Broken Hearts and Quiet Souls (Not all ticks apply)

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  1. ((OoC: The things that are at the bottom don't generally apply, but are allowed. They are abuse, torture, teenagers, gay/lesbian/LGBT, Buckets of Tears, and Chracter Death))

    Welcome to Kii. It's a horrible place. It was taken over by a manic, who killed the majority of the habitants. There are few survivors, who are scared, scarred or both. Many people still alive are broken hearted, and have been tortured or seen horrific things happen to their families. The quiet land is not peaceful. The only goal is to survive.

    1) Respect all members.
    2) Your character may die. Just make another one. This is a survival.
    3) You can have max. 3 characters (though I will add plot with NPCs).
    4) Follow all rules of forums.
    5) Have fun!
    6) If you've read this far, add a photograph of your character.
    7) Keep all drama IN CHARACTER.
    8) Stay active if possible.
    9) Don't godmod or power play.

    Kia and Drake were walking, and bickering. "We're lost. We're gonna die," Drake moaned. "No we aren't," Kia snapped. The twins were terrified, that someone would ambush them, but didn't say anything. "We are!" Drake announced, over dramatic, which made Kia grab his arm and pull him down. Someone had stepped on a twig. Drake Kia
  2. Kenzie was walking around, she was racing with her older brother when she got lost and couldn't find him. He was much faster than her due to his long legs.
    She saw two people walking around arguing, she would ask if they have seen him but she didn't like talking to people she didn't know.
    Where could you be Kendall? she thought as she accidentally stepped on a twig.

    Kendall (open)

    Kenzie (open)
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  3. [please read the rules, but hi]

    Drake hid behind a tree as Kia approached the girl. "Are you okay?" The girl in front of her looked a little nervous. "Are you hurt?"
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    "I'm fine... I can't find my brother." Kenzie said nervously. Kendall always messed with her like that, he was probably hiding somewhere.
    "H-have you seen him?" she then asked as she looked around.
  5. [what?]

    "Umm...I don't think so...I havent really seen anyone..." Kia replied. Drake suddenly cursed from the side of the tree as a bullet missed his ear. He ran after Kia, tripping over a branch, and landing face-flat on the ground.
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    Kenzie heard something like a bullet and saw a boy come from behind a tree and trip. "W-what was that?" Kenzie asked.
    Just then Kendall appeared from behind her, "maybe it isn't safe to race here."
  7. "Someone' me..." Drake caught his breath, grabbing his sister, who pulled him up. "That's brother...but he doesn't have a gun?" Kia turned around while Drake stood in front of her, "Who the hell are you?" he asked Kendall.
  8. "I'm Kendall, and this is my little sister. I was racing her but left her behind," Kendall chuckled as he scratched the back of his head.
    Kenzie turned to see him and scowled.
  9. "I'm Kia, and this is Drake," Kia tried to explain to the two, but it was hard to understand as Drake introduced them at the same time. "I'm Drake," he said. "I'm his sister, Kia," Kia added, before sighing. "We have to go," she turned and began walking as Drake hesitated, "You can come with," he whispered, before chasing after his twin.
  10. Kendall shrugged and followed the two, "Come on Kenzie," he called to his sister.
    "Where are we going?" she asked him.
    "Not sure, just following."
  11. Kia heard the bullets raining by now, always slightly behind. She didn't want to get caught in the gunfire, but Drake was always hesitant. "They're following us...what if we get hurt because of them, Drake?"
    "We won't."
    "The bullets. The soldiers. Them."
  12. "I don't get it, where are we?" Kenzie asked Kendall.
    "I don't know, I just wanted to race you and ended up here."
    Kenzie sighed and continued to follow her brother, who was following the twins.
  13. Drake eventually caught up, "You don't think--"
    "Drake. I need to concentrate," Kia snapped, trying to pull back the memory of the twig, and trying to find somewhere to stay. "Do you remember the bunker?" she asked. "Yeah, it's down here," Drake replied. "We should stay there tonight."
  14. "Can't we just go home?" Kenzie asked Kendall.
    "I don't know where we are," he answered her.
    "But you know everything."
  15. They reached the bunker. Kia pulled out a hair clip and picked the lock. Inside there was two dusty beds, and that was all. "Well, we were here first."
    "Ladies, Drake," his sister reminded.
  16. "I don't mind chilling on the floor then," Kendall said with a shrug. Kenzie stayed behind her brother.
  17. "Drake, over there," Kia ordered, pointing to an area with some straw scattered upon it, before climbing up the rickety ladder into the top bunk. Drake did as he was told, pulling a face and laying down, not facing his company.
  18. "Pushy much," Kenzie muttered only loud enough for Kendall to hear. They both just watched Drake do what he was told.
  19. Kia then felt tight, and jumped down to go over with her brother. She sat cross-legged on the floor, and smiled at him.
  20. Kendall sat on the floor away from the other two and Kenzie went to follow.