Broken Hearts Can Be Fixed With Flowers~

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  2. Akira sighed as she sat on a park bench. The sun was setting in the background as she relaxed on the cold bench in the mid October air. She let out another sigh, her breath steaming slightly as she did so. She had just gotten in a huge fight with her husband, which seemed usual these days. He was always stressed and so was she, they never had time to do anything but argue. She was trying to think of a way to fix things.

    Akira smiled as she thought of something. Getting him his favorite type of flowers! That might help. She smiled as she got up, walking down the street towards her favorite flower shop. She stopped in front of it, gazing inside for a bit before walking up to the door and pushing it open, taking in the smell of flowers.
  3. Seth was heading into work. It wasn't around any holiday's so he didn't need to have the store open early or late. His scarf was pulled up around his face and an excuse not to talk to random people on the bus he took to work. He didn't like socializing with people much at people. They most all smelled bad in one way or another and were just annoying with how much they complained about things. They were nothing like the plants he so enjoyed.

    He arrived at his small shop and unlocked the doors. He slipped inside and got everything out from the back that had to be placed there over nights before flipping the sign. He then went to the back to work on some flower reefs for a funeral that people had ordered. He had a phone and bell in the font so he could answer calls or be summoned to the front with the bell. He hoped no one came in today. He wished to keep the same job he had just with else people and more money.
  4. Akira looked around at the flowers, gazing at each and every one as she passed. She finally found the right flowers and picked out a few more before going over to the counter. She let her long black hair drape over her back as she walked up to the counter, placing the flowers gently on the surface. "Hey, can I buy these?" She asked softly to the boy who was at the counter.
  5. SEth had heard someone in the store so he had come up to the counter. It made him uncomfortable when people were messing with the flowers and he wasn't supervising. He remembered her from a few other times she had come in in the past. She was one of those things that were just beautiful to him. He tried not to stare at her as she looked around, but he hoped she took all day. Then when she came up to the counter, he just nodded and rang up her purchase. "That'll be $9.57 with tax. Who are they for?" he asked quietly. He had a blank expression on his face, but he really was nervous as to who she was going to say. He was hoping a grandparent, a sibling, a best friend, or a parent.
  6. Akira looked down, laughing a bit as the black strands of hair cascaded over her face. "It's for my husband... well, pretty much acts like a stranger now." She said, pressing her lips together lightly. "That is kind of a long story though." She said, a bit quieter. She looked up at the man in front of her, who looked around the same age, though he was quite beautiful.
  7. Seth was disappointed in her answer, and saw no hope in anything. She was obviously trying to fix thing with him. He gave a half caring smiled. "Would you like me to make a bouquet out of these?" he asked would normally charge an extra dollar or two depending on the amount of flowers, but this was a beautiful girl who needed his help to get her true love back.Her hair captivated him some. It was kind of like her petals. He wanted to touch it, but did not dare take his hands off of the flowers he held.
  8. Aria nodded, biting down on her bottom lip. "Yes please." She said kindly as she looked up at him though her dark eyelashes. He was striking, almost like Kyle when she first time she saw him. But for some reason she still felt empty, and sad. She shook her head, understanding that fixing her relationship was defiantly how to fix this lonely feeling.
  9. He smiled and nodded. He took the flowers to the back for a moment making one of the best bouquets he ever had for her. He used his best ribbon to tie it up. A smile crossed his lips once more before he took them out to her. "Here you go," he said softly handing them to her, "Good luck." He didn't want her to ever leave his shop. He remembered he felt this way last time she had come in also, but actually talking to her a moment made it worse. The way she talked was beautiful also.
  10. Akira watched the boy leave, smiling as he came back with her flowers. "Thank you." She said, placing down a ten dollar tip for him. She said nothing else as she turned around, walking towards the door. The flowers left a fragrant smell in her wake as she walked towards her house, the moon cascading light onto her as she walked.
  11. Seth realized how late it was getting already when she left. He felt the day had been entirely too short. He started to close up thought moving what needed to be moved to the back and what not. By dark out, he was ready to head home. He hoped in his car and drove home to his small house that he had bought all on his own. It had many bushes and flowers in the yard. He went in and turned cooked himself up a nice meal. Something hit him. For living in a fairly big city and being attractive, he sure was lonely even with his plants. He didn't really feel lonely. He just knew that's what it was called. He had no one really. It was just him and his plants. He was alright with that usually, but tonigth something felt off.
  12. Akira arrived home early for her usual shifts. She could see her husband's car parked in the driveway, which only made her smile widen. She walked up the steps and used her house key, opening the door. She expected to see her husband reading on the chair in the living room, like always, but he wasn't there. Confused, she went to take off her shoes and hang up her coat. That area only confirmed some suspicions she had about him.

    Sitting there, where here shoes should have been, was a pair of black heels. Above that was a large black coat with a fluffy rim around the top. Instantly, she darted up the stairs. As she got closer to her room, she could hear vague sounds of moans coming though the wall. She marched up to her bedroom and flung the door open.

    Low and behold, her husband was sitting on the bed with a woman wrapped in his arms. His shirt was unbuttoned and his tie was hanging loosely around his neck. The woman in his arms had her knee socks strewn across the room and her top wrapped around her husbands hands. She could feel tears in her eyes as they both froze. Her husband tried to start explaining, but she cut him off by throwing the flowers at him. "YOU JERK! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME! WE ARE THOUGH! GO HAVE FUN WITH THE STRIPPER!!" She yelled, racing out of the room.

    She could hear his calls as she ran down the hall, but she didn't stop. She raced right down the stairs and out the door, slamming it behind her. She rubbed her eyes as tears spilled over her eyes. She ran out and back towards the park, running inside the empty area. She stumbled over to the bench and collapsed on it, curling into a ball as she began to sob.
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