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    Name: Annette Theara
    Age: 18

    Plot: Annette's father has just died and left everything to Annette's older brother who she has not seen in years, for he has been away at school and traveling and plus he has never had a good relationship with his father. He is forced to come home and to take over for his father, but he is different from the boy who had left. He seems cold and hard and there is just something odd about him, in the way he looks and acts towards his sister. Annette really does not understand this new brother nor realizes what his looks mean, she is innocent and has been sheltered all of her life.

    I am thinking while away at school and traveling something happened to him, like he somehow called a demon and is now inhabited by that demon. Also I was thinking that he becomes highly protective of his sister and finds her very attractive with her innocent ways and sweet nature.

    If you haven't already guessed needing a male who can be very dominant and forceful. So if you are interested P.M.
  2. Would you want the demon to be predominantly in charge of the brother's body? For example, the demon has taken full control of her brother's body and her brother no longer inhabits it.
  3. I would not mind that if it works better for you?
  4. Well, it helps with the whole 'new brother' thing you were searching for. And no, I do not mind playing the character like that. That's if you would not mind doing this roleplay with me...?

    How would this work as her brother: click for image
    He could have brown hair or just a darker shade of blond that what his sister has. Though it has been known for siblings to have different hair colors. And i was thinking that the dog in the picture could be an actual part of the roleplay. He could show up with it, though his sister knows the family had never had a pet before, and it could roam around and help be 'protective' of her. Really though its a hound that demon brought with him from hell/demon realm and he keeps it as a protector and pet. Unless you already have an image you would like to be used for the brother?
  5. I would love to do this roleplay with you!

    No that works fine and I was thinking that him having brown hair is perfect, it might be better if he doesn't look just like his sister. Also that whole dog thing is great. Maybe she also always wanted a pet but her father would never allow it?
  6. If she always wanted a pet but was never able to have one, then perhaps we could have it to where she wins the beast over which would surprise the demon. Which in turn could make him want her even more. hehe.
  7. Haha that would be great! XD Get to have a surprised demon who is all like what the hell?...
  8. Its always funny when a human surprises a demon. hehe.

    So when would you like to start? Since this is your roleplay you may create the thread. :3
  9. I like it! I'll work on my post after I finish my dinner. hehe.
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