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  1. We've all have stuff that's been broken one way or another. What were they and how? O.o

    I've personally had allot of things broken, but not by me though. The first thing I remember is this bubble filled with water and a few sea animals in it. One of my friends decided it would be a good idea to bite it. I didn't realize he broke it till later that night when I started seeing water around it (it leaked slowly, i think it was more of a goo than water)

    The most stupid thing of mine broken was my punching bag. One of my friends decided to stab it with my Kunai knife. He was like "I didn't know it was sharp!" And I was like "Even if it wasnt sharp, you still don't do that. Secondly, the tip isn't grey for looks, it's grey because I sharpened it Which scraped off the black paint you stupid fucking moron DX"
    He was then banned from my house and my dad took away the Kunai... Which is stupid because it was the dullest weapon I owned.

    As for stolen things... Uggggg.
    The first was this motorcycle Toy that I had. We had a tent in the front yard and it was time for me to go inside. Well this kid comes up, goes in the tent and takes my motorcycle So I tell my dad and my dad opens the door, he looks at him guilty as can be and puts his hands behind his back. My dad ask "did you steal the motorcycle?" And he was like "no" with the most guilty face ever. So my dad was like "okay ^^" and shut the door. I was like "HOW CAN AN ADULT BE SO GOD DAMN STUPID????!!!!"

    But that wasn't the teeth kicker. He walked down the sidewalk, showed his mother and he probably said "look what they gave me ^^" (he pointed at my house)

    I wasn't able to reach the lock, but I shoulda opened the window and called that thief out >.< Damn kids lucky I didn't know what racism was back then, select words woulda got that mothers attention no doubt >:D Which woulda got my toy back ^^ (and a grounding but whatevs, I woulda been grounded in my room playing with MY toy.

    The second thing stolen was my gameboy advanced SP. It was at my sleepover party and 2 of them were able to spend the night. I wake up in the morning, suddenly it's gone, and I was JUST playing with it the night before and put it back in its case. It doesn't take a genius to make that connection XP

    So I ask both their parents but they're both one of those "my child would never do such a thing ^^" months later one of them said "I played with it then put it back" so I just found out who stole it right then and there. Didn't take action because I was a moron back then, but yeah.

    The teeth kicker there was THEY BOTH ALREADY HAD A RED GAMEBOY ADVANCE SP If I ever see him again, he's giving me however how much game boys cost back then, OR giving me a gameshark >.> Or both ^^

    So yeah, what things were stolen, or broken of yours?
  2. A friend of mine that I opened my door to thought it would be a great idea to get hooked on meth, and he stole my Sega Dreamcast on his way out.

    Good times, man.
  3. My friend (roomie at the time)'s niece scribbled on my Mario Mushroom Beanbag chair with a sharpie.

    A black sharpie

    On the white part of the mushroom

    In the front, right above its face.

    Still a bit annoyed at that; why would you even give a four year old sharpies? >:(
  4. One more since I forgot

    I have these packaged model cars. They've been opened like once just so I can see the car inside. all mint condition, and had them since I was like 5.

    A few years ago my dads friend came over and since I owned allot of video games And toys like tinkertoys/Lincoln logs, is seen as a paradise for kids.

    Well I come back after a trip or something, go in my room and see it trashed (I hate kids) but it's expected. So I clean up my room and see the car under a few things... Out of its box. >.< as some of ya know, that box is just as, sometimes even more important than the object.

    So I go to mah dad and he was basically like "iiii was hoping you wouldn't find that." So he was like "well he's super young" and I was like "I've had it since I was 5, and opened it CORRECTLY when I was young. Sooo I'm gonna want him, or your friend to pay for it >.<"

    So he was like "the kid was punished, my friend made him cry... Cry son from him being yelled at." (Trying to guilt trip the victim DX)

    And I was like "whatever" but I was thinking "GOOD! And I don't give a fuck DX you put a little brat Without me around in a room full of collectables and weapons. If he doesn't even know how to function a BOX! Then do you expect him to function a pocket knife(s)? And this isn't about the kid being punished or not, this is about my things being broken by children when I'm not around DX

    There's only three things I ever remember breaking. That is a ring I tried resizing but it turned out to be super delicate, soul calibur 2 disk, and my show sword (turns out wall hangers aren't made well and swinging them around in the air is too much >.<)

    I feel like a grumpy olde man XD
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  5. Only really memorable "shit somebody else broke" story I have was I was camping up at Manitoulin Island with my post-college group of friends for Canada Day. We're off having a grand time; it's nice private land in a native reservation, and the few neighbours are seldom there at their cottages, so we're the only fire going on the lake.

    All of us are drunk out of our minds and setting up fireworks, which I volunteered to help with, and I had a fairly expensive Roots folding chair that I told people not to sit in because I was coming right back, and I also hate when people hijack my shit. So I turn by back, start setting up a mortar, and all I hear is a crash and some giggling. My fatass friend plopped down on it and shattered the plastic on one of the legs, causing it to collapse and the fabric to tear. So me, usually the most laid back and good natured drunk ever, enter Wolverine-level rage and I storm over to curb stomp said friend, tossing a citronella torch that nearly hits my other friend in the face by accident. My best friend, who is a pretty strong guy, steps in front of me and says "If you want to get to him, you go through me."

    Even totally blitzed me knows my limits, so I abscond from that situation, still fuming, but deciding that it would ruin the weekend if we got blood all over the place.

    Really amusingly, less than half an hour later I was basically mothering fat friend who was violently puking because he wasn't used to drinking that much and he was also smoking pot for the first time, so it was a bit of a shock for his system having both of that shit going around in him. It was like the chair incident never happened. The rest of the weekend went pretty smoothly, except for the native girl that same friend tried to pick up from the local town to party with us who was doing Oxycontin at the cabin and after we left, we found out her and her friends broke into the cabin to steal some shit, which fortunately was largely useless and broken shit, including a generator that was so fucked up that my buddy's grandfather who owned the cabin considered it a good thing because they saved him a dump run.
  6. Funnily enough, that same friend that stole from Alan also stole from me and my family too. >:[ Money, movies, my brother's shoes. Needless to say, he had no friends left by the time he was done being a douche.
  7. Had my GameBoy Advance with my copy of Medabots stolen while at school. Also managed to nick my copy of Legend of Zelda SomethingSomething DX.

    Asshat had the nerve to play it in the middle of lunch with my name on the cartridges.

    Surprise (open)
    He was bigger than me. So I followed him after the final bell rang and kicked him down the stairs. Looted his backpack of my stuff and spilled it on top of him while he was getting up. Ended up suspended for doing it, but at least I got my stuff back and he never bothered me again.

    Oh, and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Tons of those stolen. Same with Pokemon. Turns out it was a mutual friend of everyone who'd casually show interest and slide it into his pocket when asking about another. We found out and confronted him. He kept a binder of them in his backpack with the names and dates of who and when we stole them from.
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  8. I once had my bike stolen, it was in our bike rank and some kids in the middle of night had joy rided both mine and my sisters.

    My Sisters was ditched so the Police ended up getting up and giving it back to her, mine was never found though. >:C
  9. Man this brings me back...

    When I was about ten my family and I went on a road trip to see my dad's crazy ass family (I hated this trip). well, my dad thought that it was a good idea to get his druggie friend to watch the house.

    Now this guy had two little kids that I just hated. I don't mean like, "I don't want to play with you" hated but truly hated them. They were mean and made fun of me because I couldn't see without my glasses and stuttered. Well you can imagine i was scared that they were in my house, in my room, playing with my things.

    They broke my Breyer horses. They draw all over my art. Shit was everywhere, they slit holes in my bike tires, they tore my sister's dolls apart and made her cry. They ate my Halloween candy and left wrappers everywhere.

    I wanted to track them down and falcon punch them in the face, because they also ruined the fencing I put up on the chicken coop, they let the rabbits out, irritated the horses, sent feed everywhere and the turkeys were loose.
  10. Oh wow DX

    What happened next though? I mean they basically wrecked your house from the sound of it. Did your parents just be like "Meh" or did they do something about it?

  11. My parents made me clean it up.

    Late that night my friends and I egged their helmets and took the wheels off their bikes. Shit got real.