. "Mhm!" Mira skipped ahead happily. "A yellow sign saying 'corps'! It was-.." she stopped, turning around with a smile. "You know." she giggled, not revealing their secret as she skipped ahead again, leading the way towards the wall. Who knew what was there? Mira was smiling, happy, not it couldn't be that bad..could it?
  15. "U-uhm Mira...That's..."

    Before Rita could finish, Mira was already on her way. Shaking her head, she jogged to catch up. A building lied ahead of them, seemed a bit lifeless as ironic that could be.

    "Mira are you sure about this? I am having my doubts."
    Rita pumped her shotgun as a shell fell to the ground. She was ready to rumble as she stepped ahead of her little sister.
  16. "Mhm." Mira skipped along beside Rita. "It has biiiiiiiiig blue windows, and a yellow sign." she giggles. She saw no problem with it. "Why?" she questioned Rita, looking up respectably to her older sister. She trusted and believed anything and everything Rita said. If Rita was worried, then Mira would be on her upmost guard and be quiet like a cat....she giggled. She loved cats,
  17. Rita stood calmly watching Mira,
    "Because, this building was meant to store corpses before everyone became scared of touching the bodies. When those who touched corpses started to get sick, people would get the idea it was coming from touching the bodies and thus would no longer touch them and would just leave them where they were...."
    She aimed at the door.
    "People even spread rumors the cries can be heard in the middle of the night here to those who lived close. If you want to go in, let me go first..."
    Rita eyes filled with hatred, she was scared deep down to see what was in there but she was going to go wherever Mira wanted to go.
  18. Mira shrugged. "I'll go in first." she giggled, going to the door. She knocked. No answer. "Hmm..." her little head tilted slightly. "Where's the man in the big white dress?" she questioned aloud, knocking again.
  19. "The man isn't here...Maybe we should just go find other things to do today."
    Rita lowered her gun and raised an eyebrow.
  20. Mira shook her head, looking up at the cloudy sky. "Nu uh I-"
    The door opened. "HI!" Mira almost yelled at the man. He looked angry, but stepped aside. Mira grabbed Rita's hand, dragging her inside.