Brush your teeth 3xtimes a day :D Toothpaste, anyone?

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  3. Quinn Kimberly

    I really hope I did that right.

    Carrie's relying on me to make sure the fake alibi is delivered calmly and with confidence. I doubt I fit the bill completely, but I don't think Samuel suspects a thing. Well, he shouldn't expect anything outside of his natural worry for sis. Jeez, the amount of care he has for her is impossible to miss--if it was for anyone else, I'd describe it as stifling. However, it's nice to know that Carrie's got such a big teddy bear gang-looking boyfriend to look after her.

    Just as I think I'm home free and thinking of what to do next, there's a vibration in my pocket--

    In the blink of an eye, I take it out and feel my stomach plummet upon seeing "Carrie" flash on the screen. As I answer, I've already spun on my heels and heading towards the exit. Oh god, please be okay sis.

    "Hello? Sis? A-are you minimal?" A thought strikes me and my lips stretch with a grimace. "Did that doctor trouble you?" Please let it not be that; surely, he must've turned his suspicions onto Carrie after my unusual reaction to his questions. This is all my fault. I really should've handled the situation better. I can't afford to be so selfish now--people I care about are affected by my actions now.


    I full out scoff as Warren fixes the couch pillow. Heh, damned neat freak. I shoot him a 'bruh, you kidding me?' look, but he doesn't really react to it. Figures. Ice Cube's beyond patient, to the point of where I'm pretty damn certain that it's psychotic. Which isn't a problem. Be a psycho! It's the best way to live! No rules or bindings to hold ya back. No idiotic morals to suck away the fun. The only problem I kinda have is the fact that Ice Cube's way crazier than me.

    Well. Maybe just a different breed of crazy from me, yeah? That sounds about that.

    I shrug, barely paying attention to what Ice Cube's saying. However, I catch onto the last bit about Damon and snort. "Yeah, I guess. Here's to hoping shrimp doesn't fuck up." I cut a look at Warren. "If he does, you on clean up duty this time. I had to cover up our tracks last time, yeah?" I catch a little twitch from Tiny in the corner of my vision and I smirk. Heh, I can already guess what's going off in his head now. More memories. More dead bodies. Images of me scorching their carcasses and land clean of any trace of life. Hey, somebody's gotta do it.

    ā€œHmm. You know, Torch, Iā€™m all for a fire. But you know what I think what would be even better? Perhaps a lady for the night. Or...better yet..." Ah fuck. I know where this is going. "Make some hard earned money off of others. Maybe cause some quiet carnage later tonight.ā€ I smile wide at him, literally throwing myself forward and eyes shining, but my stomach feels like an actual basin of acid. I kill to kill. That's it. But Ice Cube's different, he kills for fun and reasons--and one of those reasons is for profit...

    Whatever. Boss is boss. I don't give a fuck what he does, as long as I get my fun in.

    Even further, I know when he's got a craving for torture. Looks like that shit is at a high right now. Despite my thoughts, my smile grows even more, until my face aches pleasantly. "Sounds like a damn good plan, yeah? A good wholesome day of heading out and picking some pigs from the bin." I look over at Tiny. Knowing him, he won't participate. Fucking punk ass coward.

    "Aye, Tiny! You down?" I already know the answer, but I really do love fucking with him. Just as I predict, he slowly looks over, his posture rigid, and simply shakes his head. I scoff. "Fucking wimp."

    Samuel Banks

    I smile reassuringly at Jennifer. She's such a dear. I really am a monster for hurting her to begin with, no matter what form of brainwashing she was under. Surely, there could've been another solution, the adrenaline and fear had blinded me, and now she's paying for my incompetence. I'll make it up to her, I swear upon my very life. "I promise I'm doing just fine, Jennifer. The exhaustion from today is just hitting me, that's all."

    I'm rather relieved when she pulls away and decides to save her motherly instincts for later. It was so precious to see, further proof of the wonderful and pure soul residing in her being. I it possible to redeem oneself after harming an angel? Probably not...but I'll keep desperately searching. I nod in agreement; we've been away a tad longer than I like.

    "You're right. I'd rather not leave Itzlie alone for too long, not with our new...visitor still so unstable." I still have no idea when this drug will wear off, but I pray it happens soon. If I have to stay up all night and monitor him until it happens, then so be it, but it'd be preferable for him to come back to his senses beforehand. As we make our way back to the attic, my mind experiences a delayed reaction, only just now remembering what Jennifer said about her family. I laugh under my breath, soft and--against my accord--empty.

    "They sound absolutely lovely. And a riot, especially your brothers." Something jagged attempts to skewer my chest, but I blunt the force at last second. "I...suppose you want to see them soon." Again, the guilt washes over me. This poor woman...I can understand if she wants to go home immediately, but I need her here. For everyone's safety.
  4. .....Step Siblings RP of some sort?
  5. I brush twice a day, morning and night. Sometimes I'll brush 3 times depending on what I've eaten. I floss twice a day as well, this is very important for gum health.
  6. I brush a lot, at least two times a day if not three. After lunch and then after dinner usually. Mostly since I don't have the money to see a dentist and haven't seen one in years. So I have to take extremely good care of my teeth as with no insurance, dental bills would be through the roof having to pay out of pocket.

    Listerine is good, sure it may burn but that's problem the killing of all those germs. 30 seconds isn't so bad anyhow.
  7. ....You're supposed to take care of your teeth? Since when?
  8. I brush every morning after breakfast since if I did it before the food ends up tasting nasty.

    And no matter when it is, I'll brush mah teeth before going on a date.

    Brushing my teeth after lunch would require me carrying a toothbrush & toothpaste around with me given my schedule so that's. . . inconvenient.
  9. I brush once a day. Of course when I say 'brush' I mean brush, floss, mouthwash, and a dental plaque scraping thing at least twice.

    I should prolly do it more than once a day but eh.
  10. I brush my teeth twice a day. Once after breakfast and just before going to bed. I floss and use Listerine mouthwash all the times that I brush because I'm paranoid about my family's history of gingivitus @.@;. My favorite kind of tooth paste is the excessively minty kind because I like the weird cold air feeling I get whenever I breathe.
  11. xD Rorehniichan :D WAKE UP! :DD

    LOL Why? I remember when I was in elementary school, I used to take those little airplane brushes & toothpaste sets to school for after lunch brushing :D Have you ever tried to ?

    Wow, you really do it all, but only once a day xD Why do you think you don't do it more often?

    Ahahah :D You like that cold air feeling? It bothers me xD
    Anyways~ that's cool, you're super careful about your teeth :)
    Did you ever buy your own toothpaste? Like after seeing a commercial or looking at the packet? Does the packet matter ?