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  1. Introduction (open)

    "Dear Citizen,
    You must be confused why you are in such a place. Don't fear, you are in no danger here in our Sanctum. You recently passed away due to an crime that has been happening around your city."
    "Sanctum? Crime? City? .... I don't understand."
    "It is unfortunate but it is confirmed you have lost your memory. Please let me explain before you have to leave. You have come from the town known as Vittorio that is in the prime of the Victorian Era. There is a crime that has been becoming more and more common. They are murders but what any human sees as another typical person committing a crime. Sadly, that is not the case. What the people down below, on such a dirty world, see other humans committing crimes. But that is not the case. What we see are mysterious creatures that were actually created by man's emotions. They are killing everyone and thing down there till there is no more. Now it is time for you to leave, go fix this mess and save your loved ones."
    "I don't understand what is going on! If I am dead why am I leaving and..."

    Before you could say anymore you feel yourself falling backwards, the image of the Angel Maiden disappears and you feel the wind hit against your body. Gravity is getting heavier and heavier in your chest but there is no pain. While gloomy grey clouds fly past you, your eyes grow heavy. You have fallen into a deep sleep as you are falling from the Sanctum through the dark skies and depressing clouds. Feeling like you have slept an eternity, you awaken in an remote location near Vittorio. The area is quiet except for the bustling noise from the city, something has caused you look up to the sky as you see objects falling from the sky. But you could not make out what they were and don't remember why the sky was so important to you. Once again you have lost your memory... What even was your name?
    Ironically, six maidens have been killed around the same time in the City of Vittorio due to some crime or accident. There is no connection between these angels except for the fact they have are in the Victorian Age and have fallen from the "Heavens" landing near Vittorio where they have originally passed away. Unfortunately their memory is lost and their wings are broken as they are mechanical like everything else in Vittoria. You have caught glimpse of an image of yourself in a puddle nearby; you are an angel with the wings of a machine. But to those in the city you are a poor, filthy and possibly homeless person.
    Your goal is to fix your wings and memory while you try to solve the problem in Vittorio. Lucky for you, you are not alone as you will eventually meet the other angels and each angel will find someone who is handy with tools or caring to help them fix their wings and memory.

    Characters Plot (open)

    Angels: Creatures who appear as an average human to the naked eye is terrorizing Vittorio by committing terrible murders. The six angels of any gender were randomly selected to help put a stop to this but not without a challenge. Once they fallen from the Sanctum they lost their memories and their wings were broken to prevent them from wandering up back to the Sanctum. But why would they break their wings, what are they hiding? The wings play a big part though as they are a source of power. With their wings fixed they are able to obtain certain powers and a weapon. The angels must enter the city of Vittorio and try to find answers while a way to survive as in their fragile state, they have become huge targets as the creatures can see for who they are. Can they find someone in time or be left to suffer? A strong bond between them and their partner would strengthen them both.

    Mechanics: Are best when it comes to mending the angel's wings but are slower helping them find their memory. A mechanic can have any occupation as long as it has something to do with a few tools and are naturally a little hardy. Either the Angel finds you or you find it and (optional) together you are fighting against the creatures/"humans".

    The Caring: Naturally very caring people who can have any occupation and have come across the angel. They can help recover an angel's memory the fastest along with a bond but may struggle to fix their wings. Together you work together to solve the problem but the caring are less likely to join the fight and may act more of an medic.

    Creatures (NPC): These creatures are terrifying beings that were created by mankind's selfish emotions that fill the air and are driven by machine. To the human's eye, these creatures appear just as another human but to angels they are dark, terrifying beings. Once a strong bond has been built between partners, they may be able to see the creature for what they are. No matter what happens, the chaos must end.

    **You are able to roam the city and discover new things.

    Angelic Powers and Weapons
    They come with three magic skills, one weapon and two natural abilities except set three.
    Don't be afraid to ask what they do! Only one for each Angel.

    Set One: "The Protector"
    >Magic; Stone Wall (Defense), Raging Fire Storm (Offense), Inner Spirit (Buff)
    >Weapon; A Form of Sword
    >Natural Abilities; Incredible Strength (Not The Best, but better than most), Sturdy

    Set Two: "Wind Whistler"
    >Magic; Summon Majestic Falcon (Defense), Whirlwind (Offense), Wind Rider (Escape Method)
    >Weapon; Form of Pike or Long Battle Staff, Gun
    >Natural Abilities: Fast Movement, Flexible

    Set Three: "The Angelic Magician"
    >Magic; Invisibility (Defense/Limited), Lightning Crash (Offense), Higher Being (Buff), Freeze Time (Defense/Limited), Crashing Sun (Offense)
    >Weapon; None
    >Natural Abilities: Quick to Think, Strongest in Magic Arts

    Set Four: "Healing Heart"
    >Magic; Lullaby (Defense), Healing Aura (Recovery), Broken Heart (Offense, Strong, O.P.D)*
    >Weapon; Shield or Whip
    >Natural Abilities: Sturdy, Easy Recovery

    Set Five: "Wild Beast"
    >Magic; Transform into Bear (Offense), Fury (Buff), Inner Animal (Offense)
    >Weapon; Axe, Two-Handed Sword or Form of Knuckles/Claws
    >Natural Abilities; Incredible Strength, Fast Movement

    Set Six: "The Spirit"Taken
    >The Reunion (Defense)*, Personal Sanctum (Personal)*, Roaring Elements (Offense), Untouchable(Buff)
    >Weapon: Any (Only One)
    >Natural Ability: Telepathic

    *Healing Heart/ Broken Heart (O.P.D) = Broken Heart is a powerful attack and it's only offense magic. O.P.D means Once Per Day. Broken Heart is a rather dark form of magic that by thinking of a tragic event can cause a chaotic impact in an area. It can be uncontrollable at times if the character is angry or depressed.

    *The Spirit/Reunion= The Reunion allows the angel to summon another angel from their current location to aid in battle or whatever the case may be. It could be a painful experience if the summoned is rejecting the summon.

    *The Spirit/Personal Sanctum= A hideaway from reality. While in this state or location within their mind they can communicate with anyone they know or met. Along with the telepathy, they can also see paths to a goal or a possible occurring event.

    Character Sheets

    Sexuality: (Optional)
    Appearance: Pictures would be nice above the name along with a description.

    Angelic Set: (Cannot use till your wings are fixed)
    Weapon: (Cannot use till your wings are fixed)

    Last Memory:
    Possible Reason For Death:

    Sexuality: (Optional)

    Common Weapon of Choice: Cannot be anything crazy. A small gun or a blunt object.

    The Caring(3)
    Sexuality: (Optional)
    Personality: (I get it, you're caring. Be creative.)

    Basic Skills:
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: "Une"
    Age: Appears Mid-Teens 17/18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: "Une" appears to be suffering the most when it comes to her broken wings and memory. She has medium length brown hair, slim body, and stands about 5' 2''. Her eyes are dull with depression as they are a dark brown almost black and her skin is pale. Une has landed near Vittorio in a filthy flesh pink dress that goes a little past her knees. There are scrapes on her knees and a scar by her eye. Her wings have lost all her feathers and are now just a base frame.
    Personality: It is unclear what happened, but what is clear is that her spirit is broken by the tone of her soft voice. Une is quiet and unwilling to communicate at first along with being skittish. Once she recovers, it is believed she would be more open and upbeat.
    Biography: Une's spirit has been almost completely broken and needs a parental figure. When her memory begins to recover she will need that figure the most. As a young girl her parents were never around, they were terrible role models and aggressive. On the streets she was looked down upon and known as "The Doomed Child" as they believed she will become like her parents doing drugs, drinking, and being aggressive towards others. She only had one escape from her terrible reality and that was music. Une will eventually be on a path to recovery but not without some issues. Her recovery could be graceful or dark.

    Angelic Set: Set Six
    **Weapon: Angelic
    Scythe or Demonic Scythe

    Likes/Dislikes: Likes; The sound of a violin or piano, feeling safe, her memory. Dislikes; Violence, Smell of Alcohol, Being surrounded by people.
    **Last Memory: A song sung by a mysterious old woman who would stare at her from afar or walk past her.
    Possible Reason For Death: Killed by her parents.

    1.) Depending on who becomes who partner or how she is taken care of by the partner determines her weapon.

    2.) The Song;
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  3. There we go, putting it on my watch-list. I'll probably work on my sheet after football, but until then here's a skeleton of a skeleton that maybe counts as a reservation post.

    EDIT: First draft done.

    :: Mechanic ::​
    Name: Gerick O'Reilly
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: TBD

    Appearance (Model: Ben Dahlhaus)

    • Highly curious
    • Strong work ethic
    • Logical thinker
    • Questionable morality
    • Selfish
    • Assertive to fault
    Biography: Gerick was born in a working class family. His father primarily maintained industrial boilers and accompanying mechanical constructions for a living, but was a hobbyist inventor and took parts from work home to dismantle them and build completely new things. Gerick as a child was completely blown away by this and by 'not buggering off' for a long time, he was eventually indulged into the world of basic engineering knowledge by his father. Gerick, at the young age of eight, even began carrying out small repairs.

    Around the time Gerick turned fifteen, his mother was struck with illness. The family did not have the resources to pay for proper treatment, and so Gerick and his father felt powerless to help. At this time, Gerick's interests shifted from machine to man. He grew aspirations to become a doctor, but he did not have anyone to teach him the ropes. Gerick, for the first time in his life, began planning for his future. He would study medicine, and would gain a grant from the army to do so. If he knew as much about the inner workings of the human body as those of machines, he would not have to be powerless in front of disease again, or so Gerick reasoned.

    After his training, Gerick was employed in a war-zone abroad. It was a losing battle from the start. One by one, his comrades 'bought the farm' and the army lost ground every day. In a desperate final attempt to save what could be saved, his battalion was ordered to hold position and stop the enemy from advancing to the urban area to their back. Gerick still isn't sure how he managed to survive the oncoming onslaught, but they were wiped out and the enemy plundered and burned the town. The surviving soldiers were blamed for countless civilian deaths by the public. In two short years, Gerick had transformed from an ambitious young man into a war-torn veteran.

    Coming home from hell, Gerick found his mother's illness had roared up it's head again. She'd been stable when he had left, but the years had done her no well. His father had lost two of his fingers in an industrial accident and been laid off. Fortunately, kindred spirits in friends and neighbours supported Gerick's parents through these harsh times, but there was no such thing as comfort left in the home he had so longed for. A few months after Gerick's homecoming, his mother passed away.

    As Gerick's father turned to alcohol to escape all the drama, Gerick buried himself in his studies; numbing his demons with a thirst for knowledge. He moonlighted mechanical repairs to support his parent, but it was clear that Gerick's spirit was staring deeper and deeper into the abyss. He wouldn't come home, or even write. Instead Gerick would spend nights in the laboratory and garage, chasing what he'd once called his aspirations. He dabbled in forbidden studies and created new techniques, using his combined knowledge of human and mechanical anatomy. With one last hope to do some good; he forged mechanical fingers for his father and with a prototype, he stood on his parental house's doorstep for the first time in years.

    Although his invention initially seemed to be a success, it would take weeks of tinkering to perfect it. Even so, the regained use of his hand did not lift his father's spirits. Gerick, hopeful, attempted to get the man to tinker a little like old times, but his new fingers wouldn't have it. After putting too much weight on them one day, the mechanical fingers gave out and negative impact on the nervous system they were connected to; paralysing the entire hand as a result. Father and son haven't seen each other since.

    Back at his university, Gerick would find himself expelled. For not only indulging in taboo, but also human testing, unauthorised use of university equipment and not running anything by the committee. With the skills and knowledge, but no paper or recommendations to speak of, Gerick had no way of getting a decent job. To stay on his feet, Gerick turned to more desperate for work and as such, started asking fewer questions. He has spent his spare time and money experimenting more with mechanical body modifications; from building new legs for mice up to replicating the function of the human eye.

    This has been his primary means of survival for over fifteen years. Patching up criminals, repairing unauthorizsd vehicles, installing and fixing mechanical body-modification, etcetera, Gerick does it all. His work ethic and curiousity keep him alive, but whether he is truly alive is a wholly different question...

    Occupation: Back-alley doctor, repairman and body-modification.
    Partner: TBD
    • Discovery
    • Peaches
    • Cheap thrills
    • Alcohol
    • Moral high horses
    • Being questioned

    Common Weapon of Choice: Handgun, easily concealable, great for threat and intimidation.

    Song: We have theme songs? kcool. Here's a theme song.
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  4. Watching this! Will finishCS later

    Name: Kay
    Age: Looks 18

    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Pictures would be nice above the name along with a description.
    Angelic Set: (Cannot use till your wings are fixed)
    Weapon: (Cannot use till your wings are fixed)

    Last Memory:
    Possible Reason For Death:
  5. First draft is up. I did take a lot of creative liberties, so let me know how you feel about that.
  6. @Kestrel Very nicely done Kestrel. That long biography is what I like to see, also very neat! Ben is also...super hot. But that is just my opinion.
    We do not have theme songs. Mine was showing the song the old lady sang....BUT hey, I'm not complaining. Any extra information is welcomed.
  7. Hah, personally I figured it was way too big ;p I just needed an excuse to have my character be the way he is. But good to see you like it.
  9. Hm We need more people interested. I would make a banner but I already have a lot up. Decisions decisions...
  10. ...This sounds...AWESOME!
    I am watching this and will get a CS in! :)
  11. Q: Angels can have some sort of tattooes ?
    Q2: What does Inner Animal ?
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  12. Show Spoiler
    "If we fall, who will gonna catch us ? Who will gonna catch me?"

    "Call me the way you want."
    "Is just a number, get over it."
    Appear as a man in his 20
    "To fast sweety pie."
    Sexuality: Straight
    "Just meh ..."
    Damian is a boy with a some deep eyes and a powerful red color of his hair, pretty much his aspect sums up his character. He addapted pretty fast with the life in the city, in his 'new' home. Unlike the others he doesn't seem to be pretty much affected by it, well, he rather enjoy the new life style. He is a tall and imposing man, around 1,75 cm, with an athletic body. Damian has some long and dense eyelashes, his eyebrows are always kept trimmed and proper. His lips are pink and soft looking. His jaw line is soft as well, but he has a longer chin to balance it out.Personality: Like his appearance, even his personality is so ravishing. Does not remember much, who he was or what he was doing. But Damian knows for sure , that he has that one desire to be free and independent, it is pulsing through his veins. To taste the last moments of his life on his lips, as it embrace you in a deadly and yet devastating love. He stubbornly is clinging to his last memory as it is significant for him, as it means anything for him, something that disturbs his soul and makes him to discover what or who he was. In Vittorio is knows as "The boy with the hair of fire" because in his pathetic search to find out who he is, Damian always leaves behind small hopes, that people held as if their lives depended on it, because hope is the last thing that dies in the end when the soul leaves us. He doesn't know his limits and doesn't want to know, his strange curiosity will kill him, unfortunately, but it will also soothe his soul with a bittersweet taste.
    "Flowers and ray of sunshines.
    On his few days on Vittorio, "The boy with the hair of fire" is often seen near the orphanage or sick people, but at the same time he known to make a living from not-so-good jobs.Strangely he has a passion fro kids, loves them with all his hear. He is no't very sociable around adults, he is rather an imposing person, fiercy and with a wild character, but everything changes when in the scenario appear a children. In his opinion the world should just burn into the deep flames of Hell, he will only take care of children.
    Show Spoiler

    Angelic Set: Set Five
    Weapon: Two-handed sword
    Partner: TBD -wink-

    - Kids
    -Has a sweet tooth
    - Calm days

    - Nagging persons
    - Hot weather
    - Meat
    - Murder
    Last Memory: A cry for help, a childrean screaming. It get's more and more hotter, as the flames burn him. Everything fades with a child embrace and a soft whispered "Thank you Daddy."
    Possible Reason For Death: Burnt, Murdered
    The song :

    Show Spoiler
    "I get it, we are angels, all lovely-dovely who spread love and heal people. But WHO will heal us ?"
    "You know, is no't nice to ask for a lady name on the first date."
    "Didn't your mother teach you to no't ask for a lady's age?"
    Appear as a woman in her 20
    "Do you really care what I am ?"
    "AGAIN, does it CARE ?"
    Show Spoiler

    "Imagine it baby ~blow kiss~"
    She is the perfect image of seduction and lust, of a b*tchy attitude and arrogant woman. Has a long and silky hair that reaches her shoulders, with a metalic blond at the end. Tira has a slender body with curves given by mother nature; she is tall, reaching around 1,70 cm. Has a sot skin, pink. Long arms and legs, with beautiful long fingers. Her eyes are of a metalic grey, everything about her is like a mesmerizing beauty torn from the pages of fiction. Tira has a cold stare and her poker face doesn't betray no emotion, like a giant block of ice.
    "Babe, you don't have enough nerves to catch up with me."
    Because Tiara doesn't remember pretty much about how she was, some basic traits of her personality remained imprinted in her brain. She doesn't let go of her "Ice Queen" attitude and her bold way of speacking with people, old, young, same age, wise or foolish she tells you what she believes. Despise her harsh and sometimes cruel words her words are healing, in a way or another it shows people, from another perspective, angelic or demonic, how they are, good, bad, idiots, fools etcetera. Tira is no't the big talk person, more like ready to action, without philosophizing, no words of wisdom, she is the type "get up or stay down". She might be ready to kick you down, to push you to your limits, might be the devil and no angel to you, but in the end the results will show if it is or not a demon. No personification of Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes, just a realistic person, ready to shake the world for what she desire.

    "Does it matter?"
    She woke up, she stood and stared at the people, at walking creature who sold their souls for a moment of happiness in the red house. Yes, she woke up in front of a red house, with torn clothes, barefoot, with blood and sand mixed. Her wings seem to be pretty much damaged, dirty. She didn't look lost, only thrown into the dirt. A woman came to her and said. "Rise my child, you will live with me." Were her only words, her mere words. But no, Tira didn't sold her body, no way, had morals, things she hold dear. She could seduced men only with words, with her eyes, with her lips and soft skin she had the perfect arsenal for a seduction, and throw reality into their faces. In Vittario is known as " The W**re of Vittario", but well, it doesn't mean nothing, actions speak louder than words.
    In a way or another, Tira carries her wings as a burden, her burden or others, she is no't certain about it.

    Angelic Set: Set Four
    Weapon: Whip
    Partner: TBD

    - Stuffed animals
    - Peace
    - Cotton candy


    - Irresponsible persons

    Last Memory: Through the large window that pictured a person, Tira was able to see light that falls on her face. She was happy, in peace and calm. A woman voice call her, tells her that they are calling for her help.
    Possible Reason For Death: Murdered -I will think about it-

    For the "SHE" I will delete her if someone else wants the place ^_^ as you wish
    Yes, what they do :)
  13. I have to go over them, the spoilers are rather messy.

    The Wild Beast's Inner Animal move gives the character specific traits depending on the animal, during it's "activiation" the angel is able to summon that inner animal into the physical world as long as the angel can control. If you do choose to summon the animal instead of taking the traits your strength is reduced by half since you have to be able to support the animal to stay in the physical world. Make sense?
  14. I know, I am sorry, I don't know what to say. I tried to do something about it, but is like a damn curse. Thank you :)
  15. I'll take care of it. ^.^
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  18. Hm, where'd all the people go? We had a pretty full interest check if I recall. Good thing Pepper's got two character's ;)
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