Broken Rose (supernatural romance)

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I find this highly entertaining for the Big E is a bar in Fargo, as is Dempsey's, though that one's an Irish pub. Lolz
That rose and goblin thing reminds me of a children's book that was featured in 'Monster'.
Jumi do I have to drive OUT INTO PUBLIC to get that book?

I thought that the book reminded me of the one in Monster too...

**mocks Orion as she stuffs all the books into her skirt and whisks them away**
Hire an assassin.

Bulk rates available on request.
Burn victim shmurn victim! A REAL man DON'T NEED NO STINKIN BOOKS.
Unanunun (doop-doo be-doo doop),
Unanunun (doop-doo doo-doop)

You've given me salt water? o_O

T_T That's soooo mean, Una-sama, desu desu! ^_^
It's got electrolytes.
I didnt .. I mean ...

I didn't expect it to turn out so wonderfully ... I was hoping for gagging or something.
Okay, I have to drop out. D: As much as I wanted to stick with it and be Asmo's hero, I just can't keep up!

I look forward to reading what the big Secret is, though. >:3
Theodore's currently watching Reece vomit, but I can do a bit of magic to have him back on the floor again. Should I?
Jumi man. Jumi.