Bros before Hos?


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It's said a lot that your friends should come before your lovers. That friends are forever and love is fleeting. Your best buddy gets a new girlfriend and dun have time for you anymore. Or when your chic friend has a new man and it's all about her boy. Sometimes your friend ends up marrying someone you hate and suddenly your friendship is down the crapper!

Do you believe that your friendships should come before your love-relationships?
Hm, a difficult question. I think a love-relationship shouldcome first, though, because I believe that you shouldn't even bother being in that relathionship with someone unless you've been friends with them for a while. In that sense, you're sort of taking a friendship to the next level, so you have something more. That doesn't mean you should neglect your friends, no, but you should put a little more time into a love-relationship because it's a bit more intimate.
I think people should understand the balance between the two.
Friendships have lasted way longer for me, but when I am in a relationship I try not to give him all my attention.
Gots to give both sides the lovins!
Yeah, there does need to be a balance, I agree. Because if things don't work out, you don't want to be alone and friendless.

(Also, I've been meaning to say this, but I think your Sig is hilarious, taboo! Haha!)

Friends first, of course. I realize that I can't get intimate without letting a relationship grow. I mean, knowing myself, I'd probably have to get stuck with a bunch of people for a looooooong time.

Is 'sisters before pimpsters' a good punchline for the ladies?
I believe it depends on the situation or the friend. If you have a friend in dire need of your help or company, while the lover doesn't, you should put them before you. When you get in a relationship though, you're making a commitment to them, therefore it's important to spend lots of time with them and show they're important to you.

My manfriend is so important to me, but he realizes my friends are important too (even though most of them are jerks). So he makes sure I get to see them and has even become friends with them so we can be a group going out. :3 Vis versa; I became friends with his friends.
I like what Fluffy says, making friends with your friends friends but then there's the awkward bad breakup problem, who gets to hang out with who, do you have a friend pre-nup and seperate based on who brought who in? And what if you made new friends as a couple? Who gets to be friends with them. And what if your friends pick new sides and abandon the person and that leaves a whole new level of almost betrayal to it.

Personally I think it's best to give new relationships a little bit of time to grow away from friends and such and once you're settled in and comfortable and over all the lovey-dovey overindulgence with the romance you can go back to "normal" and hang out with friends.
Having been stabbed in the back by best friends AND lovers, I say it all depends.

If your friends are true friends they will -should- stick by you through whatever, even if it means perusing a potential love interest and spending less time with them.

If the person you are romantically involved with really loves you he/she will understand that you need to dedicate time to your friendships.

But as a general rule, BROS BEFORE HOES!
Honestly I sometimes prefer friendships to relationships....granted I consider my relationships a highly evolved friendship haha but perhaps that's just flawed thinking.

Different situations merit different outcomes so I agree with those that say it is situational which comes first friends or lovers. Keeping a balance can be difficult to juggle with everything else too...

though there is always what might be considered a grey area of friends with benefits :p I stand by the balance and circumstances determine who/what comes first at what time
Referring to "Bros before Hos" or vice versa gives the line of thought strength, and ultimately blinds you to the present. Things such as, friends, lovers, as well as family will change numerous times in your life.

Don't get set in your ways. Always evaluate life, and it's aspects on a day to day basis or as they come, and develop. Doing this will make you more aware of tell tale signs of when to cut your losses, as well as when to put all your chips in the pot.
Shit no; my girlfriend and I totally get each other on a deep level, 'n shit.

Like, BALLS deep, man.

hmmm love this question :]]

But I'm with Zy on this one, you have to let the relationship start off strong at first and get to know the person for a little bit without the friends or just have everyone start out a friends and get to know each other that way, and then break into a relationship if that becomes the case.

Most of my friends are girls however so I'm always dealing with their relationship problems, which is ok because they mean the world to me.

So how does that apply when you have very few bros and more sisters?
Well...Most of my friends are married adults in their 30s, 40s, or 50s vs. people my own age...So I really don't care about this sorta stuff because it doesn't pop up often.
Only applies if you're Aussie. Your mates, your beer, your dog, your woman, your family, your friends. In that order. I think.