Brotherly Love

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  1. Jackson sighed as he walked into the funeral home, the funeral for both of his parents. He had not seen them for so long, nor had he seen his younger brother either. He wore a simple black suit and walked through the crowd, heading to the closed caskets. He was also looking for his younger brother. He spoke to all of the people. He had been asked by his fathers lawyer to take custody of Casper. He had agreed and had been given the paper work and such to sign, which he had with him to give to the lawyer who was there to read their parents will's and such. He walked over to the casket, unsure of where Casper was. He wondered if he had gotten taller since the last time he'd seen him. Which was years ago, but still.
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    Casper headed through the funeral home, avoiding people offering condolences at all costs. He didn't really want to talk to them and besides, he needed to find Jackson. Apparently his brother was going to have custody of him now since he was under eighteen, or at least that's what he thought. Spotting the older male through a small group of people he made his way over to him, adjusting the tie of his suit and clearing his throat. Of course he was slightly on the anxious side, their parents just passed away and he hasn't seen his brother in years. He headed over to the casket and glanced up at his brother, taking in how much he'd changed. Not too much where he look unfamiliar at least. Casper probably had grown a good four or five inches and gained a bit of muscle, considering he was younger. "Long time no see," he mumbled, tearing his gaze from the other back to the closed casket.
  3. Jackson looked over at Casper and his heart jumped. Casper had grown up so much, it was incredible. He looked back at the caskets and then put his arm around Casper's shoulder. He was still taller then his younger brother, and was able to do this easily. "Like wise," he said softly to Casper. The service was over and the people were slowly leaving, saying their condolences to the orphaned boys. After a while, their father's lawyer told Jackson he would call him later to speak more about the will. "I think it would be best if Casper and I just go home for now," he said softly to the lawyer. He had never been so close to his parents so he didn't feel too much pain over them dying, but he knew Casper was very close to them, at least it had seemed that way. He had already a overnight bag in his car so he could spend the night at their parent's house, which he had to now move into anyway.
  4. Honestly, the arm around his shoulder was fairly comforting especially coming from his brother. He didn't know him too well since it'd been years since they'd seen each other last or had an actual conversation. Casper pretty much tuned out the lawyers and was glad when his brother decided to just talk to them later on. "Ready to go?" he asked his brother, voice low. He knew Jackson was coming with him back to their parent's house, so there was no need to ask beforehand. Casper didn't want much more than to go home and crawl in bed or take an hour long scalding hot shower. At the moment, he was generally just feeling numb over everything. He wasn't too sure how his brother was doing because he never seemed close to their parents, but he made a mental note to ask him about it later.
  5. Jackson said his goodbyes to the people there and then left with Casper, walking out to his car. He unlocked it and motioned for Casper to get in. He drove in silence, not know what to say. He'd have to think of something soon, but he didn't know much about the boy so he'd have to ask. He pulled up to the house, parking his car in the driveway and getting out of the car. He grabbed his bag and then waited for Casper to get out so he could lock the door and then go inside with Casper.
  6. Once they made it back to their parent's house, Casper hopped out of his brother's car so he could lock the doors and headed inside. He left the door open so Jackson could follow him into the house. Clearing his throat once the other had walked inside, he pulled off his jacket and hung it up. "Uh, well, go ahead and make yourself at home. I mean, I guess that's the obvious thing to do..." Casper was really unsure of what exactly to talk about with Jackson so he'd said the first thing that popped into his mind to fill the silence, rubbing the back of his head a bit sheepishly. " hungry or anything..?"
  7. Jackson nodded his head to Casper. "How about you sit down and relax and I'll make us something to eat," he said softly. "Just go upstairs and get comfy," he said softly to Casper. He knew Casper was sad and was trying but Jackson was alright. He offered Casper a small smile and went into the kitchen. He began making something with what they had in the kitchen.
  8. "Thanks," He blinked but nodded anyway. "My room's the last one of the left, just come up when you're finished." With a small smile directed at Jackson he headed up the stairs and to his room. Casper undressed and pulled on a pair of pajama pants and a shirt, kicking his suit and tie off to the side. Sighing he plopped down onto his bed, closing his eyes until he heard his brother coming.
  9. Jackson nodded his head and began to cook. He made something simple, some grilled chicken and a light salad. He Set the table and then walked up the stairs to get Casper. He knocked on the door to his room and waited for the boy to open the door. He took a step back to let Casper had space to open the door.
  10. A minute after his brother knocked Casper opened the door and stepped out, heading down to the dining room. "Thanks for coming to get me." He took a seat at the table and began to poke at his food with his fork, eating some so he didn't seem rude. After what happened he didn't have much of an appetite. "So..Jackson, you're sticking around, right? Are you sure you're okay with moving back home? I mean, I'm almost eighteen anyway..."
  11. Jackson followed after Casper and sat down at the table and let him eat what he wanted to eat. He didn't make a lot since he didn't eat much and he figured Casper wouldn't want to eat a whole lot. "Yeah, I'll be staying for a while, just until you graduate college, if you plan on going that is and then helping you get a job so you can stay on your feet. But I'm moving back into town, yes," he said softly to his brother. He felt an attraction to the boy that shocked him, but he would try his best to hide it.
  12. "Oh, that's longer than I expected...not that I think it's a bad thing, of course ." He quickly tacked on the last part to his sentence, not wanting his only brother to think he didn't want him around. "Not trying to sound snippy or anything...but why'd you come back now? Only cause you had to?" He continued to push the food around on his plate, glancing up only for a second to meet Jackson's gaze. It was true though, he hadn't seen the guy in years.