brissy's wants

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Hello! Though I am knew to this site, I am no stranger to Roleplaying.
I've never indulged myself in Libertine, but I am ready to dive in!

Just some info about me:

I am a college student with a job, so at times, I'll be busy. BUT I will never leave you out of the loop. If something comes up, you'll know.
As a female I prefer playing females, just because it is in my comfort zone... sorry about this! But I do play with either male or female counter parts.
I like to match my partner- Length does not matter to me as long as the it keeps the story interesting and rolling. I can post a sentence to several paragraphs, depends on my partner.
I would like to discuss kinks or fetishes in private messages.

And now onto the fun part, what I'm craving:

Bad boy/ girl x cop's daughter
Best friend of sibling / best friend's little sister
daddy dom / submissive
teacher / student
best friend / best friend
step sibling / step sister
enemy / enemy
fathers / mothers best friend x daughter

if you are interested, please message me!


Midnight Justin

Original poster
I'm interested in doing a teacher x student


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Stepdad dom x sub
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