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  1. We're not evil.
    We're just misunderstood.

    All the spirit creatures lived in the caves in the mountain Oakahami. It was said that the moutain was the fourth tallest in the world. Yet no one ever had the guts to go there. Why you ask? Us.

    We, the spirits, which 'science' can't comprehend. We aren't a breed. We're just spirits, we were made by the gods. What they don't understand is that, science isn't true.

    Science can't define us.

    We were raised not to leave the cave, we were told it was life threatening. Even if our lives depended on it, it was forbidden. Spirit creatures come in many different sizes and shapes, demons, dragons, furries. Anything that humans call mythical, is a spirit creature.

    So we stay hidden. Until the mountain gets destroyed
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    Basil sat against the wall, stroking her hair with her left hand, with her right fiddling with her ear. Basics eyes were closed with a straight face. She let out a big sigh. Then she but her lip. It looked more like she was masaging her lip with her teeth, or grinding them down. She stopped then oppened her neon yellow eyes. It was all dark, it was close to midnight. She didn't think anyone was up. She stood up and waved her tail. She started sniffing, something didn't feel right.
  3. Appearance Discription (open)


    The Elym have wings as colorful and beautiful as a butterfly the wings are also very bright as some may describe. Some mistake them for fairies how ever they are not as small. They are usually the average height of any where between 4 feet to 5'6". They have tan skin and they never seem to blemish for there skin seems and is rather flawless. They even seem to shin in the light as if like morning dew. Now there flawless skin does have a flaw though not most realize this it's also one of the Elyms weaknesses. It is iron. Iron burns the Elym and it is the only thing that can never heal when hey are burned or even cut. Those who hate the Elym could kill them with such a simple metal. They also can not live long in smoke for like humans it fills in there lungs and they can no longer breath. Now for their eyes. There eyes consist of may colors and many seem to have the colors of the entire rainbow. There eyes can never be black, brown, gray, or white except black does have one exception. The Elyms pupils are black but not anywhere else within the eyes. Yes the iris is of many colors it is rare to only be of one simple color that is't even a second shade of colors. There eyes may even sparkle if you look closely into and at them.




    Fauna has lived with many others within the cave. Sometimes she has tried to go off outside but never actually managed to bring herself to for what she has been warned. She has always enjoyed the places within the cave that the sun can shine through like many that seem to be of her same kind. She isn't sure how she might act if something ever happens to the cave she and many others the human can not understand would be destroyed. She woke up near midnight not able to sleep she never seemed to be able to at night and looked around seeing she wasn't the only one up. She was quiet not sure what to say for she hoped in time she may be able to sleep. For some reason she felt something was different than the others nights when she couldn't sleep.





    Eldrin sat awake he often couldn't sleep when it was night or well not if it was a full moon. He glanced around soon he stood and walked to the entrance of the cave then sat. His dragon tail swayed as he looked outside. Some say it was strange for a snow dragon to be up at night of the full moon but he felt it may be who his father was he never actually had met his parents just heard rumors of them. He stared outside and felt something was wrong his eyes and ears looking for something to show him what it might be.

  4. She put her fingertips on the wall. Then she took a step forward onto the stone flooring. The ways it felt, with her warm soft foot hitting the frozen stone floor felt like plesure. Basil stepped down the narrow hallways, alert. Everytime her foot slammed against the stone floor, yet the matter on trying to make it elegant, it always echoed through the empty halls of the caves. She kept walking for a while, but the scent that she was alarmed by seemed to be everywhere. She knew the smell of stone. She went down on her knees and smelt the stone. This couldn't be a new smell of stone. She got up on two and closed her eyes. She let in a big breath, then out. The oppened her eyes again than turned her head to the left. She was staring at a chipped wooden door. She turned her body and walked to the door. She oppened it slowly. Making a loud creek noise. Eldrin might have been awake at the time so she decided to peek in. He wasn't just sleeping, he wasn't there at all. Her ears perked up.
  5. Fauna slowly stood feeling she may not be the only one up. She went to see who else might be after catching more movement it appeared to her to be from or toward Eldrin's room. She stopped seeing the door was open and blinked thinking if it was Eldrin what to ask. She wasn't sure her oh I just couldn't sleep and thought I saw you up was a good reason to check it out but with the feeling she had she needed to see.


    Eldrin looked out seeing faintly he outside. He wanted to just steep out and perhaps feel the grass under hes feet. Sighing he turned to look back inside ready to head back to his room. Once more stopping a moment more to think than anything.​
  6. Basil feels a frozen breeze appear on her arm, her arm on who is bare and has no clothing. I sniffed once more. It was... A female. I sniffed again, before even turning around and staring. "Hello Fauna." Basil said in her usual deap tone. Basil sleeps about 4 hours a day, and then the other 20 she is either lurking around the shallow caves looking desperatley for some hope, or attention. I turn my body to her. We both locking eyes. I destroying it by closing mine. "Your up too Fauna." I say keeping my eyes shut and my ears perking low. My tail waves side to side, my hands together behind my back. My hands touching my spine, which my spine is long and straight. "This is unusual of you, well, not unusual" I stop, I have a bit of a British accsent. But it's very suttle and light. "Most of the time your on the other side of the cave, lurking around those parts." I open eyes, locking them again with yours. I lift my right side of my lips up, smirking.
  7. Fauna looked seeing Basil. Now understanding the figure she had seen. Soon the two's eyes met but Basil had closed hers for a time and spoke. Then after a moment Fauna felt her wings flutter slightly but stayed closed. "Well normally I'm wondering on the other side yes. But had felt a need to come look over here." She replied not sure how to explain the feeling she had gotten when she had woken up. The two's eyes once more locking. "Usually it's Eldrin who I spot coming from here as well." She commented sounding a bit in thought. Her tone her usual curious and a bit high pitched but quiet almost like a serien's.
  8. I see your wing come out. There Amazingly beautiful as usual. "Well, have you seen Eldrin. He normally stays in his room at night." I look behind your head and a bit to the left and see something moving. I squint, it was just my imagination. I glance up back at you. I put my tiny hand against your metalic face. "Your skin is so wonderful" I put my hand down then my eyes turn from a neon yellow, to a bit of mustardy dark yellow. I push you lightly for you to get out of the doorway. I saw the moving creature again. I saw it, I know I saw it. My heart starts racing. What if it was a human intruder. Wait, what if it was some sort of human animal, or disease. I took a big breathe in. I start grinding my teeth together, worried. My eyes turn red driven from anxiety.
  9. Fuana shook her head. "No I haven't seen him. I thought the figure I saw move might had been him till I came closer." She explained the reason she had moved to this side of the cave in the first place. She closed her eyes a moment when Basil placed her hand on Fuana's face then opened them. "Thanks." She replied she never understood how she keep her skin smooth but it just seemed to naturally stay that way she heard from many it was just because of her kind. She wondered what Basil made had seen then moved when she was lightly pushed and turned her head to see if she could see perhaps the same as Basil. She was quiet not sure what that might be causing the movement she remained still her heart beat quickening slightly.


    Eldrin stood his tail swaying still at the cave entrance. He had caught the sight of something outside and was determining if it was an animal or something else. Perhaps even the movement he was watching was simply a leaf. He didn't hear the others that were awake. His thoughts wondering. He wondered what they all might do if they had to leave would he mind? He wasn't sure. He sighed and closed his eyes a moment then soon smelling something in the air opened them again.​
  10. (Your characters look awesome ^w^)
    (Her eyes are hazel)
    Nichole stretched and purred as she hung upside down in a tree. She smiled and spun on the branch for a few minutes before falling off and onto her butt with an 'oof' very dizzy."ouch!" Nichole said rubbing her butt then sighed standing up. She hummed and sniffed around before sitting in front of the spring near her cave."the moon is so pretty with all the stars shining in the water." Nichole said her eye twinkling. She smiled and groomed her face purring before trying to do something with her long hair.
  11. Basil sniffed like a wild dog. She ran as quick as her feet could to the cave entrence. She was able to stop herself before falling down. Basil was panting looking around the spring forest. "N-Nih" she was too out of breath from the run. She was able to control herself. "NICHOLLEE!!!" She screamed out, she could smell her but not see her. The rumors were true, if you went out there, the humans would find you and kill you! Or put you in a mueseum. I felt a rush of water to my eyes. It teared out and rolled down my face, falling to the stone flooring. Basil covered her face in. Her hands. Her tail waving at rapid pace. Did she dare step on the grass just for a spirit. Basil swallowed the spit forming in her mouth, more tears roll down. "NICHOOLLEEE!! NICCHOOLLEEE!!" I scream in terror and fright. I lick my lips then close my eyes tightly, hoping my tears would stop. I put my bare foot out, then stepped onto the delighting grass, for the first time in my lifetime.
  12. Nichole looked back concerned." Basil what's wrong?" She asked jogging over to her. Nichole tilted her head and said"I was hidden by the shade of the tree too basil.." Rubbing her head sheepishly. She sat on the boulder her tail swishing and she sniffed licking her jaws smelling game."sniff sniff ooh I smell rabbit!" The cheetah said excitedly.
  13. Basil is still lightly panting. I grab you by your wrist. It's warm and fuzzy. "Your not allowed to leave the cave. I don't want the humans to find you like they found my mother. And when they did they captured her, tested her, tortured her. Then after 3 long years they killed her. I was told by father but when I was 4, he passed due too cancer." I started sobbing, falling into the grass. The chilly night didn't help with my tears. I felt everything in the process of being frozen. "And winter isn't even half a moon away! You could have gotten frozen, or the snow could have had a contaminated water source in it" Basil stopped, unable to speak due to her sob. She covered her face with her hands.
  14. Nichole nodded and hugged basil close."I-I'm sorry.." She said softly continuing to hug her into her soft warm fur. Nichole then walked back into the cave with her and sighed sitting down with her. She apologized again and looked at her boots.
  15. Basil is very emotional, in every way possible. Some days all you see her doing is sitting alone crying. You could tell, that tomorrow was gonna be one of them.I hug Nichole back, feeling the warmth and comfort, I hear her heartbeat. It's slightly fast, Probally from me scaring her. I let go and try wiping away my tears but they keep forming. I stare out at the moon. It's full out tonight. I feel my spine tingle. I grasp your hand tightly. Nodding my head, which I do a lot, even if it's kind of akward. I just nod and cry. I think I knew what I was smelling before, worry.
  16. Nichole looked around and rubbed her chin. She smiled softly drying basil's tears with her tail gently."it's ok to cry basil, just let it out ok?" Nichole said softly and hugged her again. She looked out at the moon and smiled weakly.
  17. I stand up and walk away. I get to my room, still crying. But I am a silent crier so thankfully Im not awakening anyone due to it. I sit on my bed, and cry myself to sleep
  18. Nichole sighed softly and laid down at the mouth of the cave curling up. She kept alert and slowly closed her eyes resting for a bit. Nichole woke a bit later and yawned stretching out. She went to her room and went to read a book.
  19. Basil was up from her four hour sleep couple hours ago. Sense then she basically has just been alone in her room, making it all wet and slimy, basically.

    All the sudden she stops and goes out for a stroll in the caves.
  20. Nichole laid on her bed reading more of her book. She then put it away and took out a pencil and a notebook. Nichole sang softly to herself as she wrote smiling softly. She closed her eyes and looked at her now full page. "Oops was writing down that song's lyrics.." Nichole said starting to erase.
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