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At the centre of Rosalin, on a park bench long abandoned, there lies a single rose.

It cannot be touched, and it cannot be seen by any of common blood.

But in this town, there are others...

There are those with something more inside them... something special, born of history dark and destiny inescapable. By blessing or by curse they walk with magic in their veins.

They are the forgotten children. The neglected loners. The despairing unloved.


Labelled as freaks and misfits, they are forever misunderstood by the people in their lives. Their existence is one of pain and isolation.

But soon... all that will change.

A shadow is rising over Rosalin, a darkness spawned from deepest nightmare. Few can feel its approach, and even fewer know that the only hope for light rests with that single rose on that single park bench.


The one who finds true love may lift the rose and hand it to their beloved.

And only then will the town be saved.
^_^ All players of all abilities welcome! ^_^



[noparse]Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:
Secret Abilities:[/noparse]​


Constance ~ a jilted and immortal photographer, in town to study the Rose.
Ivan ~ an ancient vampire who runs the town's library and historical society
Kathleen ~ a novelist studying the rose and able to become literary characters
Allura ~ a jilted and immortal alchemist from Romania.
Theodore ~ a half-mad vampire trying to blend with human society
Illiana ~ a Russian art restorer with powers of psychometry
Reece ~ owner of the Ottepeg Toy Shop, where the puppets come to life.
Mia ~ a talented artist who fades from perception as the sun sets.
Ai ~ a pyrokinetic, on vacation from the entertainment industry.
Adam ~ a disfigured recluse capable of astral projection.
Chrys ~ a blind half-Nymph who can communicate with plants.
Merry ~ a werewolf and user of wiccan magic, able to talk with animals
Byron ~ a wendigo who feasts on lovers hearts.
Deputy Lebridge ~ a police officer investigating events in the town
Farron ~ a labourer and odd-job man who amplifies the abilities of others
You had me at veins.

Character Name: Constance Marguerite Beltane
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Photographer
Age: 53 (But appears to be late 20s)
General Appearance: Curly brown hair and light blue eyes. Curvaceous figure, and a bohemian style of dressing.
Current Goal/Purpose: Discover the secrets of the Rose!
General Personality: As a first impression, Constance may seem like a prude or a snob. She doesn't like to waste her time with nonsense or things she finds stupid. If she doesn't like you or something in general, she is unafraid to state her opinion on the subject, occasionally at the risk of being rude. However, once she has decided someone can be trusted, Constance is joyful and reliable friend.
General History: Once upon a time, Constance was a hip young lady on her way to a brilliant photography career. She had a GIFT for capturing the unseen with her camera. A natural ability that gave a perplexing view of the world.

Come one eve she caught a glimpse of the rose. Beautiful and flawless - yet unobtainable. For those that were as unique as her, the rose's story was legendary. True love and the rose could be yours.

Such a legend is bound to make anyone act a little silly. Constance found herself romance by a man with big promises. So sure that she was in love he convinced her to drink his little immortality potion so they could be married and live eternity in bliss.

Only, instead of him plucking the rose as a symbol of their love - he ended up running away with her younger sister. Leaving Constance immortal, jilted, and betrayed! At least that is what she assumed happened. Both the man and her sister disappeared ages ago and she hasn't seen or heard from them since.

These days Constance has recently returned from a long sabbatical. Happy that her ex and her sister don't seem to be town, and even more interested in the Rose itself. She's convinced that love has nothing to do with it and that there is much more to the story than what the legend foretells.
Character Name: Reece Ottepeg

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Puppet-maker

Age: 19

General Appearance: An albino teenager, tall and willowy, with soft white hair.

Current Goal/Purpose: Reece runs the Ottepeg Toy Shop, where he sells homemade dolls, puppets and wooden toys.

General Personality: Reece is clever and introverted, not really mixing with others and preferring to spend time alone in his shop.

General History: Reece's father was well-loved and respected in the town, famous for his toy-making. He used to entertain and teach the children whenever the town got cut off by snow or the schools had to shut down. His father was the most educated man around and knew a little about everything. And what he didn't know he could teach from his large book collection which he kept in a basement underneath the shop. Growing up, Reece was always a little jealous of the other children who his father tutored and babysat. He always felt like they were stealing his dad's attention away. But despite this he learned quickly how to do what his father did - how to make toys and life-like puppets. When his father died Reece took over the shop and kept it in business. But he never really goes into the library in the basement anymore and doesn't want to teach the local kids.

Secret Abilities: Reece has inherited the magic in his father's bloodline. He can make his puppets come to life!
My Character Sheet

Character Name: Ai (meaning love)
Gender: Female
Job/Role: A trainee at a music entertainment company
Age: 18 but looks rather young as if 16
General Appearance: Short blue black hair, deep blue eyes, Asian pale skin, 5'2 in height, slender and always seen in her uniform, most of the time that is.
Current Goal/Purpose: She is just another girls with dreams to become a star but at the moment she is just a trainee.
General Personality: Shy, sweet, caring, loyal, innocent
General History: She applied for auditions in an entertainment company and got selected in the meanwhile she is on vacation to an old place she knew since childhood, Rosalin. As a kid she had spent many years here and really adored this place. It was like a home to her.
Secret Abilities: She realizes that when emotions strike she can set things on fire with her mind will, when that happens the emotions can be seen in her eye. She barely knows how to control it and rarely occurs.
Character Name:
Constantine Waldgrave


Constantine owns a little toy shop filled with toys he's made by hand or old toys that were going to be garbage, but have been restored. He takes requests for people looking for something special to be made, too.

Early 40s, though he doesn't look a day over 20

General Appearance:
Young looking man with long, sandy brown hair and pale skin. He likes to 'dress up', one could say. Constantine thinks nice clothes make a good impression on customers and it's what he's always worn; lack of aging means he gets to keep his wardrobe. Occasionally, he can be seen wearing a pair of glasses because they magnify finer details for his toys. His eyes are a dark green, always glittering with the same intelligence and curiosity as his werebear form.

Current Goal/Purpose:
To keep his shop going and do whatever makes him happy

General Personality:
Nothing seems to bother him because he's always smiling and talking about how proud he is of his work. Beneath that carefree person is a sensitive man; past misfortunes has made him somber. He is always calm. Constantine is also the type to think things through before acting, out of fear he might hurt someone or fail. He keeps his temper under control, it seems, but if you dare get on his last nerve, he enters a terrifying, blind rage.

General History:
Constantine went from a dedicated student to a killing machine many years ago, when he was only nineteen years old. A lycanthrope curse was brought to him when he was lost in a dark, mysterious forest, trying to get back home. His friends thought it would be funny to abandon him them, then go back in the morning to walk him back. The poor teenager was chased through the trees and bushes until the bear finally caught up with him. The monster claimed he was too close to her cubs for comfort and that she did not trust him.

Instead of killing him, the bear ended up cursing him.

The werebear that bit him fled, fearing a transformation that would overpower her. Constantine was left with a deep, bloody mark next to his left shoulder. A new form took place; claws, fur, fangs, tail. His size became significantly larger, too. He had become a violent, blood-thirsty beast.

Hearing his friends calling for him, Constantine ran through the forest. Not to catch up with them, though. To slaughter them. In his mindless state of fury, he tore the boys and girls apart, carelessly leaving their corpses behind when he had his fill. When he returned to his human form later in that morning, he collapsed to the ground and sobbed.

Many years were spent in solitude, but were also spent to try and control the monster within him. He made a little progress, but little is better than none. During the full moon, he cannot resist the frenzy of the werebear, so he became familiar with the moon's patterns so he could be away from the town. He doesn't want to hurt another innocent person ever again.

In time, he opened his own shop where he could make, repair and restore toys. It's his passion; it keeps him sane.

Secret Abilities:
At will, Constantine can shift into the form of a grizzly bear. During the full moon, he changes into a violent monster with a hunger for suffering. This form of him also comes to life if he's angry enough to want to hurt someone. Be he in human or bear form, he has heightened senses

Just... Nevermind.
Character Name: Jacob Byron

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Courier for packages within the city

Age: 187 years, in the body of a 18 year old.

General Appearance: Tall and lanky, Jacob has a 'cute' look with layered and somewhat askew black hair. A bit pale with green eyes and a scattering of freckles, he has a warm and comforting smile, inviting and even disarming. He doesn't look strong, more lanky and dexterous. He tends to keep with current fashion trends and is usually with his helmet for his vespid.

Current Goal/Purpose: To find true love or a means to overcome his condition. His purpose currently is to blend in and keep a low profile, despite his requirements for food.

General Personality: Upbeat and awkward, extended age has done little to mellow his character. He still has trouble around girls and new situations. To those he is comfortable with, Jacob can be a bundle of energy. He takes pride in his job, the simple things in life, and lives day to day with very little concept of the future...either because of his condition, quasi-immortality, or the nature of who he was before. Just as his highs are bright and excessive, his lows are destructive. Likewise, every few weeks to a month (A month is all he can stretch) his nature shifts. He becomes less of himself and more a predator, sure of himself, confident, debonair even...but only to a point of hunting. As soon as he feeds, his nature reverts.

General History: A long time ago there was a young man. This young man loved a woman completely, heart and soul, and pledged himself to her. She, a temptress and an infamous flirt, seemed to accept him for what he offered...which was the promise of a fortune from an aged parent. The young man was foolish, he never thought to question her motives, enraptured in what he thought was true love, true yearning. After their marriage, she, playing the blushing bride, led him to the forest. He trusted her, though he shouldn't have, blinded by what he thought was love for her. She had hired men, cruel men who had no hearts for sympathy and mercy, only empty holes hungry for riches. They took this young man, and they killed him, burying his body far from his home. His wife married again and again, using the money from his aged that now belonged to her, to leave that small town and any thought of the young man behind.

And for a time he moldered.

But something came for him beneath those trees, something like him, betrayed and hungry...lonely and filled with hate. It removed his heart and replaced it with something else. These cruel men had killed many, hiding them in the forest. The Young man's body was too weak, too moldered, so he was given another. Now the young man was something else, the yearning remained inside him and the memories of what had happened. He was bitter, then, and sought the woman out, searched for her among the states she had breezed through. He found he was different, stronger, hungry. The creature called itself Wendigo and told him of his fate, his purpose. He preyed upon hearts that yearned, hearts that desired, the unrequited and the scorned. For every broken heart he had a meal. It had to be their heart, eaten raw and steeped in the absence of love...or the infatuation often mistaken for it.

At first this power was a gift, and the young man reveled in his bitterness. But when he found the woman, old now and dying, he found he could consume her heart if he wanted. This woman he assumed was filled with the same bile as he, was as lonely as he...and lived her life in that pursuit. They were linked by tragic fate, mistakes of youth and hi own foolish wishes. He stayed with her, never revealing who he was, a year till she breathed her last and then left. He now wanders, trying to control his nature and searching for what he assumes will set him free, true love...something strong enough to fill that void that was left in his chest. He is still the young man, full of dreams and wishes...but darker now, he has a weight to bare...and his fate is to prey on those like himself and her.

Secret Abilities: Jacob is a Wendigo. Every month or so he requires the heart of a woman or man with yearning inside them. They could be heartbroken, in 'love' or infatuation. His victims are drawn to him and he has the innate ability to sense such feelings from those he crosses paths with. When he is hungry, his strength dramatically increases and his being gives off an aura of supernatural seduction...even if the individual would usually be heterosexual, they find themselves attracted to that void within the Wendigo that calls their sorrow. A Wendigo can be killed, but only if burned in fire by someone who has true love in their hearts. Likewise anyone who the Wendigo takes as a lover or the 'victim' can kill the Wendigo but are usually too enthralled not to. Any other method of death only robs the Wendigo of a body. In this case a Wendigo will exist as spirit until he finds a replacement body to animate. All bodies have the same characteristic however...he has no heartbeat, in fact no heart at all inside his chest. A Wendigo also has the passive ability to turn invisible and travel while within shadows, and lastly are able to summon a cold and bitter wind from the void inside them. The wind does not last long and is one of the only offensive abilities a Wendigo has. It is directly effected by the emotional state of the creature, growing stronger when they are under duress to the extent of even sending men and women from their feet and away. The wind always sounds like a chorus of screams and against an unprepared opponent, could severely chill their body.
Character Name: Allura Fulcanelli
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Homeopathic medicine vendor
Age: 139
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: Allura seeks to continue her research at all costs, without revealing her craft.
General Personality:
Impatience is the key word for describing her overall behavior and attitude - there's not enough time to do all that she wants to do and she's always in a bit of a hurry. She's not terribly sociable and is still a little bit bitter about her previous protege and is thus rather aloof when it comes to other people. Allura is touched by things that normal women would not appreciate and her intelligence is a bit of a chore to her at times in speaking with people.
General History:
When Allura was born in 1873, she was from a family of Romani. Her mother and father were typically very poor but they were a close-knit group along with her younger brother. When her family died of malnutrition, Allura was adopted by the group of Romani in close proximity with her family. Allura developed an interest then in immortality and devoted her attention to alchemy.

Allura was forced to disguise herself as a man in order to be taken seriously, the guise of a French male alchemist Fulcanelli, in which case she decided to only appear outside of her home infrequently. Due to her work, she managed to acrue a small fund of money to purchase a decent home in France and materials to continue her work. It was through dedicated study and a blend of her native culture that Allura stumbled upon the secret of the philosopher's stone.

Tenuously enthralled by her discovery, Allura took a protege with whom she could flesh out her ideas. This protege took her discovery and showcased them to outsiders, which infuriated her and exposed her. Betrayed, Allura denied this protege, her lover at the time, the secret of her immortal life.

Secret Abilities: Transmutation
I won't do that Diana~!

Character Name: Adam Eastriver
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Reclusive heir.
Age: 21

General Appearance:

Disfigured by burns on parts of his face, hands, and chest that run too deeply for plastic surgery to completely restore back to their previous condition. For this reason he covers the wounded places in pristine white bandages to prevent the weak of heart & stomach from seeing how flames ravaged his body. In public where he rarely goes out he often wears a white coat, black button-up shirt, white slacks, and black dress shoes. But those are sometimes switched in for more casual clothes inside his home.

Current Goal/Purpose: To find someone that will accept him and truly love him without revulsion.

General Personality: Definitely a dreamer. A sweet, kind soul who has aspired toward the happiness one gets from family and survived loss. Innocent vanity supported a young ego that was crushed to pieces after the accident. Vanity still plagues him now, but in the opposite way since it makes it hard for him to get past his now mostly disfigured face. Trauma has driven him into a reclusive state where he trusts almost nothing yet longs for companionship. His heart is wounded but he is rather guarded about who can heal it despite his desperation. Wrath toward others can easily come from the woe if he even feels someone is using him to their own ends. Paranoia that his wealth his the only thing that attracts people now has twisted him into rejecting those who might actually accept him. To honestly, or even dishonestly pursue his affection is a trial by fire. . . but if successful will end with a loyalty richer than most will ever know.

General History:

An orphan who never truly knew his parents, he was raised in an orphanage and attended school regularly. Every night he dreamed of finding a family who would want him as their own. Fantasies of a large mansion with loving parents. . . he visited them often in those dreams. Shortly after turning thirteen he got adopted at thirteen by a wealthy couple who simply admired his adorable features. Having no possible heirs of their own, no remaining family, and no true friends. . . this was their only hope for the happiness money could not buy. Which, in their materialistic eyes, this cute young boy would no doubt one day make a handsome young man for them to call their son. The wife has especially grown in a short time to adore him and was already calling him 'her baby' within the first month at their mansion. For four years he lived with them and enjoyed the finer things life had to offer and for those four years he could dream of nothing more.

Until one hot summer night.

Riding on a train back from a recent vacation, a severe malfunction caused a horrific fire to occur on the train. As they tried to escape their cabin the foster mother tripped and fell upon the pulling of the emergency brake. Suddenly her dress caught fire and using his body and bare hands the teenager tried to put out the flames but only succeeding in burning himself. After her death on the train the adoptive father was consumed by grief with time's passage slowly driving him further into madness until the day he just suddenly dropped dead.

Now alone with a mansion, a fortune, and scars that would never fade he stayed alone for three years refusing to leave. Dreaming each night of finding love again, wanting it so strongly it seemed, that a ghost of a still living youth started to walk the halls at night. Then it started to wander further and further from the mansion as the dreams themselves started to long for a life among people who would truly want him for who he was. . . not what he had. Or even turn away from what he looked like underneath all the bandages.

Then one morning he awoke from his dream having seen something that felt very important to him in the dream.

A rose. . .

Secret Abilities:

Projection- Blood of mystics runs through his veins, granting him spiritual abilities. This includes an incredibly strong form of astral projection. While utilizing this ability he is connected with the 'projection'/phantasm through all five senses and will remember everything it experiences as though it were a dream. It holds a physical visage not only resembling him before the horrific accident, but has actually aged with him and reveals how he would have looked now. It can also interact with or phase through objects in the world even so far as landing punches. However it leaves his physical body in an entirely vulnerable unconscious state.

Character Name: Chrysanthemum Evvings / "Chrys"


A Cashier/ Floral arranger at her parents flower shop.


General Appearance:
Chrys is fair skinned and pretty, having a flattering figure and elegant looking features. She doesn't wear anything to complicated and prefers to keep it to a simple plain dress and a sweater over that if it is cold enough. Her eye are a dull and fuzzy blue, letting on to the fact that she is completely blind. She carries a fold-able walking stick on her person all the time and wears a pair of dark sunglasses when she goes for walks.

Current Goal/Purpose:
To enjoy life and to make it on her own someday.

General Personality:
Chrys is very bubbly and kind, easily striking up a conversation with anyone. She loves meeting new people and getting out since being blind usually keeps her in the shop or at home. She is very independent when she is in familiar territory and can even cook a bit, but only simple things like toast or cereal. When she is out of her environment she might need some help but usually can get around alright. On occasion she can get a bit depressed in something had upset her enough and she usually keeps to herself. She'll avoid any unnecessary contact and read or work with the flowers in the small green house where the flowers are grown and kept.

General History:
Chrysanthemum was born under interesting circumstances... Her father, a simple lumberjack. Was working one day when he found an out of place tree in the woods. Surrounded by other trees that would be cut for lumber he assumed that it was just a tree that was mistakenly left unmarked. He quickly looked over the small tree, deeming it an easy cut that he could finish on his one, and started his chainsaw without hesitation. As he made his way toward the tree it suddenly sprang to life and shifted into the form of a young woman, innocent, frightened and dangerously pretty. The nymph begged for her life and promised she would grant him anything he wished. He kindly told her he had no intentions and was quick to send her on her way, knowing that it would be hard to explain a nude woman to his boss. Surprised by his selflessness she went on her way, but continued to visit him and watch him, curious as to why he did not make his wish.

After a long while of watching the two eventually fell in love and married, spending much one helping the nymph adjust to human life. After a few years Chrys was born, but was blind because of her halfbreed status. Spending her life in the dark she was raised to live in the mountains using all of her other senses to get by. Her parents opened a flower shop when she was around 5 and since then she had been living in Rosalin with her parents. She did not learn of her other half until when she was around 12 and she suddenly started to smell roses in the park. She ran her hand over the delicate flower but no matter how hard she tried it would not budge. Upset and deterred she turned to her mother and asked why she could pick up the rose, when her father had no idea that it was there. Knowing that they couldn't hide it any longer they told their daughter of her birth and began preparing her for the abilities she would inherit when she was older...

Secret Abilities: Chrys can speak with trees and learn of what they have gone through and "seen" happen. She can also control plants to make vines to help her or to stop someone from hurting her or themselves. She can tell things apart by smell and knows flowers just by how they feel. She can also change into a tree, like her mother, though it is very difficult and it only lasts a short amount of time.

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Character Name
: Raynimia (Mia) Silot

: Female


: Artist for a local art shop.

General Appearance
: Around 5"4, very short for her age. Long black hair that falls right at her shoulders. She has a pretty fair skin color, with almost no traces of blemishes. The must notable features are her dark blue eyes. She has a kind of stance where she seems relaxed, but is also very concerned about what is going on around her. She has a very deep scar behind her neck that can be detected if her hair is out of the way. Her attire pretty much consists of shorts or (if she's in the mood) a dress.

Current goal/Purpose: During her daily life, it's just to maintain a low profile, trying not to attract so much attention to herself as possible (which is why she secludes her self when she draws). Apart from that, to conquer her fear of water.

General Personality
: When first encounter, Ranimia may seem tentative and confused. Sparking up conversations is something she does on a very rare occasion, but she will always have a response for some things. Because she is always alone and has always been alone, it's hard for her to keep up with time and trends. She might forget about a holiday, or maybe even a scheduled event at her job. The thing she enjoys the most, apart from drawing, is the day time. That's when she can really become herself and not the shell she believes she is when night falls.

General History
: The Silot family has always been known for their talent. Whether it been writing, drawing, or accounting. Mia is no difference. Her parents, surprisingly, work at a well-paced office, doing taxes and filing paper work. The Silots had always known that they had a secret talent they all shared, but Mia's parents refused to let Mia know the full extent of her history. Even when she demanded to know what her past was about, they punished her by branding a scar on the back of her neck. So, as a confinement, they forced her to draw paintings at the local art shop in time. Being the only child, Mia had been raised to believe that there was always someone dangers after her gifts, causing a slight tinge of paranoia to run her daily life.

One night, at the age of 12, Mia noticed that her parents had been ignoring her when she went to show them a picture of a small sparrow she had drawn. She viciously waved the picture in front of them, but all they did was stare blankly at the paper, following it with there eyes. Mia screamed in anger, and noticed nothing came out. She ran to her room, looked in the mirror, and saw absolutely nothing.

Secret Abilities
: Silent Shroud- When the sun starts to fade behind the horizon slowly, so does Mia and her voice. She can hear the thoughts in people's mind like clear dialogue and can telepathically reply, but only if she is close to the person. Just because she is invisible doesn't mean she's intangible. She can very well be touched.

Character Name: Ivan Hohlkonsen

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Historian/Librarian

Age: 450

General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To find a mortal willing to spend eternity with him.

General Personality: Ivan carries a strong aura about him that makes him appear Regal. His words, and actions are strong, precise, and confident. Curiosity is undoubtedly his strongest characteristic, with creativity being a close second. His quest for knowledge revolves around the need to know how something works, and what benefit comes from it. Though his demeanor is straightforward, and business like, there is a gentleness to his voice, and a willingness to get to know others. He doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve, so what emotions others believe to perceive could be the complete opposite.

General History:
Born in 1561, Ivan was son to a Crusading Lord of the Holy Roman Empire. In tune with the times, the boy was raised in the lifestyle of a knight to where he eventually served the Kaiser of his country in mind, body, and soul. During the Crusades, he was attacked by a vampire, and turned after being spirited away to France. His Sire took the young man under his wing, and taught him the ways of the vampire, and groomed him to be his companion, to which Ivan desired freedom with his new found abilities, and immortality. Fleeing his Sire during a raid lead by villagers outside of Romania, Ivan departed for the various metropolises of his time. Living, and learning of life through the cold eyes of an immortal granted him a hunger for knowledge, and the desire to share such things, that he eventually found his way to Rosalin. He found employment as a Librarian for the local library, and has founded numerous Historical Organizations which he oversees with the help of a few close friends.

Secret Abilities: Apart from immortality, heightened sense, strength, stamina, regeneration, and flight, he possesses what one could call "Perfect" memory. He can recall all the details of days gone past.
Character Name: Kathleen Jewel Smythe

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Fiction Writer

Age: 22

General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To write the best novel she can. One that will move the hearts of millions everywhere. She doesn't care about the money from her work she just wants to change peoples lives with her writing. And she thinks this will happen some how with that rose.

General Personality: She is a strange character. Mainly she is laid back and very watchful, though most of the time she misses what is right infront of her eyes. Since she is so into her writing she tends to let her characters personalities become her own so she can get a feel for them or if it feels right to act like that in the current situation. She also has a random tendency to ask a lot of questions.

General History: She grew up in the town of Rosalin. Kathleen was known as an outcast through her whole childhood. Even when she dressed in the same style clothes as the other kids. It was as if they knew she was different some how. The desire to fit in and find something better in life is what caused her to become a writer. So she finished up school and eventually moved away to go to a better college to help her further her career as a writer. Now that she's done in college she has moved back to Rosalin to study the mysterious rose for her upcoming book. A book that she is still planning out and needs the romantic story involving the rose to help complete it.

Secret Abilities: Her secret ability is to actually become any character from any book or play, written by her or not. She can not go into the book or play but rather obtains the personality of the character. If she is really into a book this might happen randomly, though she can control it and use it whenever she wants.
Character Name: Farron Eidel
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Odd jobs, mostly manual labor
Age: 25
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: Decide what he wants to do in life.
General Personality: Quiet and cold, Farron isn't particularly friendly. His opinion of others is that they are only interested in getting ahead so he isn't interested in getting to know them if they plan to dump him once they get what they want.
General History:
Though Farron's parents were well off and could afford to take care of him as a child, he grew up as a child mainly at his grandparent's house in the countryside. After his birth, Farron's mother developed serious postpartum depression and his crying as an infant only worsened the condition. When his mother was cured and Farron was barely four, his parents tried to take him back into their home. However, due to being raised by his grandparents, the real parents of the boy were virtually strangers to him and it only seemed to create distress for his mother that she was not close to her child.

Farron instead continued to live with his grandparents until his grandfather passed away the summer of Farron's fourteenth year. A complete change of lifestyle occurred and Farron did not seem to adjust well to being taken out of the high school he had begun attending and thrown into one many times larger. This made Farron a social recluse and he still views people warily because of this.

When Farron graduated high school, he had no idea in mind for what he wanted to do but he decided that he would move to the town closest to where his grandparents used to live - Rosalin. Farron rents a small home in the town and does odd jobs now for people such as painting houses or running errands for the elderly.
Secret Abilities:
On his own, Farron is nothing remarkable. When near others with powers, though, Farron amplifies their innate abilities, based on his feelings towards them, up to about double the strength of their power before.
Character Name: Catherine B.

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Librarian/Hunter

Age: 24

General Appearance: A petite, pretty young girl. Nothing particularly stands out about her physically at first glance. She is very fit and agile. Most of the time, there is a very determined expression on her face, as though she were lost in thought, trying to solve a puzzle only she knows of.

Current Goal/Purpose: Away from home for the first time in her life and afraid to return. Descended from a long line of demon hunters, something her parents thought to keep from her in the hopes that she would have a normal life. Trying to figure out exactly who and what she is, and what exactly her purpose in life is. On a path of vengeance against the 'unnatural.' Trying to find answers to her brother's fate.

General Personality: A determined girl, not prone to letting things get her down. Though dark thoughts and worries plague her idle thoughts, she keeps herself busy enough to cut idle moments down to a minimum. Happy and willing to help, almost to a fault. A gentle, caring soul who becomes a tiger unleashed when what is precious to her is threatened. Very lost right now, seeking some kind of guidance.

General History: Born of a long line of demon hunters, their proficiency in slaying the dark aided by their own tainted bloodline, product of a forbidden romance…

Catherine and her twin brother left home at the same time, renting a home together in the same city while living their own lives - lives that became very, very different. Catherine, choosing to go to university, threw herself into her studying, soon becoming an intern at a famous museum. Catherine's brother, feeling restless, chose to work and delay school, wanting to experience "big city" life and set out on the path to find himself. Alas, it was not he who found him, but the wrong crowd, or so Catherine believed. Her brother began leaving their home for longer periods of time, eventually not returning for days, the days turning into weeks. When he did return, it pained her to even look at him. His once fiery personality was replaced by a pale, drawn husk of a man who would shuffle in, only to shuffle to the nearest surface to sleep on, sometimes only making it as far as past the threshold once she opened the door for him. What had once been her rock was beginning to crumble. One day, he merely disappeared. She found a simple note: Goodbye.

Her memories after that are fuzzy, her grief making her blind to the details of the weeks following his departure. She wanders now, searching for him under the guise of gathering historical information for the museum that employs her.

Secret Abilities: A growing ability to sense the "supernatural," keeping very in tune with the energy around her. During the last months when her brother began to stray, she could feel her body changing. Terrible nightmares haunted her dreams and dark visions crept into her daily life. She soon discovered that these were not visions or ghouls…but flesh and blood creatures that wandered the earth, their true forms unseen by normal people.

I remembered you wrong
I remembered you strong
I have severed all links, all attachments
To study your gestures
You sheppard, you merchant, you cold-hearted deserter
And jealousy appeared
Among a crowd of well-wishers
To carry these mournful lanterns
All gossip, all slander
Our great refusal to yield.
Well, since an incumbent has broken the ice, I suppose no harm should come to me either.


Theodore R. ; Male ; Informant ; ?? years​

Current Goal / Purpose / Personality:

Curious, nosy, meddlesome, likes to be involved in affairs, manipulative, deceptive, genuine .. sincere? Wants to reintegrate into civilization - to find out what the buzz is, what's going on, something a little more solid and less ethereal that he can grab and hold on to.


"Welcome! I run this store, and I render services for whatever you are willing to pay. Nothing illegal. I'm quite broke, and I don't want to go to jail. $5 for carrying your groceries?

.. Sorry. Well, it's a bit cramped in here, since I found the smallest place I could .. find. Just a phone and the internet. Ham radio too. And other sorts of radios.

What do you want to know? I can't guarantee it will be accurate. It probably is though."

General History:

"You want to know about me?

Stoker got it down pretty well. In fact, you know, a lot of these guys who fantasize about being a vampire sort of make up things so they can pretend to be one. Take white wolf, for instance. That whole thing about thirteen clans?

It actually ain't that baaaaad. Obviously the whole powers thing suffers from serious consumption. But the way the codex was written, one would have thought that maybe one of the clans in there even broke out and suffered Final Death just to play a prank on everyone else! Like, sort of spilled all the secrets, but gave them such a ridiculous outlet to go through that no one would ever believe it except those with delusions of grandeur, those who wanted something more than their fragile human existence!

... hahahaha! What a joke! I aspire to be him someday.

But on the other hand, he was a bit of an idiot. I like it when it's quiet around, you know? How long since I last awoke? The freshness of civilization burns my nose. You smell, you know that? Like curry. I don't like curry though. I prefer O.

... All the same, I'm kind of lonely. I think I've spent a little too long out of touch with the fairer sex. And their liquids."

Special abilities:

"I'm a vampire. I'm strong. I'm like you, if your species as a whole never moved beyond using sticks to get tasty crunchy termites from their homes in giant pillars of sand. If your species ever had to contend with constant survival with other animals far better bred for violence, perhaps you would be stronger. You know black people? They've been it at it for an extra 500 years since you white guys discovered hamburgers. They put on the muscle just like that ... well, I'm not black. But then again, I'm not an omnivore either.

.. heh."

Strength, regeneration. Insanity, which manifests itself as telepathy and kinesis.

Character Name: Mercy Smith
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Vet/ menchanic
Age: 23
General Appearance: Mercy is known to be "Amazon" looking. She has muscles and some tattoos on her body. Mercy is a very curvy woman. Having solid muscles coil her body. Her tanned indian skin, standing about 5'5 feet. Mercy's sigurture mark is her red/purple wolf tattoo under her belly button.
Current Goal/Purpose: To live a normal life, and staying out of trouble.....
General Personality: Mercy is a very sweet and caring woman. She will do anything to help someone. She is also a very smart girl. Mercy also has a bad side. Where she tends to get in trouble. She
General History: Mercy's parents both died in a "car accient" she grew up around vampires and werewolves. She moved in with her god father when she was only 6 years of age. She completed school then moved on her own. Now with a masters. She moved out of her home town Maine to find work. Mercy opened up a vet clinic on the out shirts of the city. She also has a garage where she works on cars.
Secret Abilities: Mercy is has witch/fae magic in her veins. She doesn't know what she really is, but all she knows is she is a werewolf with some magic. Since she has magic in her blood, she can form into her wolf form quickly and painless. Sometimes when the full moon is near or out she can talk to animals.

Character Name: Illiana Morkov

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Art restorer at the museum

Age: 25

General Appearance: She stands at 5'5" which is considered rather short, according to her Russian lineage. She has a small build, with frost green eyes and hair that falls just under her shoulders.

Current Goal/Purpose: Illiana just wants to live her life quietly doing what she loves, but she also yearns for something more meaningful. She is already accomplished world travel and a stable career that she loves.

General Personality: Illiana is a hard worker, she loves her job. She is generally soft spoken bit those soft words can feel like ice. Her moods seem to change at random, sometimes it's like she can be a whole new person almost. Illiana is one of the more difficult people to read.

General History: Illiana grew up in a small quiet country setting. They were mostly secluded and lived a quiet life. When she was a little girl she was given a small pair of gloves, so she could be just like her Nana. She wore her gloves everyday, never left her room without them. Her parents had never said anything about them. A few years later She had started growing out of her glove phase.

They were taking a family road trip and her parents thought that it would be neat if they stopped in Salem. There was another little girl around and they decided to play while their parents were off learning about whatever it was that had happened there. In those few hours the two of them had become the best of friends. As they were best friends they exchange gifts. Illiana had received a small charm bracelet. When she took it the strangest thing happened as she got an image of her friend laughing and running around. Shaking her head Illiana put it in her pocket as it was a little to big for her wrist anyway. Illiana in return gave her new best friend one of her favored gloves. As they kept playing around the area Illiana was hiding behind some big wooden contraption. Something had occurred that she does not remember. She wound up with her grandmother and her parents just vanished.

Secret Abilities: Psychometry. With her abilities she learned how to tune in to the objects and their creations, thus becoming one of the leading art restorers at such a young age.
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