Broken wing

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  1. A young fox would be seen sitting holding his wing which has a bone sticking out the side he would cry out in intense pain as he would try to stand he would just fall right back down* " AGHH!! " he would close his eyes as he would try yet again to stand this time he was successfull at doing so. He would then start to walk to the closest road as he came upon one he would collapse passed out due to the pain and blood loss.
  2. Corvo was riding down the road in his charger tired from his last assassination. It was quite frustrating for him. He was way to guarded. But it was a successful job and he got his page. He noticed something on the side of the road and as he fot closer he noticed it was a fox...with wings? One wing looked quite injured. He stopped the car right beside it and got out to look at the collapsed creature. He examined it closely. It's definitely a fox, but where did the wings come from? he thought to himself.
  3. The young foxe's chest would rise and fall as his front paw would twitch feeling another pressence near him he would try to open his eyes so he could see what or who the creature was but his eyes failed to open*
  4. Corvo decided to take this into his own hands and pull the creature into his car. He put it in his backseat and covered it with his jacket. He drove home a little worried that that thing could wake up and kill him with out a trace, but he decided to just be cautious and hurry up and get back to his apartment.
  5. The fox would soon open his eyes as he would look around he would look for a potential escape.. Seeing none he would sighh. " Excuse me kind human but what is this contraption you have put me in? " he would ask in a calm yet demanding tone.
  6. Corvo widened his eyes and hoped he was hallucinating, he slowly turned around to face the creature. "Did you just talk to me creature?" he asked a little more scared than usual.
  7. " Yes i did speak now if you may please answer my question.... It would be most kind if you would do so...... "
  8. "Well're in a car. Is that like a problem?" he asked, a little worried what the answer might be.
  9. He sighhed * " A polluteing earth killing car? One that puts carbon dioxide out into the air getting rid of the ozon layer? " he said alill annoyed now.
  10. Corvo heard how annoyed he was by this. " is an eco friendly runs on water," he lied.
  11. he would chuckle at hearing that from the human" A car that runs on water really that sounds to good to be true but i really do not care all i care about is getting my wing repaird so i can go back home....... If it's still there...... "
  12. Corvo shakily nods. "I-I can repair that for you." he said.
  13. A preteen aged child is jogging up the sidewalk and gets to the downtown park gate area when he sees Corvo's car pass him.
  14. he would nod " that would be much appreciated. " he would say as he yawned licking his wound to stop the bleeding.
  15. The preteen boy doesn't see the injured fox in the car at first. He continues to jog on the sidewalk that goes along the street and happens to head in the same direction. At first glance it would seem like he was following them. But training for the cross country team at the bording school he goes to and just jogging around for excercise and fun as well, he'd take this route or a number of others, changing it up every day the route he would run.
  16. the fox would lay his head back down as he closed his eyes* " Wake me when we arrive at where ever we are headed to. "
  17. The preteen boy continued jogging down the same route.
  18. The fox would wake soon as he could not sleep long due to the pain he was endureing at the moment.. *
  19. "We're almost there....listen if you can talk you can tell me your name correct?" he asked.
  20. " Yes i can and my name is eclipse moon. It's a family name.. "