Britain's EU Referendum happening now

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  1. For those who care about global politics (or who are interested in seeing Direct Democracy in action), you can see things updated live here. (If the Telegraph blows up, Guardian has a visual map here. The referendum is going to continue throughout the night as votes are counted. For those unaware of the significance of this referendum, it will decide the future of European politics. Far right parties will be watching Britain quietly to see if she succeeds, and the Eurocrats in Brussels will be panicking about it no matter how it goes.

    Regardless of what happens, this random Canadian (and I'm sure many other Canadians) hope y'all will be okay after. No matter what happens. Please don't become the United States 2.0. We don't need another 2-party polarized garbage Olympics country.

    And I'd wish luck to the EU, but man, Remain or Leave, fuck those guys. lol

    CURRENT NUMBERS (Last: North East Derbyshire)
    112 Remain.
    238 Leave.


    Westminster voted Remain as expected.
    All of Scotland voted Remain.
    Northern Ireland voted Remain.
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  2. Leave has just taken the lead.
  3. Leave is first to reach 50.

    37 Remain.
    50 Leave. (2:49AM London)
  4. Leave is first to reach 100, Remain still struggling to reach 50.

    48 Remain.
    100 Leave. (3:23 AM London.)
  5. Wow. The stories I read were all wrong. From what they were saying it looked like Stay had the majority votes. I only skimmed over it though, and that was about 4 hours ago after the polls were closing up.
  6. Leave is first to reach 150 seats.

    71 Remain.
    151 Leave. (4:01 AM London.)
    Just goes to show that pollsters run by people with political biases can't always be trusted. :ferret:
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  7. It seems like they'll be leaving so far

    So, come back to us northern ireland?

    pretty please?
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  8. 95 Remain.
    202 Leave.

    Leave has officially won more than half of the available local authorities. They're also ahead by 849,366 votes.
  9. Leave have basically been forseen to win.

    Sinn Fein says they'll hold a referendum for a united Ireland, Praise the gods
  10. Yeah it's over. Short of getting 81.2% of the remaining vote (which is impossible short of putin-levels of corruption), Leave has won.

    Great Britain is leaving the European Union.
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