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  1. In the 1990s, there came a great influx of new technology, ideas, industrial expansion, and growth in Europe. Most notably, of course, was Great Britian. An island empire, that had long since established itself across the Eastern seaboard of the New Americas, of the coasts of Africa, and all across India and parts of China. But no one knew where such wealth came from.

    Was it gold mining? Slaves? Criminal activity? No one could figure out...

    Until they stopped looking in the real world,
    and discovered the Archipelago.

    ~Main Information-ish~
    If you've read the book, "Here, there be dragons," you'd know that this is not an accurate translation from book -> website, but that's not the point.

    This is set in an alternate universe, where Great Britain never lost its hold on places such as the Colonies, Africa, and India, and grew into one of the most powerful superpowers of the world.

    The German Nazis are still around, still attempting to negotiate with the UK to not intervene, should they just happen to invade all the surrounding countries.

    The Russian USSR was still established as well, still Communistic or Socialist, still powerful in Siberia, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

    But most of all, the Archipelago existed.

    During the mysterious, misty nights of London, every New Moon, a portal opened to a completely different universe.

    This universe was everything of a fantasy: elves, dwarves, dragons, humans, orcs, wyverns, bear-o-dactyls, werewolves and vampires, and many more.

    The Archipelago was a massive chain of islands, some being close enough together to be 'tethered' by bridges and dams, to be turned into great Elven, Human, or Dwarven cities of power, wealth, and strength.

    And then came the 1990s humans, wielding powerful long-range cannons, rifles that could shoot far farther than any crossbow or longbow, and tanks with cannons, guns, and flame, purging any who oppose as they pillage and burn to steal what they want: Wealth and power.

    And no one is happy. The soldiers are weary, although they are set for life when they return from their wars, if they ever do. The creatures of the Archipelago are fearful and angry at the invasions, and so they begin to fight back, ferociously.

    And your story is that of a fleet moving on Helion, the golden city inhabited by dwarves, elves, humans, orcs, and any other sentient creature that can behave, and contains the largest treasure trove in all of the Archipelago.

    But here's the catch:
    The city is very, very heavily guarded...
    By the most powerful dragons.

    So, are you a dragon? A British fleetmaster? A common British soldier? An Elven archer? A Dwarven Berserker?

    ~More information~
    The Archipelago is a magical place, and only the innermost islands are physically set in one place. Other mystical islands with great treasures of knowledge, power, or items lie on islands that the Archipelago moves. For example, the Cartographer's Island is one of the most sought-for places in the Archipelago world, as the Cartographer has written the Map of the Archipelago, which contains everything. How to reach this island, how to build this weapon, how to wield magic, how to use alchemy, how to make a dragon defenseless and puppy-like, even. But very, very few have reached the CI, and they have all returned with no book, and no desire to ever search for the book again.

    Of course, the Dragons are attempting to find the CI to defend it, and the British are attempting to discover the CI so that they may rule and steal everything!

    So, imagine a star. Imagine that the star was a dotted line. The dots are the 'Border' islands. These are on the edge of physical-space and Archipelago-manipulated space. Passing these border islands, often with creatures such as a Medusa-like creature, a Sea Serpent, or other horror, leads you into magical waters. Sometimes, you can be returned to London. Sometimes, you can end up on the other side of the Archipelago border. Sometimes, you'll find yourself in a storm and smashed to bits against sharp rocks that conveniently appeared. And sometimes, if the Archipelago takes a liking, you'll find yourself on a safe, comfortable island with plentiful foods and such.

    Inside the borders, are physical islands. The very center of the 5-point star of border islands is the main opening/gateway between the Archipelago and London. There is a great open space, guarded by a single island, called the 'Gateway Island.' The GI was once a small bustling human town, trading with the old-Londoneers and the rest of the Archipelago.

    Now it's a fortress, turning out warships and soldiers, being reinforced and supplied by London ever New Moon.

    At each point of the border-island star, is a capital of some kind. Directly north, the point is the golden city guarded by Dragons, Helion. The southern 2 points are human capitals, both of which are under British control. The eastern-most point is the Elven capital, under siege by the British, and the western-most point is the Dwarven capital, so far left alone, but traded with.

    However, the siege on the Elven capital has stopped recently, and all forces are moving on the Dragon capital, Helion, and these forces would easily be large enough to overwhelm the Dwarven capital, the most dug-in and defensive city in the realm.

    The British are 5 islands away from Helion, each island being about a day's worth of sailing, and about 6 hour's worth of traveling by dragonwing.

    Visit the OOC to apply or talk about the roleplay!
  2. The skies were cluttered in black smoke with the smell of napalm and fresh ashes littering the war-zone. Soldiers of varied branches ran, crying in fear and pain from the scorching heat that struck them from above. The many heavy artillery on the ground mobilized to the front of the battle opening fire towards the skies. In return, a barrage of fireballs came crashing down around them; the eruption split their limbs and melted their skin as they were struck. "Incoming!" cried the commander of the battalion, leading his fellows from the blaze the sun's light went black. When he looked up his soul filled with terror at the sight of what he believed was the devil himself.

    Thane with wings as big as the devil's eyes, and claws sharp enough to tear into the void, descended from the heavens like a bad omen. With a look of blood lust and a thunderous roar, he aimed his talons forward and ripped into the horde like an eagle hunting salmon. Mortals were crushed under his feet as he came to a landing, and soon met the inferno of his horrifying fire breath. Thane slammed his tail into the earth swinging left and right, swatting off troops that'd jump at him. Gunfire rung out at his assault and was soon silenced under his flame. His wings shifted the winds to encourage his fire to grow as he twisted into a full birthed circled, then lifted off from the area. The damage he left behind was catastrophic and sent them into panic, retreating with their tails between their legs in fear. They were strong, but Thane was stronger.

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