Bro needed for Taboo RP!

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  1. Calling all males 16-19!

    I have another new rp open, its a bro/sis rp. Its in the Modern Roleplay signup and OOC forum. The plot is there, and character signup sheet. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask please! Thank you! :)
  2. XD I could join, depends on what type of theme we're going for o-o
  3. What do you mean lol x)
  4. Well, as in what style we're going for you know? Dark, drama, etc o-o
  5. Lol kind of a regular laid back rp. There would be some drama. A little bit of everything lol but it would most likely depend on how the rp goes.
  6. XD I guess I'm in, keep in mind I'm a newbie if it goes to the mature point o-o
  7. Haha okay! The character signup sheet is in the Modern Roleplay Signups and OOC forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.