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    Ah, love what a powerful thing. I mean who doesn't love, love? No one. Well, unless you have a strange complex. A complex thats considered extremely forbidden. A brotherly complex? Yes, strange indeed. Is it weird to be in love with your brother?? Will he hate you? Or perhaps love you back?

    (Female/You) Character is deeply in love with her older brother (Me). Her brother has no idea. Will the sister tell her brother how she feels or will she keep her feelings inside? Perhaps her sexual feelings will overwhelm her.








    Short Bio:



    {My Character Sheet}
    Name: Jun Stevens

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Role: Older Brother

    Likes/Dislikes: Jun is a big fan of food. He loves eating but hates cooking. He also likes sour candy and strongly dislikes sweets. Sometimes Jun will help around with house chores but he really hates doing it and would rather make his sister do it instead. Jun also enjoys teasing his sister, the reactions are what he loves most.

    Personality: Jun can be really blunt and honest which can sometimes make him seem rude but he doesn't mean to offend anyone. He has this flirty side to him when it comes to girls he finds attractive. With that being said he's also a giant pervert and releases his seductive side when he has the chance. Other than that Jun is rather goofy and humorous. He is lazy and quite laid back.

    Short Bio: Jun is the oldest and was of course born first. He had such a relaxed life until his sister came into the picture, she was started to get all the attention and not him. After years of getting used to his sister, he doesn't mind it much.

    Extra: None

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  2. Ooh! Sounds interesting! So, what's your writing and posting expectations? Who is dominant and who is submissive?
  3. Of course I'd like at least more than 2 sentences. Grammer and such doesn't have to be big, just the basic punctuation and such. And I'd like the older brother character to be the more dominant one but I would also like the sister to really want her brother sexually as well as romantically.
  4. Okay, I can fulfill the grammar and punctuation expectations. Your posting expectations? Is there a specific schedule you have based on that or an idea of how often you want your partner to reply?
  5. Not really. Just reply when available. I don't really have a set shedual. Just when ever your on.
  6. Hm, well, I will gladly take this role, then. (:
  7. Great! I'll get the rp link in here in just a moment. Once you finish the CS then we can start.
  8. Name: Marie Stevens

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Role: Younger Sister

    Likes: Ice Cream, Reading, Horseback Riding, Cooking

    Dislikes: Spiders, Teasing, Chores, Arrogance

    Personality: Witty, Romantic, Sensitive, Stubborn, Kind, Absentminded, Honest

    Short Bio: She was born a year after her older brother was. In the beginning, she was usually the one to get all the attention. However, as she grew older, she became more independent, and began to develop a forbidden attraction to her brother. She has now had romantic feelings for her brother, unknown to him, for quite a while.

    Extra: n/a


  9. Yay! I love it, cute picture.
  10. Thank you! Just to let you know, I've replied to our roleplay! :D