Broken Kingdoms

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    Luria, the richest mortal kingdom of Erandul.

    The land was at it's peaceful rest because of a treaty that they held with the demons of Asgaroth, the neighboring kingdom to the east that was a barren wasteland. They both agreed that they have lost many kin in their war twenty years ago, and so, they agreed never to set on foot on each other's land. Death, or imprisonment, would come to those who disobeyed the laws if they crossed the border without trading permission.

    The King and Queen of Luria are slowly getting older, and their daughter is the right age to marry. Suitors come from near and far just to ask for her hand in marriage, but every suitor has been shot down by the young woman. Her parents promised that she would not ever be forced to marry, but time was not on their side. They were getting older, and their time was soon going to pass. Before that even happened, they wanted to see their daughter marry.

    As the tenth suitor came and went, they started to become fed up with the princess. An arranged marriage was in order to a man that she had declined prior. With much protest, she was still going to be forced to marry the man that she did not want.

    She runs away a few days before the wedding.

    To the land of Asgaroth.


    Asgaroth is a barren wasteland.

    The demons never cared for friend or foe. They would kill on sight, especially the ones who watched the borders of the land.

    The prince was one of those watchers, overseeing everything that went in and out of the kingdom. He killed many from mortals to his own kin. His fellow watchers would wait for his orders, as he was the captain of them, as well as their prince.

    The treaty was making the demons bored.

    They wanted to cross the border, but their prince would always stop them with a glare before he would slash his sword out to kill them. As long as the treaty still existed, he was not going to risk another war.

    1. No one liners, please.
    2. This will be mature.
    3. I request to be the mortal princess, but I can be the demon prince.
    4. PMs are my preferred method to role play on.

    PM me if interested! :)​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.