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  1. image.jpg Britannia. A land of turmoil, death, and war. The modernised England oppresses and attacks its less powerful neighbours. The radicalised, fanatic highlanders from Scotland. The friendly, patriotic Ireland. The torn and indecisive Wales. And the marauding, ruthless vikings from Norway.

    Scotland (Koda)
    The fanatical highlanders of Scotland have been battling for years to gain stable independence. They have been the most challenging obstacle for the power hungry English, never giving up no matter what the English threw at them. Ireland could be a prospective ally, being similar in culture and cause. The vikings to the north are a relatively new threat, and their intent is mysterious and unknown. Wales is the most obvious source for expanding, if the scots can't wrest control of any english territories. The english pose the largest threat, and must not be underestimated.

    Ireland (Calamity )
    The people of Ireland are notoriously friendly to allies, locals and friends. They are NOT, however, friendly to the dogs from England. The English army have managed to capture the majority of the Irish homeland. Currently, the Irish have the upper hand, with King Henry II of England somewhat preoccupied with Scotland. After gaining their rightful land back, perhaps from some Scottish help, the Irish must immediately look to cripple, or even conquer England. To gain a foothold in the mainland, Wales is the most obvious option. It is unclear of late where Welsh loyalty lies, whether in their own honour and independence, or in loyalty to England. Whatever paths Ireland may take, they will surely play a major part in the conflict of Britannia.

    Denmark (Rion)
    The vikings of Scandinavia have settled down somewhat, after they united under a Danish King finally gained lands in northern Britannia. But, in light of recent conflicts and events in the south, it has become apparent that there is additional plunder and land to be taken. The rebel regions just south of their lands are ripe for the picking, with only small armies guarding independent rebel towns. The English trade lines are a good target, although they will surely become more difficult and defended as time goes on, so the vikings need to act quickly. All in all, the vikings haven't got all that much to lose, and what they do have is hard to get to by anyone but the scots, who will surely be preoccupied..

    Wales (Open )
    The people of Wales are torn between gaining secure and honourable independence, and their underlying loyalty to England. The population is about 50-50 on this matter, so the decision is to be the King's. If Wales were to uphold their loyalty to England, their most obvious opportunity for success and land would be across the sea to west. Ireland. Invading Ireland would gain both territory and favour in the eyes of King Henry II of England. Also aiding the war effort in Scotland would bring glory to Wales and England both. To hold their personal honour above loyalty to England, would mean challenging and tough conflict in Wales itself, from England. After securing their borders, Ireland and/or Scotland would be the nations to associate with, maybe helping and gaining an alliance with them.

    England (NPC)
    The civilised citizens of England are surely the rightful rulers of all Britannia. Any other opposing factions or rebels should be crushed underfoot, or assimilated into civilised society. The barbarians of Scotland pose the most immediate threat, however pathetic. Most of the English military should be tasked with dealing with the filthy rebels there. In Ireland, England have made a most grand effort in assimilating the Irish people into their culture, and hold most of the island in possession. Wales will most definitely sort out the Scottish-inspired dangerously patriotic populace and return to it's original total obedience to England. The vikings even further north are a serious threat to the English navy and trade/supply. They must be shown the might of England. Whatever happens, England will surely gain dominance over all of Britannia in the end...Or will they?

    England is OP and will always stay that way, that's why I'm controlling it myself
    (but not actually playing FOR it) so that I can continue to make it a challenge.

    France (Open)
    France. The crossroads of the crusaders and teutons. The great nation of France must gain territory! The other nations and factions in the immediate vicinity are too strong and diplomatically important to conquer... So they look to the north, to Britannia. The land has been torn apart, with Englands armies scattered across the whole land. It is ripe for the taking, and the other nations won't intervene, but won't help, thats for sure. The pope might object to the invasion, but even the pope can't contain or defeat the mighty nation of France!

    Secret Faction (reserved)
    This faction is currently a SECRET and won't be in play until later through the RP, but you are welcome to reserve it.

    Secret Small Time Faction (open)
    Same as the previous, although it is a minor role and doesn't come into play until MUCH, MUCH later.

    The way this RP will work is quite unique. You will command a nation or faction from the map. You will command battles, choose where the battles take place, send armies to conquer cities or towns, to control a region, increasing income, and thus, army capacity. You will command diplomacy, management and pretty much anything except public opinion and actions. You must make a mass CS with all important characters that will be continually involved and consulted. Try to make your characters reflect your nations stereotypes.

    No godmodding, Gary or Mary Sueing.
    My word is law.
    I will control general things like the public, England, plagues, natural events, ect.
    Don't ignore other players trying to somehow link you into their actions.
    NO INACTIVITY. I hate it when someone joins my RP and doesn't post at all. Please post at least once a day, although I'll accept excuses, but after a week with no heads up or activity, the entire RP has to pause and I'll have to find a new player.
    You must know the basics of grammar, and please don't try to use words you can't spell.

    Character Sheet
    Popularity: (Government and public)

    You must at least have:
    A king/queen
    The head general
    A prince and/or/multiple princess
    An advisor
    A foreign affairs advisor
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  2. I might be interested, given some more information as to overall plot and mechanics of the RP. Oh, and if I could, I'd like Ireland!
  3. Ok, sure! Oh crap, I forgot to explain the actual mechanics in the intro... I'll have to change that. I do warn you though, I really do not tolerate inactivity without actual warning, as I have been held up many times by inactive members. But anyway, really hope this RP works out! Thanks for taking interest, and I'll have the intro improved and and added to tomorrow.
  4. Norway for me. Go Vikings!.
  5. Sure thing, thanks for taking interest! @Salsacookies

    I've edited the intro, giving you an idea on how it will work... I appreciate any feedback, whether critical or encouraging, I couldn't care less, as long as it helps me make this a great RP for us all! @Cahill
  6. Well, I'm gonna head off to bed now, I'll hopefully see you tomorrow with some helpful feedback and suggestions.
  7. Interesting.

    So you're somewhat running a strategy RP on a Warcraft/StarCraft or Age of Empires platform. I hope this takes off. I'm curious to see how it works out.
  8. I may accept Wales. I'll need just a bit more clarification, though. If you need ideas, I'd suggest setting up a map of this RP's Brittania, setting up towns and such. From there, we can roleplay individual characters to maneuver ourselves into a conquest mode, likely to be based around a dice roll or the sort. By individual characters, I mean an entire cast for each of us to make up our kingdoms (or at least the important people in them).
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  9. Well, it is sorta like that @WarriorHeart but laid back, and with much more creative freedom.
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  10. I'm not good at playing big government roles and such, but if possible I would very much like to play a single character but if thats not gonna be allowed thats okay too.
  11. wheres Denmark????
  12. That's fine @HellHoundWoof I simply raised the subject because some people might want to play and all the spots might be full. I'd prefer if you play as someone important though. Btw, I won't be able to be very active, as my internet isn't cooperating. And Denmark isn't part of the RP, because then it would get much too European, and less Britannian.
  13. @Cahill @Salsacookies @WarriorHeart @The Philosoraptor @HellHoundWoof
    The description has been updated and official signups are now open! Post your CS's, and hellhound, for your character, use the individual character sheet and add anything specific you want to include to it. The CS's will take a long time, so please don't be rushed. Also, I've decided that I will give you information to base your actions on, and then evaluate your actions and decide whether or not they work and how well they did.
  14. Unfortunately @Koda I'm a working person, not even in the same time zone as most here and am thus incapable of posting once a day. Because of this lack of time on my part it appears I won't be able to join this, lest I annoy you due to inactivity.
  15. Ok @Cahill I appreciate the consideration. I guess Ireland is open then. Would you like to fill the spot @Skooma ?
  16. Roger, I will start on that tommorow, I'm having a party at my place today so thats gonna have to wait.
  17. Is anyone claiming Ireland?
  18. Ireland literally just got opened up, good timing! @Calamity
  19. NOTICE
    Right now it is 9:30am for me. can everyone please tell me how many hours they are in front or behind of me?
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