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    So, my regular forum is encountering a severe issue at present, and it's breaking my heart into tiny pieces, so I thought I'd find something to distract me while (and if) my favorite hangout is getting fixed. This doesn't mean I'll abandon our RP here if my old site comes back, though!

    Rules & Guidelines

    - I'm mostly looking for males to take a male role in a MxF roleplay. I am female myself, though I often end up playing males. Therefore, I feel my females need more practice.

    - 18 and above please! I happen to like mature themes in my roleplays, whether that includes profanity, violence or sexual themes where they might occur. I don't fade to black. This doesn't mean I want endless smut, however.

    - As such, I would like to roleplay through PMs (or e-mail; ask me about that).

    - So I slapped that "advanced" indicator up there for a reason. Please have a good grasp of spelling, grammar, and descriptive ability. What are your character's thoughts? Feelings? What I love most about writing is when you can see it all in your head.

    - I tend to mirror my partner's posting length. Give me two paragraphs, I'll give you two. Give me a page, and I'll try my utmost to mirror that. When I get particularly inspired, I can go on and, yeah. I'm not going to demand you post x paragraphs each time; I take quality over quantity, so do what makes you comfortable.

    - I'm looking for a sense of gritty realism in my roleplays, even if they happen to be set in some fantastical universe. I am extremely fond of dark themes, trauma and angst where appropriate; shades of gray, situations where characters are pitted against their consciences...stuff like that.

    - Don't let me be the only one pushing the plot forward. Throw in some plot twists of your own, help me with world-building...all that good stuff.

    - Don't just vanish off the radar. If you get bored, tell me, please. There's nothing worse than falling in love with a roleplay only to have your partner disappear without notification. If you let me know, I'll definitely understand. I can take it, I promise, and I will do you the same favor.

    - OOC chat is good and awesome, if you like. I'm a friendly (if not an occasionally awkward and rambly) gal.


    - Medieval Fantasy
    - Urban Fantasy/Supernatural
    - Science Fiction
    - Dystopian
    - Post-Apocalyptic
    - Cyberpunk
    - Steampunk
    - Horror
    - Crime
    - Slice-Of-Life
    - Historical (This one's a bit iffy in a sense that I only do several eras. Ask me about that.)

    Pick any (or a combination) of the above, and we can whip up a plot together if you so wish.


    Concepts which haven't yet grown into plots go here.


    These will be updated as additional ones come to mind.


    Have a pairing or plot idea you've been dying to try? Throw it at me. I love ideas, and the worst I could do is say no, right?

    And so, without further ado, you may post here or PM me if you're interested. Thank you for visiting my thread!
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