Brothers in Arms: The story of one tank crew in the face of extreme adversity (Closed)

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    Setting and Premise

    The story will go through 1939 through 1945 across the various European theaters of war. We will focus on a five man tank crew and their journey through the war. I want this to be a gritty roleplay focusing on the relationships between the crew members and less the combat. Do not fret though, combat will play an important role. I am hoping to kill off a couple of characters throughout the story, but I will ask for permission and the player will be allowed to create and play the character that replaces the lost crew member.

    The Characters

    I will need 4 other players with one character each. I want to make the crew German as it will give us the longest amount of time as well as the ability to participate in Africa, and both the Eastern and Western theaters of war. It will also allow us access to some of my favorite tanks. Just because the characters are Germans during World War 2 does not mean they have to be super hateful.

    Here is the character skeleton


    (Most characters should be male, but I may consider allowing a female character. PM me if you want a female character with a justification of why she is part of the crew. It will be first come first served.)

    (Gunner, loader, driver, or radio operator/bow machinegunner. One of each)

    Short Biography: (Include a basic bio with why they are in the war.)

    Personality: (A short personality that gives enough of an impression so that others may avoid creating a character too similar if they so choose.)

    Appearance: (Pictures are allowed, but must be supplemented with a short text description that has height and build and other details not provided by the picture.)

    Final Notes

    This would be my first attempt at running my own roleplay. I do have a lot of experience being in roleplays and have had many types of GM's and feel that I can lead this effectively. I am happy to accept input on how I run things.

    I will be very active and due to the planned amount of dialogue players should also be fairly active and posting a couple times a week. I reserve the right to take control of characters so that the plot can keep moving.

    Major NPCs will be controlled by me, but feel free to create and control NPCs as long as they do not affect major plot points.

    Standard rules apply here
  2. Interested, reserving a spot
  3. I'm in. Could you save me the gunner/loader?
  4. Name: Hendrik-Franz Constanze (Private Constanze)

    Gender: Male

    Position: Private Radio Operator

    Short Biography: Hendrik was born in the bustling city of Berlin, and lived there for all of his life. He wasn't rich, nor was he poor, but he had wealth in numbers. He lived with his mother in the house his late-father had built for them, and he worked hard to make sure it stayed that way. He went to college and studied technical arts and philosophy. He dropped out at the ripe age of 23, but was soon drafted (against his free-will, might I add) to serve his country in the World War. He was the only one qualified to work in the Radio Operating facility

    Personality: He's hard to chew and hard to swallow. He keeps a resting face during any and all situations, and seems to talk in a melodic tone. He's not easily excitable but easy to scare. The thought of war gives him the jitters. Hendrik always questions higher-ups, but mostly on a religious scale.

    Appearance: Dark brown curls on an oval face. Dark blue eyes that are usually covered by circle frames. He stands a good 5'7" from the floor, and has a body like a machine. He usually always carries a cigarette with him.

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  5. I sure can.
  6. Name: Lukas Falkenrath VII (Last name means 'Keeper')

    Gender: Male

    Position: Driver

    Short Biography: Lukas grew up on a farm where he plowed and planted crops all day. They were not wealthy but made just enough to get by for themselvess and the war effort. When Lukas turned 18 he wished to stay on the farm and help his father as he was getting really sick. Unfortunately he was drafted and was forced to leave his dad in the arms of fate.

    Personality: He has very tough skin and is very selfless as he feels he has nothing to lose. He likes to joke around and have fun often but knows when to be serious and take commands especially when he is behind then tank.

    -Muscular and athletically built
    -gunshot wound on his left arm and large scar across shoulder and chest from a plowing accident back at the farm
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  7. Alright. So as soon as the gunner and loader make character sheets. Also, ya'll being tall for tankers! Not going to make you change it, but you're going to be cramped a little bit. XD
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  8. Pff, I have a little story behind that! I just did that to enunciate how very unfit for war Hendrik is. Poor little string-bean is going to get eaten up by the dogs.

    I figure I might aswell change it... I mean, two freakishly tall kids? Hell, that's not cool. I can just image them kneeing eachother accidently. xD

    I'm gonna change the name, and a bit of the background, too. Perhaps they finished college? Dunno. I'm currently reading Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, which is a very good anti-war book by the way, and I might sap some inspiration from that!!! Plus, two 18 year olds? They're just babies, and war is hateful.

    I'll change the age, history and reason for being drafted, to be a bit more historically accurate. I'll be sure to do it right away after school lets out!
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  9. Two 18 year olds is actually pretty reasonable. This is war. The guys who are wet behind the ears would be around 18 years.
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  10. I have been doing research for this in order to hold some semblance of historical accuracy (by that I mean getting the major events right at the least) and I am having a hard time putting this group into Africa. I guess I'll just create some sort of convolution to get us there for a bit. XD
  11. If thing's don't turn out as historically accuate as you'd like them to be, we can make due and turn this into a little bit of an alternative reality, so to speak.
  12. That'd be fine. I'm just trying to keep it so that the main events are the same. The crew can make little detours all we want. XD
  13. Ha! I'm really excited for this RP. I'm really looking forward to see what we all can come up with. Are you going to make a character, Potato?
  14. I have a character, the Commander, but I will not be showing you the character sheet. Too many spoilers. XD
  15. Name: Leon "Wolf" Jaëger (last name means Hunter)

    Gender: Male

    Position: Gunner

    Short Biography: (Include a basic bio with why they are in the war.)Leon was at one point a pro fighter. Never backed down. Never gave up. And never let up until either he was knocked out out his opponent couldn't fight back and gave up. He was always a quiet man and he did not like the way things were after the first world war. His parents urged him to stay, but his mind was made up. He was going and he was going to return Germany to its former glory along with the rest of the German army. He had no idea what level of hell he had signed himself up for yet, but it was his dissatisfaction with the status quo that got him in and like it or not, he signed his life away for the Furher to use as he saw fit. (Later on he could be called "Panzer Jaëger" tank hunter)

    Personality: Leon is a quiet man, but when he speaks it usually is important or when he it's spoken to. Some claim he is a good confidant, others say he just doesn't give a damn. Truth is he just thinks before he opens his mouth.

    Appearance: Leon stands in at 5'10", weighing 181lbs (no idea how many kilograms) has blond hair and blue eyes. His body looks like each muscle was carved perfectly from a block of living stone. He has a scar over his left eye from a bar fight when a guy pulled a knife and took a swipe at him.
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  16. I was looking up average height of Germans around this time and most of the estimates say tall as fuck. Being around 5 foot 8, five foot 9. By tall as fuck I of course mean at the time... Americans are estimated to be around 5' 6" around this time.
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  17. Oh, those with tall characters don't feel like you have to change it now. It is perfectly possible that tall guys would join tank crews.
  18. Victor, we will be starting with the invasion of Poland (1939), and so he would not have been bombed yet. We are starting with the war having just begun. We will be part of the invasion of Poland.
  19. Oh, Dunruffle dropped so we do have one open spot available to any of those interested.
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