Broken Dreams

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  1. [size=-1]
    In exchange for one thing, your greatest wish, your heart's desire... all you needed to do was make a pact with the demons, selling your soul.

    Would you do it? What could possibly be so worth it to you?



    Or maybe just vengeance?[/size]

    Here, in Alserre, life is fairly simple. Farming is the main livelihood, and technology is fairly rudimentry. Electricity has not been invented and war is seldom seen. The only thing that has flourished is knowledge, for it is the desire of some. Books fill public buildings, information on all things about their world, from the nature of anatomy to the musings of the stars.

    In Alserre... the demons are not simply Myth, they are the creatures that keep the world in balance. They harvest souls for their master, but it is said that if you can atone before the demons come for your soul, you might be saved. Atonement, however, can sometimes be bitter, losing not just what was so worth selling your soul for, but everything.
    Sometimes, your greatest wish can also be your fatal downfall.

    ((Credit for the basis of this idea goes to Diana....))[/size]​
  2. [size=-1]And so, against all warning, you made a pact for your soul and you attained your greatest wish, though it might be twisted in form. You had your reasons. Now you must decide whether this life is worth living until you live out your contract. If you should atone, you might never see heaven or hell, forever caught in limbo. ​

    Character name:
    Brief biography:
  3. Character List:

    Erion Terdieus: Pirogeth: Power
    Valter D'Egalite: Kitti: Revival
    Rakhai: Vay: Loss of feeling
    Nikella Candereu: Diana: Beauty/Love/Riches
    Evanthe Light: Angie: Protecting another
    Nicholai Nalaar: Chandra Nalaar: Power
    Lola Wydivin: Patty: To Never Need
    ~In progress~

    Character name: Lola Wydivin

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

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    Personality: Somewhat of a loner after trade. Doesn't care about much. Rather cynical and cold.

    Reward: To Never "Need" Again

    Brief biography: Grew up in a very destitute and poverty-stricken household. She always seemed to need something, whether it was food, clothing, or even the security of a roof over her head.

    A demon soon came and she was more than happy to make the deal with him for her soul, for the promise of never having to need again. She was rewarded with a lavish house, and closets that were always full. Anything that she even thought of asking for, would be there in a moment, right at her fingertips. For a while, she was happy, not needing a thing.

    However, she soon realized that she was always full and never had thirst. If she forcibly ate or drank, her body would reject it. Not only that, but she would look at a person of either sex and never feel any type of attraction toward them. This was the curse. Not being able to taste anymore and not being able to love because she didn't feel the need to.

    She now spends most of her time walking through town, or sitting in the library reading fictional books.<reserved></reserved>
  5. Character Name: Erion Terdieus

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: A very keen gentleman not easy to trick. His smarts and his quick thinking attitude make him a charmer to the ladies and a beast on the battlefield. Nothing is seen as beyond his grasp and thanks to him losing a soul in the process of ascertaining power he has also no remorse for the means by which he achieves his goal.

    Reward: To obtain great power. He was transformed into one of the highest class of demons, a vampire.

    Brief Biography: Erion was raised as a royal, although not the prince precisely he was part of the Royal Family. Nothing was out of his grasp and he wanted it to stay that way. Seeing as he could not control the guards he wanted to become one. He failed quite miserably in the first year or so and all the others scoffed at a Royal wanting to be a knight. His enthusiasm never died though, and he continued his path on trying to become a great swordsman.

    Even after a year of training he still was a novice compared to the other knights. He was practicing in the garden when an old man saw him and told him he would be his teacher. It was at this point that Erion’s soul looked for an answer outside of his own control. The next year was a brutal one but it did change Erion quite considerably.

    He was now a highly regarded knight among the Guard as well as Royal. The respect that came with it was only the icing on the cake. Still his old self who wanted control over things was fighting with the newly refined and kind hearted Erion. The old soul was vanishing, until a fateful night at the castle.

    The place was attacked by demons and numerous were killed. The only surviving knight, Erion. He defended the new King in the throne room down to his last ounce of strength. He had failed, the creature stabbed the King through the heart while Erion could only watch. Instead of devouring him on the spot the demon offered him a chance to become stronger. He neglected to mention the price at which this came. His soul was taken and now his old self returned the one that wanted control and power.

    With an amazing amount of training under his belt along with the strength and power of a vampire it was untold what havoc Erion could unleash. Now the people dread the stories and tell tall tales of what he looks like and where he came from. In reality he has wondered through various towns looking for the next strongest person to fight.
  6. Character name: Valter D'Egalite

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Valter has reddish brown hair that falls to his shoulders in a straight mass of spikes that seperate from all the others. There is a tint of gray to his hair. He has pale skin, sickly looking as of right now, with dark rings beneath his eyes. He is tall, around six feet, and once healthy in build but you can see an almost famished look to him now. His eyes were a lively blue, now a haunted and washed-out parody of that color.

    Personality: A mild man, not prone to talking and often seems to be simply drifting along as though in a dream. He's certainly pensive, he seems to exude an air of tragedy. He can be helpful, but more often than not, apathetic. His sorrow runs deep and imbues most of his thoughts.

    Reward: Bringing back his fiancee
    Brief biography:
    Due to be married when he was twenty-three to a young woman, Karami, three years his junior, he couldn't have been happier. The pair adored one another, and they began to build a house together. They were poor, but they were in love and they thought that they could do anything.

    The winter of that year, Karami fell ill. She was feverish and weak, unable to keep most food down and hardly able to swallow broth. The doctors could not help her, saying only that it was something they had seen in winters past. Karami grew emaciated and Valter stayed by her side, hardly eating either.

    When Karami died just before spring, Valter's birthday, a part of him snapped. Driven mad and reckless in his grief, Valter sought the demons to bring her back. However, things did not go as planned and now, Valter seeks exorcism from the spirit of the woman he loved that cries while he tries to sleep and flits about him like a shadow no one else can see.
  7. Character name: Rakhai

    Age: 28

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler


    Personality: Reserved, quiet, but friendly. She seems ti avoid attachment to others. She will often sit alone and try to remember what its like to feel something for another. Most see her as random and believe she is merely grieving in her own quiet way.

    Reward: To forget a lost love, and to not feel the pain of heartache (she can no longer feel love as a result)

    Brief biography: She had had it... true love... they where made for each other. But the cruel hand of fate, in the form of a rockfall took him from her. One dark night he wished to forget him, to be free from his grief. The daemons sensing weakness, and the possibility of a deal visited her. And so her fate was sealed. She still knows he had him, but cannot recall anything beyond that, and longs to remember.
  8. Yura would nod some before saying, "Yea, I suppose that high mountains didn't work out well for those in the past so low but hidden caves may be best. And your welcome, my lovely sister deserves only the best." She would give a smile as she worked on making then a place they could sit, they could worry about comfort later if they make this a secret hideout. When she turned back around she blushed at the fact that Layla was topless again. "Thanks, I'll keep it off though, its unfair for you to be topless and not me. But out there you should wear my top, I dont mind people seeing my breasts but no one should see your lovely breasts." Wait did she just say 'lovely' in relation to her sisters breasts?
    " lobster is cooking so what did you want to do while we wait? I can help clean off the saltwater and sand if you'd like. Or did you just want to sit and relax some?"
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  11. Character name: Nicholai Nalaar
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
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    Personality: Firey. Nicholai is bullheaded and raging. She cannot stand opposition and opposes everything herself. Stubborn and hard-headed, Nicholai charges into arguments without hesitation. On the other hand, Nicholai's rage depicts her passion to the brink of it's extent. She argues fully as well as puts herself fully into all of her emotions. When upset a raging fire burns within her and if real it would take rivers upon rivers to extinguish the flames.
    Reward: To destroy all who oppose or hurt her. (As a result whenever upset Nicholai is engulfed in nearly uncontrollable flames and attacks relentlessy and sometimes innocent bystanders pay.)
    Brief biography: Once calm and collected, Nicholai's rage grew from a relationship gone south. While she was ill, Nicholai's significant other found himself drawn to a new woman. During Nicholai's sickness he spent hours upon hours with his new found love. After a short time Nicholai was hurt to find that her lover had decided to do away with her and move onto his new infatuation. When hurt by her previous lover Nicholai found herself unable to trust others fully and commonly keeps to herself unless provoked by others. As a result of this heartbreak Nicholai finds herself before the wish granting demons begging for imminent strength and the power to do away with those who she dislikes. This power came in the form of nearly uncontrollable fire that errupts from Nicholai's silhouette when upset or hurt. <!-- / message -->
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    Chandra, it seems pretty good so far, but a bit more detail in the biography would be better. Who is she, why would she face opposition?
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  15. I'm not really sure about my character's personality yet, so I'm going to kinda make it up as I go along. If that's alright.
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    No problems with developing more through the roleplay though.
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  18. Character name: Mercury Hollaise
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
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    Personality: Mercury delights in telling riddles, speaking hardly anything in a simple, straightforward way. She loathes the demons and has more of a vengeful reason for helping those who have given their souls, rather than an altruistic one. However, she's willing to help them at all, so there's some kindness to her.

    Brief biography:
    Mercury is a strange person, no one from town can quite remember how she came to be with them, but she lived with an old woman in the town until the woman passed away, leaving the girl behind.

    The girl trained as a priestess and has a deep vein of loathing when it comes to the demons, she always has. She seeks out members for her cause, though many rumor her to be the cause of their deaths, it is said she pushed them to try to regain their souls.