Brutal Legend: The RP

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  1. So I was wandering the old resale shop for games at my local mall, and found a beautiful gem from my childhood.


    For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, it's about a man pulled through space and time into a world built on Heavy Metal, helping out a crew to escape the suppression of their evil overlord type person. Or really, your basic hero story line, but with a very bad ass soundtrack. Might I mention Jack Black voices our hero? There are several other good rock names in there as well who voice, like Ozzy~. It's sarcastic, humorous and I love the story! If you haven't played it, PLAY IT. They have it on steam for you PC users.

    The reason I'm bringing this all up was because I ran my way through it all over again, though with bit more patience than my child self. I really like the story and such and fell in love with Eddie Riggs, the hero and worlds greatest roadie. There is something about the way he was done that just made him so interested and alluring. He was always in a supporting role in game, even though through your eyes he is the hero and does all the work. Never pushes for credit or anything! On top of that, he's quick to crack a joke and just seems like the sort of character you want to write with!

    After finishing it, I instantly got inspired by the heavy metal rock songs and blood soaked world that was Brutal Legend and got a great plot idea! If you're interested in doing this, wanting to talk about the plot or just want to fan girl over Brutal Legend, just send me a message! Below, I have a little bit of a summary of the idea for you all to enjoy...


    It's been two years after the defeat of Doviculus, peace running throughout the land. Lita has become a powerful and successful leader among the humans, their band growing more and more as time goes by. Land is settled, homes are built, but the metal always remains. However, time is merciless in its treck, and not everything is left untouched. Eddie and Ophelia have parted ways, no longer romantically attached. A claim of 'artistic differences' being all that they tell their friends and comrades. Though they remain close as friends, their romantic past makes it hard to try and keep things from getting uncomfortable when for so long it was common to hold a hand, or kiss a cheek.

    However, they are not allowed long to dawdle on their own problems as new ones flourish. At the endless bridge of the north, an abandoned piece of Titan architecture, a wave of humans never before seen pour out in a panic while followed by a force even more frightful than the Tainted Coil. Beyond the bridge, their homeland lies in ruins, torn apart by this new and frightful force. Taken in by Ironheade, they quickly learn that the Tainted Coil wasn't all that became of the First Ones. More than just human and demon walk this land, and as the battles soon begin to rage, it is a race against the clock to assure that they have more friend than foe.

    Along with new battles, new faces appear. The strong willed leader of the humans of the north has caught the eyes of Ophelia, causing Eddie mixed feelings over the sudden ally treaty put together. It does not help that the man seems to have brought his own roadie, a faceless being in a hooded jersey with a voice as smooth and sweet as honey. With little choice, Eddie and this unknown roadie must work together to ensure the success of their leaders, their show and their futures...that is, if they can handle working with each other.


    This is a Eddie Riggs / OC RP! I would like to play the new roadie and I hope my partner would be willing to play Eddie. If you'd like to have an original character of your own, you are welcome to make one. More so, you can play the other leader if you so desire! This is all up for talk and plotting, nothing is set in stone. I am always willing to double up on their pairs if my partner has once in mind that they would like~

    This is also a mature idea! I would like for their to possible be sex happening, but it would be plot based and far between. If you looking for a constant stream of sex, this is not the RP for it! So please, if you are interested in such things let me know as well! If you are not old enough to RP in the libertine tag, then we can just cut out all the sex stuff and mildly hint at the romance with kissing instead. It's all up for talk!
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