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  1. You got a special friend who you have bromances/shelationships with?

    My bromantic other is a guy named Alex. I take him to bromantic dates like fucking delicious food places and have fun at the arcade and go swimming with at the lake.

    We click a lot since we have the same circle of friends and we like the same stuff, like video games and music tastes.

    Would totally date him if he were gay. But nah he's a pretty chill guy.

    Who's the important other in your bromance or shelationship? Why do you get along so well?
  2. Shelationships.....

    God that sounds dumb, but so does bromance.
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  3. My bro Eva! Dat chemistry doe; hangingo ut with her I get what people mean when they refer to someone as their other half. Totally platonic of course, but if I were to say I had a 'shelationship' it'd probably be with her. I'm matrix-married to her sister, too.
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  4. @Kiita Nine years of being best friends. Nine years of kicking ass and role playing and gaming. Nine years of universe building. Nine years of sharing secrets and helping each other through tough shit, through good times and bad times.

    Bestest best friends, forever.

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  5. I've been friends with a guy for over 25 years. We met in kindergarten and have a lot in common. About the same time I met his brother and sister, also known them for just as long. They are all roughly a year apart and I've been friends with them for so long that we mutually consider each other family. We party, go out to movies, celebrate holidays, the whole shebang.

    Out of the three, my aforementioned friend is the closest. The way we fight, joke, and talk syncs up and we often can play off each other without any communication beforehand. We've been called the "Two Lions" because we're both Leos.
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  6. I think Relatsheships sounds way better

    Jinx and October Bromance Forever
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  7. While he doesn't visit Iwaku, Mickey the Tin Dog is the other half of our bromance.

    We've been buds for I think, 4 years? Met on a forum, hit it off and we been great friends since then. We chat about anything, dick around the internet, offer each other support and rant about shit that irritates us. He's one of few people I trust completely and can confide in. I've got great friends, but Mickey is like a platonic other half.

    The goal is to at least once do something IRL (total anarchy would ensure), but Sweden-US is a wee bit of a distance to bridge.
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  8. Bromance straight up with R. Ten years of ambiguous bromance gets mistaken as actual romance sometimes. We do literally everything together and know everything about eachother.


    Bromance goals.
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  9. @Evan Pen is probably my closest bromance. I don't even know how to describe how well we get along, but we affectionately refer to each other as our "platonic soulmates" and its true in every sense of the words :3
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  10. @Hana All shall fear our cruise ship.
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  11. Umm. Brovo. I hate to spoil that movie for you but...
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  12. gay best friend

    he was my best man at my wedding

    gonna be in his groomsparty for his wedding

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  13. A friend I made in high school, we were on the student council together and thanks to that I had a friend who wasn't a part of my biggest social disaster. Apparently by sharing my dorm room with her and letting her relax there I helped her out through things I weren't aware of at that time.

    Jokingly I'm her "other woman" when her (male) fiance is away. We know a lot about each other and her opinion matters a lot to me. She also know enough about me and my mistakes to blackmail me for life, but since she won't be able to tease me after that she doesn't :p
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  14. Forever and ever.

    *that heartwrenching harmonica music starts playing*
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Well, this is depressing. My bromance died in a car crash last year. Trev was the shit to hang out; we met at some dumb club our parents made us go to when we were about nine and eight. Found out he lived near my neighborhood and became close with our group. He was a great guy. We'd go biking, hiking, and when I was locked out of my house he'd camp with me along with a few other friends.

    Another bromance would have to be with Hawk; we've been friends since we were both eight from a camp. We'd sneak out, or get pizza and watch a shit ton of anime, movies, etc. We did everything together and now we work together. He's fucking badass.
  17. My brother from another mother. He don't come 'round these parts no more, but yeah. I gots a bromancer-type.
  18. I really want to try out a bromance, it sounds interesting and amazing.
  19. @Jerelin

    She's my bestie.


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