Broken Pieces.

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  1. This roleplay will be based around my character Sebastrian Prince and another character.
    Sebastrian Prince is not an ordinary person, No, he's a shifter. It's like a shapeshifter but they are also able to split their body into different versions of themselves, but if the 'clone' is killed, the original being can feel all the pain.
    Sebastrian is also a warrior, and has faced in several many years in an army as a leader. But he is also very very kind and caring.
    Heres more information about Sebastrian:
    Sebastrian Prince;
    23 years of age, deep blue hair thats always messy and reaches just under his ears. He also has deep orange eyes, but his left eye has a ring of dark blue around it and his right has a ring of blood red around it. He's around 7.6ft tall, muscular build. His left ear has a chunk taken out of it and he also has a scar through the area where his heart would be (If he was a human, Shifters hearts are on the lover right hand side of the torso) due to a fatal war accident. He normally wears a pure brown tank top which is often splatted by oil due to him being a mechanic and a Technion. His preferred weapon is throwing knifes, due to his great accuracy.

    Open for one person to pair Sebastrian up with a female~ Please someone join. I'd love to make a good new Role Playing friend here~
  2. This sounds super interesting! I've love to know more about the world they would be living in though. Like if there are other shifters? Is this in modern day or the future? :) This sounds cool.
  3. Well, there are no other known shifters other than Sebastrian and his sister, they are a very rare race but there could be others of his kind.
    Well, it's based slightly in the future, where technology is more advanced, it's like Futuristic Earth.
  4. This sounds cool and I'd love to Rp with you if you want!
  5. Awesome~
    Do we start here or make a different thread? I'm kinda new here so I have no idea what to do ^^;
    If you have any questions on the plot post them here, I will say this:
    The main city is ran by an evil king. King Xavier, unlucky for Sebastrian (Seb as I narrow it down to), is loyal to Xaviers oldest son, Petreis.
    And due to being a shifter, and also loyal to someone other than Xavier, Sebastrian is being hunted down by his father and his accomplaces.
    Hopefully that gives you any more insite in it~ If not, Just ask~
  7. would you be willing to do another rpg with Sebastrian?
  8. I'd love to~ He's my main throw around character at the moment, I don't know why but it's either him or his best friend Sereth ^^;
    Were you thinking along the same lines or this plot or were you thinking different?
  9. if you dont mind mixing mystical creatures in I wouldnt mind making up a plot together other if not we can do the original plot idea
  10. Mythical creatures huh?
    Sounds brilliant o3o
    I have Sebs best friend for life who is Partly Dragon, and Seb has been alive for around.. I donno... Er.... 500 or so years because of being trapped in Cryogenic sleep. That and Seb is a mythical creature on his own o3o
    I would absolutely LOVE to add in Mythical creatures~!
  11. cool! on my blog page here (I only did it to make explaining her easier...for me) one of my most favorite characters is on there if you like her can i use her? if not I can make another up =3
  12. Could I have a Link please~? :3
  13. Ooh, I like her~!
    Hmmm, She'd do well With Seb from what I've read o3o
  14. YAY!!!! So you want to build a plot? PM me?