Brivid Academy, Home of the Magically Gifted [Sign ups!]

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  1. Brivid Academy
    For the magically gifted.
    Headteacher: Dean J. E Howlett

    A massive piece of beautiful greek architecture stands in a meadow, surrounded in wood. There are 4 buildings, forming a large clearing in the middle. 2 are dormitories, 2 are class buildings. The students mess around, chat, talk and study in their rooms or in broad daylight. But although it may seem a very grand school, it also seems quite ordinary. That's where you're wrong. These students each have magic, supernatural powers, or maybe they aren't human. It's a collection of people with extraordinary gifts or other species, designed specifically to hone their skills and expand their minds.

    (Okay, so this is the first time that I, The Bitter Bunny, have become the Game Master. I'm relatively new to Iwaku, but I am an at an intermediate level of general role playing. This is based on a fanfic I wrote but shushgoawaydon'tlookitupplease. I really hope this will be good fun for all of us!
    ~The Bitter Bunny.

    Map of the area. (open)
    Sorry about the map being so awful but...

    Character Sheet! (open)

    My rules are...:
    1. All Iwaku rules apply
    2. Romance is permitted, but no sex. Keep that to PMs.
    3. Cussing/Swearing is allowed. But don't just use it at every single opportunity!
    4. Any species, sexual preference or anything is allowed. NO DISCRIMINATION!
    5. Anything you're unsure about? Pm me and I'll answer.
  2. Don't suppose I could get a link to that fanfic could I... :P?

    2 things: Are there going to be any preset plots or are we deciding those as we go along? Also, are fights between students allowed, as long as they're explained as "practice"? Actually it was 3 things. Which kind of education system is it? English, American, Japanese or other? Along with which school of those education systems, IE Junior High, College... or is it all age ranges? Actually it was 4 things. Timetables - if its non-extreme plot based, there needs to be timetables otherwise people will end up in random lessons.
  3. Yeah, I'll be setting timetables in the IC if I garner enough interest. Imagine it as a private school, from 2 to 21 (but I don't suppose there will be many 2 year olds on campus.). NO plots as of yet, but if you want to make plots amongst yourselves, that's fine. Fights are permitted as long as no-one gets seriously injured (they will be reprimanded/suspended/expelled depending on the offense but only IC) but OC, fighting is perfectly fine.

    And lastly, When you say "What education system is it?" I don't quite know what you mean. Do you mean like the grading system, as in I'm in 9th grade or something? Sorry if it's something obvious like that, I'm quite the moron.
  4. K that all works. Basically, i don't know if you know about this - different countries have different education systems. For example, in England it starts with kids age 4-11 being in Primary School, then 11 to 16 being in Secondary/High school, then 16-18 being in College, then 18-25 being in University, with college and uni being optional, whereas in Japan, kids start in Elementary school and middle school, representing Primary school and the first 3 years of high school, then junior high being the last 2 years of high, then High being 3 years long and being effectively College, then university being given the name college.
    I'll be making my characters within the evening.

    • Name: かがみ (Kagami)
      Age: Host age 16, fuyoko age 2.
      Gender: Female
      ふよこ (open)

      Fuyoko are a race of dangerous spirit yokai. Fortunately, they are rare, as very specific conditions are required for their creation. A Fuyoko is born when a human or yokai dies in a very sudden manner. The death must also be witnessed by no one, and yet caused by someone other than the dead human/yokai. Additionally, it cannot be an accident and a weapon that had been blessed by a spirit maiden must land the finishing blow.
      Fuyoko themselves are essentially incredibly powerful spirits, and are equal in potency to Kami. After birth, a fuyoko loses all of it's memories of it's previous life, and must find a new host body within 48 hours, otherwise they will cease to exist. When a fuyoko begins to inhabit a new host, the original soul is not expelled. It is partially absorbed, and the fuyoko takes on many of the personality traits and memories of the owner of it's first host. While this host can then die, leaving the fuyoko free to find a new shell, the fuyoko will not absorb any more traits so newborn fuyoko must choose their targets wisely.
      The fuyoko spirit gifts the mortal shell with any number of powers, though most commonly, the ability to become incorporeal is granted. it is this ability to completely negate incoming damage that makes fuyoko so deadly, as they have to be caught off guard if you want to injure their shells, and even then, the killer must find a way to prevent the fuyoko spirit from simply finding a new shell. Fuyoko drain large amounts of power when they use any ability, proportionally larger amounts than a normal yokai would, however, if the area is positively stuffed with yokai and magic users, there usually is an abundance of spare energy anyway. Oftentimes, combatants try to cut off a fuyoko's access to power reserves.

      Below average height. Due to her residing as a fuyoko, the body stopped ageing at 14 and will continue being 14 forever. The suppressed personality will not change either, so effectively she is "the eternal 14 year old".
      Personality: Kagami has several predominant moods. She is very hot-headed and will attack pretty much anything that gets in her way. She is reckless, so this often results in her forgetting about her abilities (as she is still very young as a fuyoko) and she tends to just throw punches and kicks. She has a low attention span, too, meaning she often hands in incomplete homework and gets distracted in class. It's fortunate that she's very intelligent and very good at late-night cram sessions before exams. She has a habit of singing to herself when she thinks she's alone, and despite her good voice, she gets embarrassed and enraged if someone sees her. She also appears not to understand the concept of walls, and enjoys becoming incorporeal and walking through them as it is "a waste of time using doors". The thing she hates most in the world is people who taunt her about her height, and one should be considered lucky if she forgets about such an occurrence.
      History: Kagami has refused to tell us about her host's history, as she views it as being someone else living those memories and as such they are irrelevant to herself. Interestingly, she still kept her host's name though.

    • Name: ハナコ (Hanako)
      Age: 18
      Gender: Female
      騎士ローズ (open)

      Rose Knights are a hybrid yokai species, a cross between Vampires and Dryads. They possess a tenth of the power of the supermonster they were created from, and their strength is even less when compared to an awakened Fuyoko, but they pose a threat, none the less. In order to become a Rose Knight, one must be killed by a vampire while in the presence of a Dryad - the Dryad must then use their restoration magic on the corpse, which is then bitten by the vampire, so the resulting blood is a mix of vampire, human and dryad. This happens very little, as both vampires and dryads widely agree that Rose Knights are near useless. Not to mention that vampires rarely get on with dryads.
      A rose knight's only redeeming skill is the instantaneous regeneration granted by their blood being anywhere from 66 to 90% regenerative hormones. They do not breath, and use a peculiar form of photosynthesis to create energy. Their scar tissue resembles the stem of a rose, rather than the flesh of a human. If a Rose Knight comes into contact with someone they have developed a close relationship with, they may be able to temporarily copy that person's abilities, however, Rose Knights are outcasts of all 3 of their parent races, so this has never been tested.

      (got bored of looking for pictures)
      Taller than average, long dark hair with red highlights, wears a rose in hair, red eyes, that probably covers it.

      Personality: Hanako is quiet and cautious around people, very shy. She tries not to get involved in disagreements if she can, and has few social skills. She works hard and reads a lot, but she still doesn't do very well in class and often has to attend make-up lessons.
      History: earliest thing she remembers is waking up 2 weeks ago in a hotel room, and finding a letter telling her she's going to be a 3rd year transfer student at a school somewhere.

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  5. Name: Adec Junker

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Species: Mage (Human with a magic infused bloodline.)

    Stands at 5'9, body's physical aging will soon slow to a crawl and eventual stop due to his magic infused bloodline.

    Personality: Adec had become withdrawn from society before his arrival at the academy, having been afraid of persecution by those without powers. However, as he has spent time studying and working to improve his abilities, he has revealed that his quiet character is kind and gentle as he helped other students maintain their grades if they fell behind in class.

    History: Son of a powerful witch known simply as Gale, Adec was raised most of his life in America, shifting homes within the country to avoid his or his mother's powers being discovered. As his powers began to emerge from within him and he began to see strings of light between people, his mother taught him many secrets to the invisible bonds of magic that all beings shared and that became stronger if two became close. Because of this, Adec soon learned to love all life and protect it from unnatural harm.

    However, his want to protect others soon brought forth tragedy. Not much is known of what actually occurred other than that the resulting witch hunt ended with Gale sacrificing herself so that Adec could escape and hide in safety. Because of this, his fear of discovery became a phobia and he hid away from non-magicals, only being found by school officials thanks to the tracking of his magical aura.

    Now he lives as a student and a part-time library assistant, content to spend his magically enchanted life-span (For example, when she gave birth to Adec, Gale was one hundred and seventy-four years old yet was only a young adult by Mage and Witch standards) in quasi-solitude, normally only speaking to others to help them in their work or in finding a book.

    Other: So I was playing Fire Emblem: Awakening again, and I realized that Adec is basically a long-living socially inept Robin from that game. I swear, that game is having a heavy influence on my magical characters.​
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  6. Name: M.A.G.D.A - Magic Attuned Ground Droid Alpha

    Age: 3.

    Gender: Female

    Species: Android
    Appearence: At a towering 6'4 she looms over many, her creators included.

    Personality: Due to her years spent in ______ being tested by and worked on by the doctors, she has a hard time communicating with others without accidentally coming off as cold and calculating. While at her core she is kind and cares about the well-being of those around her she rarely manages to make this come across to others.

    History: M.A.G.D.A or A.E.R.I (Artificial Enchanted Robotic Intelligence) as she was called at the time was an accidental breakthrough. The plan had been to create the means to enhance current fields of robotics by strengthening the ties of machine and magic; be it empowering users nearby or utilizing it on its own. For months they'd been trying and tweaking with materials and numbers to get it up and running the way they wanted, some results being better than the base and many being far worse.

    After a year of no results _____ was being threatened to have their funding cut, so in an accidental mass electrical overcharge to A.E.R.I they had their first small success as well as what they thought was their greatest failure, they'd finally had a response, the bare robotic frame having jolted and the optic sensors spending a few second glowing a bright green before dying down; then there was but darkness and silence for several minutes, about ready to throw in the towel and call it quits before it was too late a scientist made its way to fully deactivate her, only to find out the eyes weren't off but a very dull green along with running on very low output, causing their goals to take a different path.

    That's all the information we were able to dig up, it doesn't even give enough to reproduce an A.E.R.I Unit; though I can see why seeing as they're still in early testing of Magda.

    Other: While she was created three years ago, she's mentally a teenager. Aside from that, she's less durable than most androids, more time and tech having put in place to grant her the ability to remain agile and tap into magical reserves.
  7. All accepted, they look fabulous!
  8. Shush (open)

    Name: Sekitan Suzuui
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: Selkie/Nokken hybrid.

    He stands at just about 5ft 9, neither tall nor small.

    He's typically flirty with everyone he meets, boy or girl, but if in a stable relationship or general life, he's easy-going, gentle and calm.
    He doesn't get angry over anything - he always thinks that there is a diplomatic solution, or not a issue at all.

    He loves to swim and has organised his own swim team at school.

    His mother was a Selkie and his father a Nokken, he is a hybrid of the two.(A selkie being a seal with the ability to steal the skin of a human through seduction and a Nokken being able to transform into a horse at will to lure children into a lake and to their death, or in it's human form, lure women to the lake and to their deaths.)

    The inherited traits made him able to transform into a white stallion on land or a seal in water, but unfortunately, sterile.
    He used to go to a very prestigious school but his parents would rather him train his skills and become someone special.


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  9. I'm afraid I'm going to have to deny that app @TheBitterBunny
    But srsly, could you explain what the Selkie and Nokken are? Making my second character soon.
  10. Ah yes, I forget that it isn't a common mythical creature. I've updated it now, so it's all good.
  11. That just gives more questions that it does answers, but the one I just gotta know is can he turn into a seal and or horse at will?
  12. I believe Shush has the ability to do it at will since both forms are racial traits, though the stallion form is a bad idea in watery environments.
  13. Actually on second thoughts, I have absolutely no idea what to do for a second character, so one it is.
  14. Oh god, how I've made a mess of this. Yes, he can change into a seal and a stallion at will, whenever. And I also doubt he will be transforming into a horse in water.
  15. What about a seal on land? is there a way for someone else to trigger the transformations? *starts plotting something about getting him to transform mid-lesson* Also, when doth this begineth?
  16. Seals do live on land, so it should be fair game though what use it would really have on land is unknown.
  17. Name:
    Caius spends most of his time in the outdoors, and prefers the company of animals to people. He is wild, in a pure sense of the word, with branches tangled in his hair and calluses on his fingers and toes from climbing trees. It is very difficult to get him to stay indoors for very long, and he often finds creative ways to escape back outside. He gets into trouble easily and enjoys messing with people, playing jokes and scaring them.
    Born in Rome, Italy and speaks with a slight accent.
    He adamantly refuses to wear shoes anywhere. It's kind of a miracle they got him to wear clothes at all.
  18. Ooh a nudist. Could be entertaining. *starts practicing mind control in order to get him to strip in lesson*
  19. You probably wouldn't need mind control to get him to do that lol.
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