Broken Angels (SteamPunk Action)

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  1. Introduction (open)

    "Dear Citizen,
    You must be confused why you are in such a place. Don't fear, you are in no danger here in our Sanctum. You recently passed away due to an crime that has been happening around your city."
    "Sanctum? Crime? City? .... I don't understand."
    "It is unfortunate but it is confirmed you have lost your memory. Please let me explain before you have to leave. You have come from the town known as Vittorio that is in the prime of the Victorian Era.
    There is a crime that has been becoming more and more common. They are murders but what any human sees as another typical person committing a crime. Sadly, that is not the case. What the people down below, on such a dirty world, see other humans committing crimes. But that is not the case. What we see are mysterious creatures that were actually created by man's emotions. They are killing everyone and thing down there till there is no more. Now it is time for you to leave, go fix this mess and save your loved ones."
    "I don't understand what is going on! If I am dead why am I leaving and..."

    Before you could say anymore you feel yourself falling backwards, the image of the Angel Maiden disappears and you feel the wind hit against your body. Gravity is getting heavier and heavier in your chest but there is no pain. While grey gloomy clouds fly past you, your eyes grow heavy. You have fallen into a deep sleep as you are falling from the Sanctum through the dark skies and depressing clouds. Feeling like you have slept an eternity, you awaken in an remote location near Vittorio. The area is quiet except for the bustling noise from the city, something has caused you look up to the sky as you see objects falling from the sky. But you could not make out what they were and don't remember why the sky was so important to you. Once again you have lost your memory... What even was your name?

    Ironically, six maidens have been killed around the same time in the City of Vittorio due to some crime or accident. There is no connection between these angels except for the fact they have are in the Victorian Age and have fallen from the "Heavens" landing near Vittorio where they have originally passed away. Unfortunately their memory is lost and their wings are broken as they are mechanical like everything else in Vittoria. You have caught glimpse of an image of yourself in a puddle nearby; you are an angel with the wings of a machine. But to those in the city you are a poor, filthy and possibly homeless person.
    Your goal is to fix your wings and memory while you try to solve the problem in Vittorio. Lucky for you are not alone as you will eventually meet the other angels and each angel will find someone who is handy with tools or caring to help them fix their wings and memory.

    There will be Six Angels any gender, Three Mechanics, and Three Caring People. Each one will be partnered up with an angel as they aid them in fixing them up. Not only will they fix them up but will have to work together to stop the chaos rising. Your angel could just perhaps be your Guardian Angel....

    CS Skeleton

    Name: Angels Have Forgotten Their Name. Give yourself a nickname.
    Age: Angels How Old Do You Think You Are?
    Occupation: Non-Angels Only
    Appearance: Angels Have Two Appearances. Angelic and Non. Humans can't see their angelic form unless they build a strong bond which is required to fix their wings. (Two Pictures Would Be Nice)
    How Did You Die: Angels May or May not Remember.

    Possible to Change!

    I hope you enjoyed this! I'll answer any question you may have.

  2. Woah, the idea of this RP is very appealing to me. Count me as interested, but I would love to know more about the plot in general, and the roles of the mechanics and the caring. What is the difference between the two?

    Also, will the plot be linear, or will there be freedom to roam and 'discover' the city? :)
  3. Mechanics and the caring are similar yet different. Each of them mend the angels wings and help them find their memory. The difference is that the caring builds a quicker bond with the angel and are more likely to find the angel's memory faster than a mechanic would. But the mechanic can fix the wings faster than the caring. They also have different ways of fixing the wings and memory though each person is different. The caring can fix their wings through love and care while the mechanic can simply takes tools to then though it may not be easy.

    There is freedom to roam the city and discover new things.

    The plot: Creatures who appear as an average human to the naked eye is terrorizing Vittorio by committing murders. The six angels were randomly selected to help put a stop to this but not without a challenge. They have lost their memories and their wings are broken. The wings play a big part though as they are a source of power. With their wings fixed they are able to obtain certain powers and a weapon but I'm still working on that part though. Now that these angels have fallen they appear to be dirty poor beings roaming the streets but the six "aids" I'll call them for now take notice of them due to a mysterious connection. The stronger the bond of the two partners the stronger the angel and more likely to fix the chaos. Also a stronger bond helps the aids see the angel in they true forms .

    There is actually still some work being panned out but I don't want to get too far if there isn't enough interest.
  4. Yup, definitely interested. Really love the sound of this RP, and I hope everything will come together smoothly. Here to help, if need be! In the meantime, I'll be trying to create my CS as we wait for more people.
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  5. If are angels in the plot I am in. If the plot steampunk I will rise an altar for you. Be the way, hello ! ^-^
    Indeed your roleplay is quite something. I am interested, but for the next 2 weeks and a couple of days i might not be very often online. Yaay University and I have to study.
    Leaving this aside why not, btw good work ;)
  6. Your plot caught my attention and I'm very interested! Count me in!
  7. @HollowEastWord and @zico

    Thank you for your interest if I could get two or three more people's inerest I will make a sign-up for everyone with all the details and the full CS Skeleton.


    Hello~ An Alter is not necessary haha Would be nice though...boost my ego... a lot. Good luck with the University. Despite the fact, would you still like to join? I can probably arrange something but I worry if you get paired with someone, it will be awhile just to get a scene by. By then others would be ahead?
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  8. Potentially interested. Have a pretty nasty mechanic planned too... though I gotta ask; would mechs and carers just be supporters or would they be able to take point also?
  9. Define "Take Point" so we are on the same page please.
  10. Have them take lead or at least take action of signicance instead of cowering behind a rock until the action scenes are over. Basically; make a difference besides fixing or developping relations with the angels.
  11. Yes they will be able to take point if they wanted to. The creatures are strong. Since they supporters will only see the creatures as the average human instead of their true form you will come across the problem of; "Why Won't They Die?" You can't kill the creatures by yourself without the help of the Angel and the Angel can't kill them by themselves if they are not fully recovered. A great part for teamwork.

    **This will also lead to the supporters learning what is going on and learn what they are.
  12. Yeah I got that part. But besides not killing the monsters, maybe they can injure them? Trap them? Etc. Can they instigate plot events outside of their fixing and talking roles or are they supposed to just be along for the ride?
  13. Yes they can injure them. Trap them is a bit of a different story. I might allow that. Indeed they can investigate other plot events as long as it's not way off course like leaving the city or should I say too far from the city. The angel can travel with you or separate for a bit. Really depends on the situation.
  14. Cool, cool.
  15. Should I put you on my "Interested List" so I know how much closer I should do sign ups?
  16. Sure. How many people do you feel you need?

    Like mentioned before, I'm interested in playing a mechanic. Part tainted veteran, part mad scientist and part 'no questions asked' mechanical engineer. I can take an angel role if needed, but I'm sure you'll have enough takers for those.
  17. "...if I could get two or three more people's interest I will make a sign-up for everyone with all the details and the full CS Skeleton..."

    I would there to be six angels which are a popular interest for people. I also want three mechanics and three of the caring

    12 total which I know is a lot, I can make do with six as well.
  18. I'm interested in this as well. Also, Hi again!
  19. .-. Hi Vernyx. I see you way too much haha Such a stalker psh.

    Alright thanks for the interest!

    (Only For Vernyx Cause He Knows What I Am Talking About: This should go much better!)
  20. Is ok ! Really ! I have the night .. well somehow. I get stressed very easy so I need to calm down. Is ok, but I will write very hard, like 6-10 time a week in the worst case. Is ok, really ;)
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