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Brush your teeth 3xtimes a day :D Toothpaste, anyone?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sakura, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Toothpaste​


    Do you have any preferences in toothpaste? Like color or taste or minty freshness? :D

    How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

    What's your favourite thing about toothpaste?

    I love bubblegum toothpaste, but I end up eating most of it xD What I don't like is those super minty toothpaste brands because they make it hard to breathe properly after you brush because its like BREATHE + RUSH OF COLD WEIRD TASTING AIR. I only like "minty fresh" breath in small intakes :D

    I love sparkly toothpaste or triple colored toothpaste because it changes color in your mouth. xD Especially the Colgate one with the three colors, white blue and green and then in your mouth, its like OMG look its purple, no wait, the green's kicking in now! xD

    ~Anyways, what are your thoughts ?
  2. I'm going to sound terrible but, We're supposed to brush 3 times a day? Man I only brush once a day every work day. Anything else as far as personal hygene goes I go by the public standard. Usually I get the minty stuff so it is too...minty to swallow or anything. Listerine is always a nice mouth wash punch afterward.
  3. LOL Three times a day is what my dentist told me since I was a kid. Because every time you eat, you should brush your teeth after :D Most people eat three times a day and so~ yeah :D

    Yeah :D LISTERINE is fun :D Except it kinda burns -__- sometimes I just wanna spit it out and RUN AWAYY xD
  4. Does Sakura floss then if there's no mouthwash? I don't because I hate that string of death.
  5. =D
    That's funny. Now I now how you feel xD
    I don't mind flossing, but I only do it when I have something stuck in my teeth. Like mango or something x)
    I usually just brush. And mouthwash like once in a while~
    But I brush a lot, soo... xD
    -Brush my teeth after I wake up
    -Brush my teeth after I eat breakfast/lunch/dinner
    -Brush my teeth if my mouth doesn't feel fresh and clean xD
  6. I brush twice a day, morning and night. Sometimes I'll brush 3 times depending on what I've eaten. I floss twice a day as well, this is very important for gum health.
  7. I brush a lot, at least two times a day if not three. After lunch and then after dinner usually. Mostly since I don't have the money to see a dentist and haven't seen one in years. So I have to take extremely good care of my teeth as with no insurance, dental bills would be through the roof having to pay out of pocket.

    Listerine is good, sure it may burn but that's problem the killing of all those germs. 30 seconds isn't so bad anyhow.
  8. ....You're supposed to take care of your teeth? Since when?
  9. I brush every morning after breakfast since if I did it before the food ends up tasting nasty.

    And no matter when it is, I'll brush mah teeth before going on a date.

    Brushing my teeth after lunch would require me carrying a toothbrush & toothpaste around with me given my schedule so that's. . . inconvenient.
  10. I brush once a day. Of course when I say 'brush' I mean brush, floss, mouthwash, and a dental plaque scraping thing at least twice.

    I should prolly do it more than once a day but eh.
  11. I brush my teeth twice a day. Once after breakfast and just before going to bed. I floss and use Listerine mouthwash all the times that I brush because I'm paranoid about my family's history of gingivitus @.@;. My favorite kind of tooth paste is the excessively minty kind because I like the weird cold air feeling I get whenever I breathe.
  12. xD Rorehniichan :D WAKE UP! :DD

    LOL Why? I remember when I was in elementary school, I used to take those little airplane brushes & toothpaste sets to school for after lunch brushing :D Have you ever tried to ?

    Wow, you really do it all, but only once a day xD Why do you think you don't do it more often?

    Ahahah :D You like that cold air feeling? It bothers me xD
    Anyways~ that's cool, you're super careful about your teeth :)
    Did you ever buy your own toothpaste? Like after seeing a commercial or looking at the packet? Does the packet matter ?