Broken Peices [ACTUAL RP]

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  1. Just jump straight in with your character and explain them to me~ You already know Seb, So I'll start~
    Starting in the main city of their area: Pryathinol City.
    Seb trailed down the road slowly, his hood up over his head and his whole face hidden, only his eyes could be seen gleaming out, as well as a small tuff of deep blue hair. He sighed to himself, He hated the fact that he had to keep himself hidden from the public.
    Hell, If I'm found out they'll take me to King Xavier at once... I don't need that to happen, if it does he'll kill me in an instant! He thought to himself, zoning out as he walked along more.
  2. I don’t want to give much a way about Abby here, because it is more fun for Seb to learn over time. But she’s pulled out the back door of a bar. Maybe Seb is walking behind the buildings the same time she is being attacked and can save her?

    “Haha! Give her what she wants, boys.” Said one of the men surrounding the waitress as they were pulling her out the back door. She was obviously retaliating against being taken against her will, her legs trying to kick at the men around her, grunts coming from her. “Let go you assholes!” he yelled, biting one of the grimy men who was gripping her arm. He stepped back in pain and cussed her out before she quickly turned and punched the other man who had a grip on her other arm. He did the same, and she was dropped on the cold wet ground outside.

    Abby quickly stood, wearing a short red dress and black high heels. Her dress was dirty now from the ground, and her brown hair was a mess from trying to get away from the men. She looked at the three men and moved to punch another when attacked. After sending on man back on his ass, she was quickly grabbed again. “Get off of me!” she yelled and struggled, seeing the man get up, and noticed a piece of wood in his hand. At least it looked that way in the moonlight. “Stop! I’ll pay you!” she screamed and was pushed onto her knees by the other men. “I don’t want your money hunny. Hold her down boys.” He said as she was held on her knees by the men.
  3. Seb paused, skidding around a corner to hide from the guards. He shook his head, hearing yelling. He pinpointed the yelling and ran straight towards it with small growl. He swung around the corner to see The girl being pinned down.
    "....OI!" Seb yelled, courage rising in his stomach, he growled slightly and started walking towards them. "Let her go, or else." He says with a nearly angelic tone of voice which holds a slight bitterness.
    That sounds Brilliant o3o
  4. Abby, along with the men, looked up in surprise to the person approaching. She couldn’t see him due to the darkness around them all. The man in front of her coughed and laughed a little. “I don’t think so bub. This bitch owes us a dept. I think you best being going home now.” He said, spitting towards the man before turning back to the woman in red in the dirt. He leaned down in her face and smiled. “Dontcha, girly.” He said, touching her face. She quickly bit him and struggled, but to no avail. The hurt man cussed her out, and balled his fist and moved to punch her in the face. She winced, waiting for the blow, hoping the tall man from before hadn’t left her for dead.
  5. Sebastrian appeared behind the man and grabbed his hand and had his other hand at his neck, his nail as sharps as a small blade. He growled quietly and whispers into the mans ear with a dark tone, "Look, if you don't want to die, let her go and leave her alone. I don;t want any trouble in this city, there is too much as it is." he said darkly, his voice nearly ice cold.
  6. Abby gazed up at the man, she still couldn’t see his face – but she had a feeling that he would hopefully scare the other men away. She was so happy another was trying to help her. The man made a cough sound when he neck was grabbed, his face looking obviously distressed. The two men beside Abby were looking at their boss, scared and not sure what to do. “F-Fine.” Said the man when he was let go by the stranger. He dropped the piece of wood, and shook off his fear. “Come on boys.” He said and coughed, glaring at the man much larger than him as he walked away. The men let go of Abby. “We’ll be back girly – just you wait” he called back to her as they walked off.

    She stood, wobbling a bit on her broken heal. She huffed and tried to straighten her dress before looking up at the one that saved her from what would have been the worst night of her life. “Thank you . . . Thank you so much.” She said, wishing she could hug the man. She winced and grabbed her arm, knowing it had to be all bruised from the men. “Guys don’t know how to take no for an answer. It’s not that kind of bar – and I’m not that kind of girl.” She said, explaining what happened. “I’ll get you some drinks on the house if you’d like . .” she said, looking up to his face . . . he was so tall.

    What does Seb look like?
  7. Seb smiled slightly and shook his head, "I don't drink." He said with a smile, "And it's no problem.. Oh... Your arm must hurt... Hmmm... Maybe I could take you to a hospital to get it cleared up?" He asked, frowning slightly, orange eyes nearly glowing from the moonlight reflected off a metal door. The moon-light revealed his features, he had deep orange irises except his left eye had a deep blue second iris while his right eye had a blood red second iris. He was about 7 feet in height with dark ocean blue hair that drooped down past his ears. His skin was partly tan, and his right eye had a scar that looked almost like a crescent. He wore a blood red t-shirt with a black waistcoat and a dark blue pair of jeans. He had a golden necklace on his neck, which had a pure blue gem in the middle.
  8. Abby looked to her arm and tried to move it. It was sore, but there was no blood or cuts. "I think I'll be okay . . . thank you though. Just a bruise." She said, looking up to the odd man before her. She wished she could see his eyes better . . . were they different colors? She wished she could see the man who saved her better - just in case he was going to leave. But she was so grateful . . . she had to do something in return. Her brown, wavy hair blew in the wind as a cold blast came across both of them. She shivered, wearing only a dress and moved back towards the back door she had come out of. "We serve food too . . . please come in. I cant tell you how grateful I am. Thank you so much. Come, come-" she said, waving him over to the door knowing it was warm inside.
  9. Sebastrian turned to the way of the wind for a slight second before shaking slightly, "I am slightly hungry..." He muttered with a mall frowned, his eyes still on the direction of the wind before he turned towards Abby. "Alright. I will come inside." He said, starting to walk towards the door with a small stretching motion, a small click of bones could he heard.