Broken Dreams

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  1. Oh? I haven't noticed it. Do you know the name of the thread?
  2. Also, I think they may be using real weapons in this production.

    But yeah, Macduff is a really cute girl, and it's a really well done production.
  3. I drove around in my new car for about an hour and a half today. It was incredibly pleasant.

    Also, my mom came home from a trip.
  4. Somebody link me to the sign ups for Sen's RP then.

    Kim, I promise I'll take Neku, not Joshua so we can ship hem because it is almost canon

    While you're at it, Kim, can i get a link to the KH: Daybreak IC thread?
  5. "You two should make up."
  6. Hercules awakened from a daydream or a memory of bygone lovers.

    Never been much of a coffee guy, semi toxic bean waste I call it !

    ( Whispered ) You should be up there dancing lad !

    Eden nodded at Raven.

    Tony Stark puts alot of money to Shield and the Avengers.

    Eden the returned to watching Starfire dance. Before her eyes settled on Lincoln and headed towards the table where the two men were sitting.

    Would either of you like to dance ?

    @michale CS @Raven @luckycoolhawk9
  7. Here will be a playlist of the month posted by me or another clan owner.
  8. Posted. Enjoy making your post. :3

    Hmm...maybe the princess should take the plant girl to her room as her pet.... (lol) Then we could do a scene where Crystal gives Zeta a 'look' about what Reia did...
  9. So I'm looking at the teams and such and I realize...We're gonna need one more team.

    So without further ado, I present....Team JADE.

    Jasper Moriarty (open)


    Azure Manchu (open)


    Dawn Bathory (open)


    Ebony Clayton (open)

  10. Nikella didn't like this feeling. Something tugging on her as if she were being forced to move along like she were a puppet in a show. As she glanced around, it seemed others too were feeling that presence while the rest of the village didn't even pass this oddness a second look.

    Not being one to wait for events to happen to her, Nikella picked up her skirts and marched towards the house. She brushed by others that were aimlessly inching closer like mindless zombies, and stopped only when she was paces away from the strange looking woman standing at the doorway of the House.

    "You called?" Nikella commented with a tone of annoyance. Called was the right word for it. That woman was drawing them there, and Nikella had learned from past experience that it could not bode well.

    "I demand to know what you are up to, woman. I have no patience for spellcasters and pullers of destiny."
  11. Nicholai calmed herself and headed onward into the marketplace. She had no destination in mind but her feet took her to a very distinct place. She walked with her head low and nearly bumped into another pedestrian. She looked up at the forlorn looking gentlemen. He seemed tired from lack of sleep or maybe bad dreams. In the back of her mind Nicholai recalled the name Erion. She'd crossed his path once or twice here in the city but they'd never met. In a market such as this one it was difficult not to recognize the pedestrians she saw everyday.

    Nicholai's short recognition of the man passed and she moved onward to the petite house where the two women stood. She lingered back and listened to another confused woman harshly question the one in the doorway.

  12. Mercury smiled beatifically at the woman before gazing out at the others.

    "I would hate to need to repeat myself."

    A thunderous throbbing pulsed in the ears of all she had been calling to, their eardrums nearly bursting before she relented.



    Valter nearly hit his knees with the pulse that sounded within his own head. He could feel, as though shackles were attached to his limbs, a tug at his body so powerful, he felt as though he would be torn into pieces if he did not answer the call.

    Not many paces behind him came a small girl from an alley, looking frightened and confused. A dark man approached close behind her, all tugged in the same direction, the house with the ethereal woman standing before it.

    "What do you want from me...?" he questioned, voice hoarse with pain.

    "Your help, insolent child."
  13. Rakhai had dropped her bag when the pain washed over her. She fell to her knees with a small gasp and it was a second of two before she struggled to her feet and moved towards the house. It seemed to the the only way to lessen the pain. Her pace quickened as the pain lessened and soon she was in front of the house with the strange lady, and the others. “Why...... are... you.... doing … this?” She gasped between deep breaths.
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