Broken Up, Yet Closer Than Ever

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    Karen woke up feeling exhausted. He haunted her dreams. She remembered his touch as if it was yesterday.

    Her alarm clock played "Shattered" by Trading Yesterday, stopping after three attempts of shutting it off.

    "I should call in sick today", Karen whispered to herself, staring at her ceiling.

    Rolling over to look at her wall, a calendar with a drawing of a broken heart on the November 10th almost screamed "LOSER!" at her. "Two weeks...", she muttered to herself, remarking on the fact that it had been two weeks since her boyfriend had dumped her "to find himself". Two weeks since she lost herself.

    Karen forced herself out of bed, her oversized "Animals Taste Good" shirt ending at mid-thigh, with a pair of blue shorts.

    Trudging down the stairs, her Australian Kelpie barked happily at her, his tag wagging.
    "Hey, Buster", she yawned.

    He barked, and headed off to get his leash, which would be dragged back to Karen.

    (PM me with any questions, since the plot is not obvious)

    Karen and (insert name here) broke up two weeks ago. Well, he dumped her.

    They work on two opposite sides of the same company. When they both get promoted to Co-Managers, they end up seeing a lot more of each other than they'd care to.

    (Partner can discuss with me what their jobs are XD)

  2. "Okay, okay!", Karen laughed, when Buster jumped around his leash, barking.

    Slipping on her shoes, she put on his leash and opened the door to face the miserably cloudy sky.

    She missed Brandon waking her up with kisses, and cooking breakfast for her. She missed when he would grab the leash from her hand and run with her dog all the way back to her house.

    Stop it, Karen!, she screamed at herself in her mind. He's not here anymore. Let it go.

    Buster whined, and stopped walking, as if he was thinking of Brandon too. "I know, boy, I know. But he's gone. No point in thinking about it", she said,her eyes watering.

    Another whine, and Buster started to walk again.

    What did I do wrong?
  3. Coming out from his shower, Brandon was still shaking from the thought of Karen. He missed her so much that it was starting to take a toll on him.

    "Alright!" he grunted to himself, lookig in his mirror with a semi-strong look.

    "You're stronger than this. You got ever a girl beore, you can do it again." he stated, so sure of himself that he could bare these thoughts without regret. He was truely full of himself at that moment.

    "Ain't no pain.. Ain't no pain.." he repeated, but before he could say it a third time, his automatic stereo started playing Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers. Brandon slowly turned his head towards the door way and stared at his stereo.

    "Really!" he shouted, marching towards the annoying machine. As soon as he pressed a button the song changed to End of The Road by Boys 2 Men. "Oh c'mon!"

    He slammed himself back first on his bed, thinking to himself. Where did I go wrong? What happened to us?
  4. Back in her house, Karen sighed, and unclipped Buster's leash from his collar.

    She fixed herself a bowl of cereal, and spent the next fifteen minutes staring into the bowl, watching the cheeros move around her spoon as she constantly twirled it.

    "Enough!", she yelled, slamming a hand down on the table right next to the bowl. "I am stronger than this!"

    Karen marched up her stairs to her room to pick out an oufit for work.

    She settled on a red blouse and black pencil skirt, along with red pumps.

    "Bye Buster!" she called as she closed her door behind her.
  5. Four about an hour Brandon layed there on his bed, his hands covering his face with nothing but the sound of a ticking clock to make a noise.

    He combed out his hair and dressed up for work. He was wearing a black business suit with matching pants, a red tie and a silver watch on the wrist. Suddenly he got the feeling of "Hm? maybe i should ditch on work." when suddenly his radio started up with a tacky commercial.

    "Looking for a fresh start?" asked his radio, the commercial was for his company to call in new employees. "Nice try" Brandon replied, looking at the sky, fixing his tie.

    As Brandon started to sit back in bed, the stereo started playing Move Bitch by Ludacris. And he took that as a sign from God to get off his ass. "Ok, I'm going I'm going!" he said rushing down stairs and running out the front door.
  6. "Mornin'boss!", Karen greeted with a faked cheerfulness.

    "Morning, Karen", was the mumbled reply from Jack Cohen, who wassipping a mug of coffee behind his newspaper.

    She walked into her cubicle to find someone else sitting at her desk."Ur...Boss?", she asked, walking back to Jack.


    "Why is there someone else at my desk?"

    "Oh, I forgot to tell you!", Jack exclaimed, setting down his newspaperand coffee mug. "You're the new Co-Manager in the West Building."
    "Is this apromotion?", Karen asked, following Jack as he lead her to the exit.<o:p></o:p>
    "Yep. managementlikes what they see. If you don't screw up, you'll be just fine, kid."<o:p></o:p>
    "Thanksfor the vote of confidence", she muttered, walking through the exit asJack held the door open. <o:p></o:p>
  7. "Good morning, Brandon" said his secretary as he passed her by.

    "Not now. Office. Me. Now!" he uttered, nervously moving to his department. Brandon specializes in engineering, they give him the idea he gets it built. As he was opened his door he saw some red-hed hotty sitting in his chair. If he wasn't in moaring and had questions he probably would have gone for her.

    "Excuse me, Heather." he called to his secretary, "Who the hell is she?" he asked.

    "That is your replacement."

    "My... replacement..?" he said choking a bit.

    "You've been promoted sir." she said, filing papers. Brandon paused quickly after and muttered, "Oh..."
  8. Karen made her way into the West Building, looking around once she got in.

    "Hm....Well, I guess it can't be any worse...", she mumbled to herself as she walked to the elevator.

    She pressed 30 and waited for the doors to close.

    Suddenly, the last person she expected to see made their way through the doors.

  9. He was on a shrt path going t his supposed new office, seeing as he was so suddenly promoted.

    He was holding a hot cut of creamy coffee in one hand with his suit case in the other. For a brief moment he even forgot all about Karen.

    Brandon had to go to the 30th floor to get his new office and as he entered the elevator, he got struck by his past.

    "Karen!" he shouted, right before he spilled his coffee on his face.
  10. "h-hi", Karen stuttered nervously, not even thinking.

    Why is he here?

    "What number?", she asked.
  11. "Uh.. thirty, please." he mumbled clumbsly. Of all days, he had to meet Karen in such an awkward way.

    "So... Where are you headed?" he asked, slowly walking into the elevator. Brandon tried his best not to notice Karen's look. She was gorgeous even in her uniform for work.

    He held his eyes off to the left to keep his gaze off her. He didn't want to make the scene any more awkward than it already was.
  12. Karen pressed thirty again out of habit, and looked away also.

    "I've been promoted to co-manager of this building. What are you here for?"

    The girlfriend in Karen wanted to grab a napkin, wipe the remaining coffee off his face, and give him a kiss. The ex-girlfriend in Karen wanted to do the exact same thing.
  13. It was an awkward ride to the floor they were going for. As she looked away he used that time to wipe his face from the spilled coffee. Brandon felt so embarassed doing that in front of her.

    "So, what brings you to the thirth floor. Did you get promoted too?" he asked still looking away.

    Brandon knew that if he even climpsed at her, he'll never look away from her beautiful gaze. With that keeping focussed on something else was the best option.
  14. "Yeah", she said cooly, even though small talk was never really her thing.

    Suddenly, the elevator doors opened after a short "ding!"

    "I'll see you later", Karen said after walking out.