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  1. Please see the second post for details - this post is a sticky so important points are easily reached on every page of the OOC thread.

    So, as the title states, this is an RP about the daily life of young witch trainees in an all-girls school. It will revolve around the interactions between the characters (preferably those of romance), so if you're looking for magically-assisted yuri you've come to the right place! Most of the RP will span the free times, though, since lessons limit interactions.

    The contents of the second post contains a summary of the School and the World.
  2. [​IMG]

    Welcome to Broomshield Academy, an all-girls school dedicated to the education of young witches in the magical arts. Well, this is probably your first time in Arcadia, right? Let me explain a little how this world works. Arcadia runs parallel to Earth, and is filled with magical energy. It's roughly 20 years behind Earth in technology, but at least 40 years ahead in social policies. This is mainly because magic physically cannot be used with malevolent intention - should someone attempt to use a spell to hurt, maim or kill someone, it will simply fail to cast. Since offensive magic is nearly non-existent but defensive is plentiful, every society has learned to discuss its problems instead. If a resolution cannot be met, a magical competition is conducted between the parties. All parties involved agree on the rules, then carry out the contest. Each bets something the other wants, and the winner takes both bets. This method is used for resolution of nearly every problem that can't be agreed with words, and as such, magicians are in high demand both as military competitors and mercenary competitors (for civilian use). In the instance of a combat based Game, offensive spells become possible, but deal no lasting damage - all damage dealt is removed at the end of the contest.

    This is where Broomshield comes in. There are many establishments like it, but Broomshield is renowned as Bripan's second most prestigious facility. Ah, on that note, for some reason, every country here is a mix of two Earth countries. Bripan is Britain-Japan, for example, and Amerdia, the largest first world country, is the USA + India. I'm pretty sure there's some kind of God Master in this world (GM, for short), who is using it as an excuse to use her home country and her weeb-ness at the same time.

    Besides magic, Broomshield also teaches spoken English and Japanese (the two languages of Bripan), as well as Mathematics, the 3 traditional sciences and Historical Witchcraft, amongst a plethora of other subjects.

    Broomshield is a boarding school with 3 terms of 14 weeks each, seperated by 3 week holidays at Christmas and Spring break, and a 9 week holiday over Summer. Many other short holidays and events span every term and make up the remaining weeks. The academy teaches students between ages 15 and 18, split into three years - 1st, 2nd and 3rd years (a-duh!). Students are sorted into 5 mixed age Houses, each with roughly 150 students, and each House is seperated into Floors. Each floor has 5 individual bedrooms and a small living room.

    Details of the Academy:

    • As one could expect from a magical academy, its primary educational focus is on various magical arts, sorted neatly into 3 major schools: Creation, Destruction and Transformation. Though it is not always the case, which school of magic one is best at tends to be reflective of one's personality. For example, someone particularly artistic would likely be best at creative spellcasting. Every student takes the Core classes of each school, and may take specialised lessons in one branch. Each branch has 3 specialisms - Inanimate Matter, Living Matter and Energy. Most spells include a combination of multiple specialisms and often multiple schools, though.

      Creation Magic centers around the idea of bringing things into existence. a Creative Inanimate would be summoning boulders and other non-living things. A Creative Living would be summoning familiars and biological enhancements, and a Creative Energy would be summoning fireballs and lightning bolts.

      Destruction Magic centers around the idea of bringing an end to existence. A Destructive Inanimate would be able to disintegrate walls, Destruction Living would be able to dispel familiars or biological enhancements (or life itself), and a Destruction Energy would be removing forces. Contrary to the name, Destruction is actually a very good field for defense. Obviously, Destruction Living would not be able to remove people or parts of people from existence, and a person removed from existence during a Game would reappear after the game concluded.

      Transformation centers around changing one thing into another. While Transformation cannot directly create or destroy things, they require much less power to cast their spells, but can have similar effects if used wisely, so it is a favourite school among weaker magicians who lack the strength to use the other schools properly.

      Spells use a Grade system to determine strength. Grade 1 spells are every day utility spells: reduction of object weight, automatic writing etc. Grade 2 spells are the ones actually taught in lesson, and range in power from just above Grade 1 to capable of eliminating several enemies in a single attack. Grade 3 spells are capable of demolishing entire cities (obviously, only within Games), Fortunately, most people never learn to use these.

    • Broomshield has many facilities to offer, and applications for new constructions are always open (if you think of something good, I'll add it do this list!)

      The School, as pictured above, contains the following:
      All classrooms are furnished in a Victorian fashion.

      Academic classrooms (for studying theoretical subjects)
      These classrooms are laid out in an unusual manner, much like a lecture theatre of a university, with students sat in rows before a demonstrative area.

      Scientific laboratories (for studying practical science)
      These classrooms have fireproof desks and lessons are done while standing.

      Alchemical laboratories (for studying alchemy, a very important branch of transformation)
      These classrooms feature cauldrons of varying sizes, alongside the desks.

      In the school grounds, there are:
      The school is the center of the school grounds. The main arena is between Basilisk and Phoenix houses, the sports grounds are between Phoenix and Behemoth and the small arenas are between Roc and Phantom.

      Sports fields
      Three pitches in total, with enchantments that allow users to change the markings to fit the sport they wish to play.

      Games arenas
      One large arena for demonstrative tournaments and inter-school contests; six small arenas for practice and personal disputes. Game arenas have very powerful enchantments that allow users to modify the environment as they please - even transform them into full-blown forests if needs be.

      Society Building
      Three floors of small rooms, used as meeting and storage rooms for the various clubs and societies. Each is designed to space around 5 people, so large clubs meet in classrooms instead.

      Lake Romantique
      No one is entirely sure why the principal commissioned the construction of this lake, but given how beautiful the fireflies that live there are, no one really cares.

      The House Buildings
      The campus has a pentagonal shape, and each house is situated in one of the points. Students are sorted into 5 mixed age Houses, each with roughly 150 students, and each House is seperated into Floors. Each floor has 5 individual bedrooms and a small living room. Houses are stored neatly in convenient pocket dimensions, and one moves between floors using the Floor Door. When one opens the door, they say the floor number they want and the door automatically opens to that floor. Floor 1 is a communal space for anyone in the house to use, while each other Floor requires permission from someone residing there to enter. Thanks to the nature of the House buildings, each is capable of having much pleasanter exteriors than the interior format would suggest.

      In the nearby town, there is:

      A plethora of buildings; cafes, bars, restaurants, cinemas...

    • Each school day contains a varied schedule of lessons. Fortunately, since lessons besides Homeroom won't be the subject of this RP, I don't need to create the schedules! Woo!

      The school does have a uniform, as pictured:
      The tie colour depends on your house, and the grey circle above the tie contains 1, 2 or 3 stripes determining your year (1 for first, 2 for second, 3 for third). These lines are in the same colour as the tie.

      There are several regulations for the school; a sort of code of conduct:
      1. Games must be held only in designated arenas.
      2. Games after 7PM require Silencing. If you cannot find someone capable of Silencing, you may not hold the Game.
      3. Use of magic above grade 1 is strictly prohibited on campus, besides during Games.
      4. No running in the corridors!

    • Societies are sorted into 2 groups - Sports and Culture. Sports societies are things like football teams, while culture societies are anything that isn't a sport - literature, music etc. Students are free to create their own societies, however, only societies that have viable function in Games (ie, things that can be competed in) are assigned official club status. Thus, unofficial clubs tend to meet in the House of the president. (For the purpose of this RP, clubs require 3 characters in them before I will add them to this list. This is to make sure each club will have proper interactions, instead of being just one person. So get out there and bribe your fellow players to join your clubs!)

    • There are 5 houses, each functioning as earlier described - pocket dimensions. To make sure interactions are maximised, characters will be assigned houses by me, though you may select a preference and i will try to fit you in (no guaruntees)

      The first house, wearing the colour blue and positioned at the northern corner, is the House of Basilisk (affectionately nicknamed Bass, like the fish, since the supervisor is an avid fisherman). The interior has many small aquariums functioning as art pieces.

      The second house, wearing the colour red and positioned in the next corner (clockwise) is the house of Phoenix. The centerpiece of each floor's living area is an authentic traditional firepit (perfect for barbecues, providing you acquire ventilation)

      The third house, wearing the colour brown and positioned next to Phoenix is the House of Behemoth. Behemoth has unusually sturdy walls, and advertises beautiful gems and stones in its display cases.

      The fourth house, wearing the colour green and positioned next around is the House of Roc. Their decor consists of impressively small tornados trapped inside the walls.

      The final house, wearing the colour purple is the House of Phantom. They have many illusions in their buildings, and even more ghost stories.

      Houses compete regularly within the schools, because the best houses gain small additional perks.

    Roleplay Details:

    • I don't have many rules for my RPs; I believe in trusting the participants to play fairly. Fortunately, combat won't feature much in this, so there shouldn't be too many problems. So, without further ado, my few rules!

      1. No godmodding - this means you are not allowed to control another character's actions without permission from the player. Players may have plans for their character which they are unable to carry out if someone controls the character and takes it out of the appropriate situation.
      2. Psychopathy and psychopathic abilities are strictly prohibited unless all involved parties are OK with it. So, basically, ask people before you read their character's mind. Psychopathy can ruin plans, and there are times when a character needs to be immune to mind reading for the sake of the story.
      3. If you are going to make lists of things, always make them lists of 3. All good lists have 3 items.

    • This time around, there isn't much limit on what you can do with your character because it's a very liberal setting. All you need to keep in mind is that physical violence using magic is impossible, and that technology is 20-ish years behind the modern day. Keep in mind also that this country is a cross between Britain and Japan, so I'll probably give you a lot of favour if you can work those two cultures into one another in an interesting way when making your backstories :P

      For now, I'm going to say a maximum of 3 characters per player. Please be considerate of interaction potential and try to spread yourselves evenly among grades so no one gets left out. If I feel there's an imbalance, I may ask you to change the character's grade. Alternatively, we could have every character be in the same grade? What do people think about this?

      If you leave the underscore in while typing and only delete it at the end, it'll make your life a lot easier when it comes to formatting.

    • (Picture here - anime or written description only.)
      Name: _
      Age: _(15-18, unless otherwise accounted for)
      Grade: _
      House: _

      Outer Personality: _(what do the public see?)
      Inner Personality: _(What are they really like?)
      Likes and Dislikes: _
      Phobias: _
      Romantic Preferences: _(what are they looking for in a partner?)
      Unfavourable Qualities: _(what do they try to avoid in people?)

      Societies: _(Remember that 3 characters are required to start a society)

      Backstory: _(A summary would be nice; any more is optional)
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  3. So two questions:
    What sorts of classes that aren't magical are available?
    And what sort of magic is enchanting considered? Or is it Not A Thing here?
  4. My question is can transformation magic be used on oneself? And whats the overall limit of changing one thing into another?
  5. Classes are actually pretty irrelevant. Since proper interactions can't take place during classes, the majority of them will be skipped, besides the occasional Games class, Homeroom or some kind of important event like a test. Enchanting is a mixture of Creation and Transformation.
  6. @Ailucia Yes, transformation can be used on oneself. The theoretical upper limit would be transforming into a giant dragon or something, but obviously no student is going to be able to do that. They're still students after all; they're still learning their crafts. They're nowhere near masters at it. I'd be expecting an average Transformation Living student to max out at transforming a single limb.

    But @Ailucia and @digiexpert please note that the main focus of this RP is for Yuri goodness; the classes and magic exist only to facilitate that (for example, using magical pocket-sized fireworks to charm your interest)
  7. Ah no worries, I wasn't thinking of something like turning into stuff. I'm thinking more of the lines of my character enhancing herself non-visibly. Like becoming more athletic in case of any gym class or if a cat's stuck up in a tree. (Or visibly transforming into a more well endowed version of herself)
  8. 1460044021862.jpg
    Appearance: Lin stands at a height of 5'11", just short of being 6' tall. Her skin is a toasty light brown, her black long hair almost always in a ponytail. She typically wears her dark colored attire above when allowed out of uniform to train her body. On the topic of her body, it was a rather lean, but with hints of muscle.
    Name: Lin Fa
    Age: 15
    Grade: 1st Year
    House: (to be determined by the DM I suppose?)

    Outer Personality: Outwardly Lin is an energetic girl, wanting to better herself and her body. While she is quick to anger and rile up, Lin doesn't hold grudges or lash out against the person in question... although breakable items around might be in danger. Her upbringing leads to her being possibly a bit more touchy feely with others, not knowing what the words "personal space" means. She also has a very noticeable sly side to her, loving to mess with or tease her friends, sometimes using her status as a foreign student to "forget" certain ways she shouldn't act. Because of this it can be hard to figure out just how much of Lin is a Casanova and how much is just playful fun.
    Inner Personality: Lin is actually fairly insecure, failure is something that hurts her the most despite her not showing it.

    Likes and Dislikes: She likes those who wish to improve themselves, while at the same time disliking those who think they have nothing left to improve. Lin is also very fond of sparring and tests in which she can showcase and gauge her strength. Her major pet peeve are people who don't knock before entering a closed private room. She also really really hates it if her paltry breast size is brought up.
    Phobias: Snakes, Lizards, reptiles in general.

    Romantic Preferences: If she had to choose a quality to like, it would be someone who is fun to tease. Also someone who isn't going to mind her rather... loose thoughts on personal space with anyone that looks fun.
    Unfavourable Qualities: While she dislikes those who never put effort or people who take their status for granted, the only type of person she would attempt to stay away from are those who are consistently malicious.


    Backstory: Lin hails from a neighboring country known as Chixico (mix of China and Mexico), a country slowly catching up to the rest of the world. She was born into a high class family, but was moved to a mixed dormitory at the age of 8. There is where she truly learned about life around her, and how dangerous it was. While magical resolution was the method for disputes between nations, at the ground level all she had was herself. Because of this she was always training her body to protect her and her friends, even taking up spear fighting as an elective. Thankfully she never seriously had to put her skills to the test, and made it to the end of her last year of middle school before getting a note from her parents. It seemed the government was sending their first ever wave of transfer students to
    countries around the world, and she was signed up to go to the country of Bripan, probably due to her parents meddling. With a teary-eyed farewell to her friends, she packed what she was told to and made her way over to Broomshield.
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  9. Yuri goodness is no reason for sloppy worldbuilding. If I care about the world I'll care more about the characters, and thus care more about the yuri. Anyway when I get home from work I'll be sure to work on my character.
  10. image.png
    *Basic Information*
    Name: Keiko Maria Abbey
    Age: 16
    Grade: 2nd Year
    House: TBD


    Outer Personality: Keiko has always been the shy type who always has her face in a book or is always day dreaming about something wild and out of this world. She always has a smile on her face and isn't ever frowning, in fact she can be described as that shoulder to cry on when you're feeling down and lonely. Keiko isn't afraid to stand up for herself and fight back even if she was pretty short and weak. If her kindness is taken as a weakness and she sees herself being used and walked all over like a mat she will quickly turn into a whole other person who isn't the kind of person you want to mess with. She can also be pretty humorous and sarcastic with a little dash of sass.

    Inner Personality: The person she doesn't allow people to see though is the person who cries and is sad all the time, sadness is a weakness and that's what she believes so when she's talking to someone she refuses to let them see her upset or sad. But on the inside she's a pretty unhappy person who doesn't like crying in front of people because she doesn't want to see them or anyone else that she cares about sad.

    •Apple flavored candies

    •Rude People
    •Cherry flavored candies
    •Even numbers (feels that they're too normal)

    •Dark, closed off spaces
    •Thunder & Lightning
    •Seeing people she cares about hurt

    Romantic Preferences: When she looks for someone, Keiko looks for someone to have fun with, someone she can laugh with, and someone she can enjoy being around. She also looks for someone who she can cuddle with when need be and be adventurous when need be.

    Unfavorable Qualities: She doesn't appreciate when someone can't be truthful and honest with her when something isn't going right or they don't like something. Not being able to trust someone is a huge pet peeve of hers and lying is even worse in her book.


    *Background Information

    Backstory: Keiko grew up to a single mother and a father who abandoned her before she was even born. Her mother was the kind woman who always smiled even was life was hard on her and she had a loud mouthed 4-year old to raise who always raised hell. But her young life had always been complicated, her mother used to always have this room that she was never allowed in and every time she tried to sneak in her mother would say that she wasn't old enough or nothing dangerous had happened yet. Now at the time this hadn't made any sense, but when she had turned ten and her mother disappeared after her birthday putting her in the care of a god-mother she had never met, everything fell into place. She had finally gotten access to that secretive room and saw what was inside, and after that had to learn everything she could about the art of witchcraft because surprisingly that's what her mother had been. Something she only believe lived in fairytales and stories, her mother was a witch, and that god-mother that watched after her had actually been a teacher at Broomshield Academy. It had taken her a few years to actually start learning about the power she had actually inherited from her mother, and once her God-mother believed she had known enough to actually begin learning about the major stuff, she was admitted into the academy.

    *Extra Information*
    Societies: TBD
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  11. Of course. Honestly, I don't see classes as particularly important to the setting since the main point of the school is the magic and the Games anyway, but I can list the other subjects for you:

    5 sciences - Combined, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology (since knowledge of the Earth is quite important for people who want to manipulate it)
    2 mathematics - Statistical and Mechanical (mechanical is more useful for physicists and physics-related magic)
    7 social sciences - Combined, psychology, sociology, history, geography, law and politics
    4 humanities / arts - art, music, English Literature, Japanese Literature. A lot of the arts are done as societies rather than lessons because there's not a great enough interest in them to facilitate adding it to the proper schedule.
    6 languages - English, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, German and French. (English and Japanese are both foreign language options because residents of Bripan are unlikely to be fluent in both, and only have moderate knowledge of their non-native one)

    Some classes are mandatory - (chosen Magic class), Alchemy, Combined science, English + Japanese Language, Combined Social Science and Statistical Maths. The rest are optional, and some replace others. For example, taking only one specific science will retain Combined on the schedule, but taking 3 or 4 specific sciences will remove Combined from the schedule because it's all already being done in more detail now. Similarly, 2 or more social sciences will remove Combined from the schedule.

    Combined Social Science is my own idea, and something I'd like to introduce to the real world education system actually, so I'll explain what it is because it's unlikely you know it already: Basically, it's a class where people learn about humans - everything about humans, tying all of the social sciences together and looking at how psychology affects history; how geography affects politics; how law affects sociology and all possible combinations, instead of taking each science in isolation.
  12. @Wicked_"Innocence" Nice character. I like the odd specificity of cherry flavoured sweets :D One thing though; magic has been around since anyone can remember, and it's a central part of life. It'd be impossible for her to grow up not being aware of it.

    Also, @everyone, please actually make proposals for societies you want your characters to join! At this rate, everyone will be clubless :P Additionally, while I'll be deciding final house, please write down which you would like the character to be in in the ideal situation so that I can put as many characters as possible in their preferred house.
  13. And BOOOM made and done.

    Also I will be the first to advocate the Going Home Club in an not so subtle attempt to get people to have our unofficial meetings in someone's room.
  14. I think that would be an official club though, since you could compete to see who's the best at avoiding a set of distractions and thus can get home the quickest.
  15. @Karakui

    Oh okay I thought that maybe it was a sort of hidden thing but okay I'll tweak the backstory a little bit.
  16. Reserve a spot for me?
  17. sure.
  18. my life is a mess ↻:━ ❝ but i'm still looking pretty ◞ in this dress !
    a l l . i . r e a l l y . w a n t . is xx , xx t o . b e . w o n d e r f u l

    [​IMG] [​IMG] xxx [​IMG]

    xxxx x all xx . xx i . xx ever . xx wanted xx . xx was xx . xx the xx . xx world
    ▐▐▐▐ ━━ ⋮TOKISAKI ETSUKO。↓❞ 》
    ➀ ██ █⋮ T - HE BASICS ◞⇣

    ◞* ALIASES ➠ Suki , Suko , Sue , etc.
    ◞* DATE OF BIRTH ➠ November 27th
    ◞* ASTROLOGICAL SIGN ➠ Saggitarius
    ◞* AGE ➠ 17 years old
    ◞* ETHNICITY ➠ Japanese x British
    ◞* SEXUAL ORIENTATION ➠ Demiromantic , bisexual
    ◞* SEX & GENDER ➠ Cis. female
    ◞* RELIGION ➠ Atheist
    ◞* YEAR ➠ 3rd year
    ◞* HOUSE ➠ [ TBA ]

    ➀ ██ █⋮ P - PHYSICAL ◞⇣

    [​IMG] xxx [​IMG]

    ◞* HEIGHT ➠ 5'2"
    ◞* WEIGHT ➠ 126 lbs
    ◞* PIERCINGS ➠ Etsuko is terrified to have an actual hole in her body. Silly, but frankly, she dare not have any correlation with body-contortion related affairs.
    ◞* TATTOOS ➠ Etsuko is without a single tattoo. She's irrationally afraid of needles; a bad childhood experience has permanently ruined her desires or chances of ever inking her body.
    ◞* SCARS ➠ A tiny scar on her upper lip from previous incidents & a conspicuous scar underneath her left ear.
    ◞* BIRTHMARKS ➠ A light port-wine stain at the back of her neck.

    ➀ ██ █⋮ A - ATTRIBUTES ◞⇣

    // publicly & privately //
    / exuberant & effervescent /
    / intrusive & extroverted /
    / insensitive & outspoken /

    compulsively terrified of bats , the supernatural ; anything out of the ordinary.


    Tokisaki Etsuko, how does someone simply put her into simple wording? Born a vivacious child & an older sibling, Etsuko has constantly been dotted on for being the lively one out of the three children in her family. Labor was never an option in the state her family was in; filthily affluent & being ancestrally aristocratic. She piggyback rides on her parents for support; leading to her dependence on others.

    Skill-wise, Etsuko is quite skilled in chess & avidly interested in chemistry. Though normally rather indolent towards the activities when required to actually carry them out, when the time is right & the mood arises, Etsuko can be quite the aggressive player. On the topic of chemistry, she memorized the periodic table at the age of ten, however fails at the subject academically. Why, you may ask? The emotionally dreadful horror of being pressurized to be committed to something.

    One might call Etsuko a waste of a prodigy, others may refer to her as a diamond in the rough, though all in all, opinions vary, come & go, but Etsuko shall always remain the same individual she is.


    Slobs are on the top of the list. While party-poopers, the mundane, and the oddly scientific follow. The reason towards her abhorrence; she dislikes the more intelligent around her. Jealousy, envy, & competition factor in this. Etsuko can be quite bothered if you are able to do something that she cannot.

    ◞* FOOD ➠ Seafood , anything fishy.
    ◞* COLOR ➠ Monochrome shades , grey & such.
    ◞* BOOK GENRE ➠ Biographies , the mundane.
    ◞* MUSIC GENRE ➠ Rock , EDM , anything loud / schreecy.
    ◞* MOVIE GENRE ➠ Horror

    ◞* FOOD ➠ Chocolate , anything sweet to the core
    ◞* COLOR ➠ Pink , if you haven't already noticed
    ◞* BOOK GENRE ➠ Romance , comedy , slice-of-life
    ◞* MUSIC GENRE ➠ Bubblegum-pop , dance-pop
    ◞* MOVIE GENRE ➠ Slice-of-life

    ➀ ██ █⋮ R - RELATIONSHIPS ◞⇣

    [ pm me if interested ~! ]

    ◞* FRIENDS
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  19. @Bones.
    Minor issue: This school uses the Japanese system, not the American one, so there are only 3 school years. 15-16 are "1st years", 16-17 are "second years" or "juniors" and 17-18 are "3rd years" or "seniors". Thus, someone who is both a 3rd year and a junior is impossible.

    Major issue: This RP is centered around yuri, ie lesbianism, so an asexual character isn't really gonna work.
  20. Just to clarify: Actual people aren't allowed for pics? Because I found the perfect pic to represent my character but they're a real person.
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