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    Welcome! This is not your regular Roleplay thread; it is in fact a turn-based battle thread. This integrates RPG levelling and battling mechanics into a regular roleplay. Your characters will have stats and such, and in addition to regular roeplay which will obvious comprise most of the story, battles will be fought in turn-based style. It's pretty cool, so check it out :D!

    Story Scenario
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    It is a fair day in the city of Baltane, and tonight is the night of the annual Wardenspel Festival, a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. However, tonight, the festival will not be the only event to occur...

    Baltane is located in the country of Athalon, bordered with the country of Hymont. These two countries have had a fairly shaky past due to vital mines placed more or less directly in between their respective capital cities. Battles have been fought and many lives have been lost, but this is all in the past; there has been no fighting for just over five years now.

    In fact, there has been no anything for over five years.

    The country of Hymont has been silent, the area around the capital nigh-on inpenetrable. There have been rumours floating around Baltane for some time -- stories of an incredibly powerful weapon being built by Hymont, with such potential as to be a threat to the entire country of Athalon.

    A weapon with such power that it would pose a threat even to a god; some might even call it an Antigod...

    Dark machinations take place behind the stage curtain, and the world slides closer to a terrible and surely unavoidable fate as the pieces move into place.

    ~~Broken Mirror Battle Theme~~

    This plot is designed to feel sort of like one of those epic RPG games. There is a main plot in the background that will gradually come into play, and obviously many smaller sideplots that we shall develop as we go along. But yeah I'll be driving the main story obviously.

    The setting is a mildly steampunk fantasy world, with magic. The technology isn't too great, it's sort of pre-industrial revolution in general, however there are airships and the like (and when I say airship I mean an actual ship that flies, not a blimp), and basic machines.

    Character Biographies

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    I don't mind how you structure the initial part of your character bio; basics like Name, Age, Gender and Race are needed, along with additional info like Personality, Appearance (a picture perhaps?) and History.





    Then comes your stat table:

    HP: (Health Points)
    MP: (Mana Points)
    Atk: (Attack, your physical power)
    Def: (Defence, your defensive capability)
    Mag: (Magic, your magical power)
    Res: (Resistance, your magical defence)
    Agl: (Agility)


    You have 200 stat points (SP) to spend on your character; HP can only be increased up to 250 initially (1 SP = 10 HP. For other stats it's 1 SP = 1 stat).

    Then list any techniques or spells you might have. (It should be pretty obvious whether your character is physically or magically based I guess, unless you want to create some kind of balanced hybrid which isn't really recommended at the start for reasons that will become obvious). Your character can have two techs/spells to start with.

    Techs and Spells basically just add the MP consumed onto the damage dealt, they don't do anything else apart from that yet!

    Battle System & Dealing Damage
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    The battle system is a turn-based RPG style of battling. When a fight breaks out in the RP, the combatants enter Fight mode, and they are sorted in order of decreasing Agility. The top of the list goes first, and then the second, and so on until the bottom, where the turn then goes to the first person again.

    For Example: Nathan hs 20 Agility, Ciel has 18, and the Goblin has 15.

    1) Nathan
    2) Ciel
    3) Goblin
    Nathan would attack first, followed by Ciel, then the Goblin, then Nathan again and so on so forth. You can execute ONE move per turn.

    The way your damage dealt is calculated is very simple. There are two basic attacks that cost no MP, a regular physical Attack or a basic magical Burst. These are both non-elemental.

    For these, the character's attack power has the opponent defensive power subtracted from it, like so:

    Nathan: 30 Attack
    Goblin: 10 Defence

    Nathan slashes at the Goblin, dealing (30 minus 10) 20 damage.


    Ciel: 45 Magic
    Shade: 10 Resistance

    Ciel fires off a magical blast at the Shade, dealing 35 damage.

    See? Easy! And don't forget to be creative with your attacks/posts! Who knows; if you utilise the environment, you might do extra damage!

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    When a move is launched, the base evasion rate is calculated like so:

    The attacker's Agility divided by the opponent's Agility;

    Goblin: 15 Agility
    Nathan: 20 Agility

    Goblin slashes at Nathan! Attack hit chance = 15/20 = 75%!

    I then go into a Random number generator and add a number from 1 to 100 onto the evasion number.

    If the final number is over 80, the attack hits!
    If the final number is above 250 it is a CRITICAL HIT and deals DOUBLE DAMAGE!
    If the final number is above 400, it ignores the opponent's defence and THEN deals DOUBLE DAMAGE on top of that!!

    So say the number I got was 63, 75 + 63 > 100, so the attack hits!

    Don't worry, the Battle Master will do these calculations (whoever that happens to be for this particular battle; you don't need me there all the time, you can battles on your own if you want so long as you understand the system!).

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    In this RolePlay, you level up by gaining exp. The way you gain exp is by defeating monster and, in some circumstances, by completing tasks. I will award exp. Monsters have a fixed exp rate.

    The exp needed goes as follows: On level 1, you need 10 exp to advance to the next level. At level 2, you need 20. At level 3, you need 30. Get the idea? The level your on multiplied by 10 is the exp needed to get to the next.

    Each level, you get ((Previous Level) x 10 ) more points to put on your stats (like when you advance to level 2, you get 10 points, advance to level3, get 20 points, etc.). If you wish to apply points to your HP stat, each point gives you ten more Health Points. Basically if you were to use 10 points on HP, you would gain 100 HP. As for the rest of the stats, one point added corresponds to one point gained.

    Level | SP Gained
    1 | 0
    2 | 10
    3 | 20
    4 | 30
    5 | 40
    6 | 50
    7 | 60
    8 | 70
    9 | 80
    10 | 90

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    There are four basic elements:

    Fire (flames, explosions)
    Water (fluids, ice)
    Earth (rocks, plantlife)
    Air (wind, electricity)

    (Two additional elements, Light (photons, Order) and Darkness (gravity, Chaos) may be added later in the story, depending on what path we go down).

    Monsters may have elemental weaknesses/resistances. If so I will notify you! This will result in attacks of that element being affected by a multiplier.

    Techniques and Spells
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    Techniques and Spells are special moves that consume a character's MP, Mana Points. They can be elemental or non-elemental, and your character may start off with two. Every level you have the option to learn another Technique/Spell; there's pretty much no point in learning one every level though unless you want a ton of moves that you barely ever use. Just keeping the options open.

    For Techniques: Damage = Attack (Yours) - Defence (Opponent's) + 2(MP Consumed).
    For Spells: Damage = Magic (Yours) - Resistance (Theirs) + 2(MP Consumed).

    If a Technique or Spell is elemental multipliers may affect it depending on the monster.


    Techniques: Bladed Whorl (30 MP) [AIR]
    Spells: Ruination (75 MP)

    No element assigned implies it is non-elemental.

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    Healing is non-elemental, and comes in tiers.

    Tier 1 is available from levels 1 onwards, and heals for 1.2 x (Magic + MPcost), where MPcost is however much you want the spell to cost.
    Tier 2 is available from levels 6 onwards, and heals for 1.5 x (Magic + MPcost), where MPcost is however much the healing spell costs.
    Tier 3 is available from levels 11 onwards, and heals for 2 x (Magic + MPcost), where MPcost is however much the healing spell costs.

    (You make your own healing spells.)

    These can be made multi-person targetting spells by simply dividing the amount healed by the number of people being healed.

    Mend (30 MP, Tier I) [Heal]

    Sara (70 Magic) casts Mend on Eurick, healing 120 HP.

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    Debuffs are percentage-based, and are set into tiers:

    1st Tier: 60% chance to inflict
    2nd Tier: 90% chance to inflict
    3rd Tier: 150% chance to inflict
    4th Tier: 250% chance to inflict

    Yeah watch this space. The reason there are >100% chances is for when you target multiple enemies; the chance is divided by the number of enemies being targetted, hence with 4th Tier you can target 5 enemies with this spell and have a 50% chance of inflicting that status effect to each one.

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    This is a special 'super mode' you can access after level 10. Once obtained, you may choose certain multipliers to apply to your stats.

    The Limit Forme has to have some relevant reason for powering up; be it releasing stored life force all at once or equipping an especially powerful weapon for a one time use, or unlocking hidden potential (whatever, get inventive!).


    HP: (Cannot be affected by multipliers)
    MP: (Cannot be affected by multipliers)
    Atk: (x1.5)
    Def: (x1.2)
    Agl: (x1.2)

    When in your Limit Forme your character's stats would then be multiplied by those values.

    Every two levels, your character can stay in Limit Forme for one extra turn. It takes a full turn to power up, so initially it isn't really worth it. Wait until later levels to unleash its full potential!

  2. Yep im definately joining this Rpg, rp? (since I actually understood all that difficult rpg mess)


    Name: Rane

    Age: 19

    Race: Elven

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Positive and calm, yet naive and over ecstatic.

    (just without the cape and head band)

    History: As long as he remembers Rane's traveled with his father to many different countries after his mother's death. One morning
    when Rane woke up his father was suddenly gone so Rane stayed in the nearby city of Baltane.

    --Stat table--

    HP: 20 (200 hp)
    MP: 25
    Atk: 40
    Def: 35
    Mag: 15
    Res: 20
    Agl: 45
    (Yep... that equals 200)

    Techniques: Spiral cut [15 MP]

    Spells: (tell me no if this isn't accepted) Sacrificer [100 HP 20 MP]

    Element: water
  3. That all looks great Ruikio, apart from one thing; status damaging/enhancing spells aren't implemented in this, so there's no system to account for your defence breaker :\ Plus you haven't listed an MP cost for it... it'd be fine if you'd remove the defence breaking part and added an MP cost. I may introduce a system in the future, but for now I'd like to keep things simple. And like I said lol, if you guys just fill out the character bio, I will explain all the mechanics in time. It's all unnecessarily complicated if you haven't got experience to understand it with :D

    Anyway, my bio:

    Name: Nathaniel Gilshaw
    Nicknames: Nate, Nathan
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human


    As shown in the picture, he has piercing brown eyes, and genetically has white and black hair. Nathan prefers wearing dark clothes, and will wear his grey overcoat if the weather is overcast or if it's cold. Underneath this he wears a form-fitting black t-shirt, and sturdily built dark trousers complete with a leather belt. His eyes are norally fairly stoic and calm. He tends to wear fingerless gloves, as well as black combat boots. His sword is at his side, in a black leather sheath.

    Personality: Nathan is a righteous person, and is quite easy to anger and provoke if you know what buttons to press; he is a rash young man, and if taunted continuously will leap with fists flying into a fight. However, this does not mean he isn't wise as well; he's a bright person, and is quite intellectually capable. His travels as a merchant have versed him well in the intricacies of the world, to the point where he is able to call someone out on their bullshit if a situation seems too good to be true. Since his teacher was the world and its experiences he tries to find things out for himself, and is a naturally curious person.
    In social situations he's quite loud an hearty, yet can get serious when he needs to be; in fights, he puts his all into fighting. 'A lion uses its full strength to catch even a mouse.' He is averagely experienced in combat, having had to fend off bandits and wild beasts from his caravan more than once since going solo.

    Weapon(s): Nathan's main weapon is a longsword; it's a sword of about fourty or so inches long, with a wickedly sharp edge and a blade that almost seems to give off its own aura. The blade is black, and the hand guard is circular; the binding covering the handle is also a pitch black, giving the whole weapon a very sinister appearance. It is a very effective weapon in Nathan's hands, his strength and skill allowing him to use the blade to the full.

    Short History (optional): Nathan is more-or-less an orphan insofar as he knows, abandoned by parents who were presumably too poor to feed him and too weary to love him. Left on the roadside on a popular trading route, he was picked up by a trading caravan group, and was raised by them out of an initial sense of guilt and obligation. Nathan grew into his own, however, and helped as much as he could whenever he could, trying his hardest to sell his new family's wares knowing that they did not have to raise him, but had chosen to do so out of the kindness of their hearts. On the road he gained many skills, and a powerful will for survival and prosperity.
    As he turned 18, he decided to strike out on his own, using the money he had saved up from helping the caravan group to fund his own caravan and wares. And so he has travelled for two years thus far with the aim of making a name for himself, making money, making his foster family proud and perhaps eventually finding some clues as to his lineage.

    ~Status Table~

    HP: 250
    MP: 30
    Atk: 50
    Def: 35
    Mag: 0
    Res: 25
    Agl: 35

    Techniques: Somersault Slam [10 MP], Bladed Whorl [15 MP] [Air],
    Spells: None


    Name: Jasper Thagen (pronounced Tay-gen)
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human

    or alternatively:

    Personality: Jasper is quite the joker; a 'ladies man' or so he likes to lead people to believe, he is suave and chatty in social situations, his razor sharp wit somehow managing to pack even more of a punch than his powerful flame magic. An accomplished mercenary that uses magic is a rare thing, and Jasper is all too aware of it, relishing every chance he can get to strut his stuff. Perhaps cocky would be an apt description, although he knows his own limits and has a keen tactical mind much more used to the battlefield than most, as a result of his charred and tattered past. A mage with no other wish other than to practice magic and find a cause to devote himself to, his is a wild player and an exciting person to be around.
    He has a nasty habit of smoking, which is only further fuelled by his pyroclastic behaviour.

    History: Not much is known about Jasper; he is currently temporarily accompanying Nathan who has arrived in Baltane city. He has been assigned to aiding Nathan in guarding his stock from opportunists come seeking the festival's wealth. Anything before this is a mystery, although it is likely filled with alcohol, tobacco, fire and women.

    ~Status Table~

    HP: 200
    MP: 35
    Atk: 0
    Def: 20
    Mag: 50
    Res: 25
    Agl: 50

    Techniques: None
    Spells: Flare [10 MP] [Fire] (Basic fire blast), Soothe [10 MP, Tier I] [Heal]
  4. will fix then^^
  5. Alright thanks :) your character also starts out with one element he can utilise in techniques if he wants.
  6. Good good... now to wait on other players...
  7. Name: Falgen Jarduum
    Age: 29
    Race: Dwarf
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Falgen is the usual, jolly type dwarf when out of combat. When he enters combat, he gets, well, angry. Most of the time, he's a happy-go-lucky, outgoing person, very fun to be around, and always in the mood for a joke, a smoke, and a drink. When in combat, he's very aggressive, very angry, and very competitive. It's almost like a split personality thing, and both sides are amplified by alcohol. And, he's more likely to enter his combative mode with the more alcohol he consumes. Basically, your usual dwarven personality.

    Basically what is in the picture is what you get, both appearance and weapon wise.

    History: Falgen doesn't like to disclose his personal information, unless he has great trust in you.

    Initial Element: Earth

    HP: 250
    MP: 35
    Atk: 50
    Def: 25
    Mag: 10
    Res: 25
    Agl: 30

    Techniques: Cleave (20 MP), Shockwave (30 MP) [Earth]
    Spells: N/A
  8. Yeah that's cool :P By the way, I'm considering getting rid of the element limitations since it's kind of dumb and unnecessary, so you'd be able to use all four elements from the start (the other two come in later on). Anyone in favour of this?
  9. Is that a yes...? Or you don't care :P?
  10. Kay guys, do you want to do like a dummy battle here just to practise so I can show you how it all works?
  11. So long as my dorf can chuck a beer mug at one of your characters, En.
  12. ... we'd... better not let this one die out o.o"
  13. Still taking applications? o.o

    Name: Archimedes
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male

    Personality:For the most part, he tries to keep a facade of emotionlessness. However, if one can breach the facade, they will find that he is a noble hearted soul, both generous and careing, but also vindictive when crossed. He will defend himself and his friends and loved ones to the death, and then some. He has a habit of being overzealous at times.

    Appearance: Ontario.jpg

    History: The second son of a lesser noble, he has long been on his own to persue whatever he likes. As it is his brother who is the heir, he is often neglected and thus is a loner, for the most part. He came to the capital due to the rumors of a powerful weapon being developed, and is both curious and terrified.

    HP: 15 (150)
    MP: 45
    Atk: 10
    Def: 10
    Mag: 60
    Res: 40
    Agl: 20

    Techniques: Envoy of the Dead (10 mp)
    Spells: Dark Rain (15 mp)
  14. This looks amazing! Hope you're still accepting ^^

    Name: Annie Sticks
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female

    Personality: Annie is very bubbly and upbeat, but that is not to say she is an airhead. No, she is acutely aware of the troubles that are building. Still, she is a relentless optimist, even in the face of battle she tries to keep her head and not succumb to anger or blame. In battle, she is a lot more focused, though she has to be to use her magic. Generally speaking, Annie is a very giggly playful girl who does not mind playing the odd mischief.

    She carries a simple quarterstaff, which while never trained with she can at least hold her own. A belt with small pouches containing various spices and herbs sits atop her hips.

    History: Annie grew up in a quiet village, where there was no trouble, just the hardships of the land to deal with. She was destined to spend her life there like the other girls, to cook and clean and marry from the village, to settle down one day. But when she was fourteen, she started to show magical prowess. Such a thing was unheard of, but since she had healing capacities, generally accepted by her community. Annie became a Shaman of sorts, healing the sick and blessing the crops. However, in time the community came to secretly resent her. They knew little of the ways of magic and so, before trouble started to arise, her wise parents sent her off with some food and clothes to seek out training for her abilities.
    Annie however, had different ideas. Suddenly granted total freedom over her life, she started travelling, quite happy to camp out under the stars or in the street since she had little money to spare. Her journey led her to Baltane, in time for the festival.

    HP: 130 (13)
    MP: 50
    Atk: 18
    Def: 24
    Mag: 50
    Res: 30
    Agl: 10

    Spells: Heal [30MP, Tier 1]
    Bless [20MP, buff]
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