Brute Honesty

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Sometimes people just don't gt it, do they? You tell them over and over again but they refuse to listen or reason? Then it usually comes down to being as brutally honest as you can be. Giving them all of the details, the hard truth, and sugar coating nothing.

Is that always the best way to go about things? Ever think about how they may feel afterwords? Do you think there was no other choice in the matter?

My question to you, Iwaku, is...

Do you think it is necessary to use brute honesty to get your point across?


It depends on the situation but some of the time a point needs do be made and dancing around it chanting voodoo isn't going to get it across.

But as with everything theres a time and a place.
I try delicacy first, a gentle if perhaps passive aggressive approach, depending on the situation.
However, if someone just isn't getting the picture...
Yeah. Brutal honesty.
I HATE having to be brutal honest. D: I am not worried about hurting people's feelings anymore, because being honest about stuff is always for the best.

BUT, I am always afraid of the potential backlash of what comes AFTER it. @___@ You never know when someone is going to lash out, beat you up, cry, freak or hate you for ever. Even when you are trying to do the right thing for both of you, some people don't always appreciate the sentiment!

So.. I tend to try and be as subtle or gentle as possible with people until I just can't avoid it. XD I fear them hurting me. (As completely neurotic as that is!)
Definitely. Being nice and sugar coating things never got me as far as being brutally honest. Of course there are situations where it should not be used, like if said person is perhaps going through rough times. Or if it's someone you'll see often, like say a family member like my brother. I don't want to seriously alienate myself from him since well, I'm like the only family member in the whole damn state he is on good terms with.. <_<

If they really don't have a reason for repeating the same mistake endlessly, there is no sense holding back. Better to speak out than to suffer in silence or to tone it down, they'll NEVER learn that way. I know from recent experience that there is nothing more frustrating than trying to teach someone who refuses to learn. Especially when you earnestly just want to help them. The aforementioned person was a hopeless waste of my time and nothing more in the end.

It may sometimes cause tensions to be brutally honest but is generally worth it. I have very few regrets. Just gotta hold back more at times when dealing with friends, superiors in the workplace and family who you do not want to seriously offend.