Brothers of the Mask, Sisters of the Blade

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    There have been many men that have worn the mask of the legendary Zorro, from the Three Amigos to the Three Musketeers. Now, in 1880, a new face of Zorro has appeared, but he is not alone. He is with his brothers and sisters, who also wear the title of Zorro, but together, they have become the Brothers of the Mask and the Sisters of the Blade. A new enemy has risen, the outright oppression of the pagans was drawing to the limit. Witch hunts and burning of innocent people has drawn out the Brothers of the Mask/sisters of the Blade in a daring new adventure to hunt down Ivan von Trouse, the man responsible for the oppression and the famine of the country. For wherever injustice thrives, the Brothers of the Mask/Sisters of the Blade will ever be present to end it.

    But things are changing, and people are starting to revile the heroes of old, and Zorro is but a skeptical hero that has divided the people; half are for them, praising the man, woman, that wears the mask as a champion of the peoples while others hail them as outlaws and thieves, nuisances. But to disband would mean to die, and for their code, they would live by it until the day the last Zorro fell. The Calvary has been summoned in to protect the mayor of whom is causing such destruction in the state of Texas, and bordering Mexico.The battle for good and bad doesn't apply; the battle for justice and human rights has begun.

    Soon, the battle for the states will begin.

    El Paso, Texas to Mexico. The setting is old western days. The type of clothing is easy, but I will display it for you below. Keep in mind that these are but a few fashions used, and that The Brothers of the Mask and the Sisters of the Blade will be wearing something completely different.These are but commoners/innocent people, the last is what the police looked like back then.

    Dresswear (fancy)
    Dresswear for men (open)

    Dresswear for women (open)

    Typical Clothes

    Men's Apparel (open)

    Women's Apparel (open)

    The Sheriff's Clothing

    Sheriff Joband (open)

    The Brothers of the Mask

    They are the original face of Zorro, but after a few years passed, they began to let women into the ranks of the mask, naming them the Sisters of the Blade. There is a leader to both groups, the leader of the Brothers is named Amador Raguel.
    The Brother's Code (open)
    Never will I harm my brothers and sisters.
    Forever will I defy injustice, and meet my blade to cruelty.
    My mask is my life, and I have sworn an oath of my life before I remove it.
    For the people, not for the glory.
    Death before dishonour.
    I will respect all beings and place them as equals.
    To harm the innocent is to die, and to show cruelty is to dishonour.

    The Sisters of the Blade

    The Sisters of the Blade are a group of very strong women who won't be held by society's standards. Like their brothers, they fight for justice, equality, and a better world. Their leader is (I don't know this yet as someone has to sign up as her!).

    The Sister's Code (open)
    I will never bow to a man.
    Never will I harm my brothers and sisters.
    Forever will I defy injustice, and meet my blade to cruelty.
    My mask is my life, and I have sworn an oath of my life before I remove it.
    For the people, not for the glory.
    Death before dishonour.
    I will respect all beings and place them as equals.
    To harm the innocent is to die, and to show cruelty is to dishonour.

    1. No god modding of any type, which includes meta gaming (when you bring player knowledge to character knowledge), power playing, etc. Please be polite.​
    2. Your character does not have to be in a relationship in this roleplay to be part of the story, but if someone is feeling left out please make it a point to include them. Nobody joins a roleplay to write to themselves.​
    3. No one liners please. While quality over quantity rules here, one liners are hard to respond to. That being said, build the story, don't just do pure back history.​
    4. If you have an issue with a member, private message me instead of fighting like rabid baboons to a zebra carcass.​
    5. OOC stays here. That includes the (chatchatchat) in a post.​
    6. Two Characters Max​
    7. You may romance anyone​
    8. You can play anyone in the sexual orientation or gender identity groups!!!!​
    Have fun!

    Character Sheet (open)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Role in Group:
    Lover/Crush (if it applies):
    5 Good Traits
    5 Flaws
    Picture (please include what they look like and their outfit, No Anime, real pictures only unless it is a very good drawing of your character)
    Horse (name, breed, picture)
    History (can roleplay out if done right)

    Brothers of the Mask
    1. Amador Raguel (LogicfromLogic)​
    2. Vinto Bruetti (@Ritual Lobotamy) (deputy)​
    3. Reserved​

    Sisters of the Blade

    1. Alessandra Bruetti (@Ritual Lobotamy)(leader)
    2. Annabeth Swan (Mira)(deputy)
    3. Open

    1. Open
    2. Open
    3. Open
    (Please specify, you can be the son/daughter of the president etc.)

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  2. Name: Amador Raguel
    Age: 26
    Gender/Sex: Cisgender Male
    Race: Spanish American
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain
    Role in Group: Leader of The Brothers of the Mask
    Lover/Crush (if it applies): Open
    Kin: Unknown/He never talks about them
    5 Good Traits
    1. Brave​
    2. Loyal​
    3. Smart/Wise​
    4. Strong​
    5. Understanding ​
    5 Flaws
    1. Rude
    2. Stubborn
    3. Dismissive at times
    4. Goes over board at times
    5. Clumsy at times
    Picture (please include what they look like and their outfit)
    Outfit (open)

    Horse (name, breed, picture)
    Celer, Andalusian
    As the leader, Amador has the famous breed, pure black, for his mount for tradition.

    History (can roleplay out if done right)

    His parents died after a wrong hanging, blamed for the neighbor's deaths. He was raised by his uncle up until the age of twelve, when he could no longer tolerate his uncle's verbal abuse. He ran away and began to explore the world, and found his way to America where he thought to be the land of the free, yet still he saw men, women, children in chains and people persecuted for their religious beliefs, skin colour, orientations...anything. So, to fight such an injustice, he took up the mask after the last Zorro and became the new one. Since then, he's freed slaves, fought for justice and became one of the most wanted men.​
  3. Still open, any ideas anyone?
  4. Yo reserve me a spot in the sisters of the blade.
  5. Most specifically their leader.
  6. Message me please to discuss the role.
  7. What are the outfits for both groups?
  8. Make a cs!

    And the outfit would have to be similar but not entirely the same
  9. Name: Annabeth Swan
    Age: 24
    Gender/Sex: Cisgender Female
    Race: Italian American
    Sexual Orientation: Bicurious
    Birth Place: She doesnt know where she was born, but grew up in El Paso Texas.
    Role In Group: Deputy
    Lover/Crush: Amador Raguel
    Kin: She was adopted and doesn't know of any biological family. But she has adoptive parents and three adoptive brothers.
    Five Good Traits:
    • Loyal
    • Fierce
    • Kind (sometimes)
    • Brave
    • Quiet
    Five Flaws:
    • Stubborn
    • Hard to get along with
    • Rude
    • Not friendly at first
    • Can get off topic easily
    Outfit (open)

    Horse: Thoroughbred named Evangeline.

    Sword: (She uses twin swords so imagine there is two.)

    History: Annabeth doesnt know much about her life. When she was hardly even two months old her mother had died, and Annabeth was sent to a local orphanage. She had lived their for four years, playing with the older children, till that orphanage burned down in a fire. Annabeth was seperated from most of the kids she knew and was sent to a small town in Texas, where she lived at that orphanage for ten years. At age fourteen she was adopted by a young American couple who lived on a small farm with their three sons. She lived a fairly decent life, never feeling out of place because she wasn't related by blood. Her family happily accepted her. The only thing that ever bothered her was that she was treated differently than her adoptive brothers. They got to do all sorts of things she wasn't allowed to do. Though she and them often played games and she would love doing whatever they could do, even if it was deemed unacceptable for a young lady. Her oldest brother had been gives sword lesons and he began teaching her in secret. When she grew a little older she became friends with a local slave girl. At the time, Annabeth knew nothing of slaves since her family owned none, and questioned why the slave did everything her Master told her. As Annabeth became a teenager, she had learned about the fact the girl was a slave and was sickened by the idea of humans owning other humans. One day, she had recieved a simple sword from her brother and was so excited she went to show the slave girl but found her being beaten by her master. Acting on instinct, she took out her sword and slashed the man across the back. Angered, he lunged to attack Annabeth but she ran off, taking the slave girl with her. She had eventually brought the girl to an underground railway so the girl could make it up north. Currently, Annabeth spends her day time helping a local all girls orphanage and teaching them to do the same things boys do, and at night she houses local slaves and helps bring them to underground railways.
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  10. I'll make a girl.
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  11. What types of roles would their be in the group?
  12. Leader which loses the reservation tomorrow, deputy and warrior but all are equal. Leader/deputy only hold the guidelines
  13. I'll choose Deputy! :P
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  14. So I'm supposed to be the third wheel, yeah? :D
  15. No going to create a forth opening
  16. I don't understand what you're getting at. That was just for giggles since you said there was a leader, deputy, and warrior in the ranks. I've only seen three people myself included who want to create females. :P
  17. I am interested yes. Do tell how many characters can one person play? I am a female, but I can play males equally good if you are in need of males more. :3 If two are able per person, I can play one male and one female, perhaps a brother and a sister?
  18. Three characters, and since Resolver didn't get back to me leader role is open
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