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What's your main internet browser, the one you typically use and why do you like it?

I go with Firefox, sure it might take up more resources than Chrome but you can do more with it, ad-block plus, no script, download status bar, better privacy to clear up those often shady LSOs. Chrome is just too bare bones for me to care for and Internet Explorer is just too sluggish for me. Sure there can be issues with FF but updates are rather fast to fix major issues.
Chrome. I will be caught dead before I use the ridiculously overhyped Firefox, especially from what all I can see, it's really no different from IE in the ways that effect me. I like how sleek Chrome is, there's not five bars of options and tools, search bar and URL bar are combined, it looks nice, it plays nice; I love it.

I switched from IE yeeeeaaars ago, cause IE had a massively bad problem with popups and loading pages properly. And it had tabs which was awesome.

Now, I don't ever have any problems, so I haven't bothered to check out any other browsers. o__o I used to have all the browsers installed so I could double-check webpage coding, but I don't do a lot of page coding anymore, so it became unnecessary...
I have been using IE, but hearing the quite convincing arguments I think I'm going to tru Chrome and FF to see if I like those better..
Firefox and Safari ^.^
I feel out of place using Opera now.

But what can I say? I like the quick dial feature.

It's just better, and I like the adblock. It's also what I've been using for years. People want me to give Chrome a try, but I'm too threatened by change to even go that far.
I don't really have much of a choice anymore for a couple computers, it's pretty much Fire fox and that's it. Internet explorer just keeps crashing too much.
I've been using Chrome since it first came out since I had dial up and therefore it didn't take as long as Firefox to load. Overall they are all the same thing to me. Except for IE. That's a pure piece of shit.
>:| I use firefox... but I've been having crash problems. Anyone else having that?
Nope, never had a crash that was the fault of the browser. Though I'm meticulous about keeping everything up-to-date and clean. Also on OSX which seems to have fewer issues with firefox than windows.
I use Firefox primarily, but I also have several other browsers installed, for example, Opera, Chrome, and Camino, so that certain sites run better. Since I have a mac, there's also Safari available, just in case.
Use to use Safari, but I switched to Firefox years ago. There were a few features I liked better on Safari and I keep it when I want to quick d/l an mp3 link since it's a pain to quick key it on Firefox for OSX.
I use Google Chrome because I have the attention span of a goldfish and tend to have several windows with 15+ tabs open at a time.
I'm currently using IceWeasel.
Which is basically just a repackaged FireFox.
It's a little lighter on the resources, but not really noticeably so.

I don't use very many Add-Ons.
And the few I do, stay out of the way.