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Bring up Angels

Anime style, otherworldly, Modern satire

Story intro-Part one

young woman clears the her throat before speaking melodramatically. "Planet earth was once peaceful. A Garden of pure bliss filled with God's creatures and natural beauties that seemed to come from but a few words. Then he had to create those stupid humans. It was so pretty before that.."

"You saw all that?" a child's confused voice whined

"errrr.....Well n-not exactly, but this is what we were told when I was younger. Someone had to have seen it.... Probably. Anyway, The earth is ruled by the egotistical hu-"

"What's e-go-osticl?"

She sighs exasperated "We can talk about that later, Just let me tell it first."

Again she clears her voice, and continues "The human race's only desire seems singularly focused on how the day might please them best. Though, through this they only seem to give in to the things that will make them die quicker. That's where we come in; We have the chance to keep them from harm and attack when they struggle with situations. They can't always see us but we're always there, watching them. Well...Some of them that is.

"Oh right! My teacher told me that sometimes there are humans that decided not to be in the king's kingdom!" She purses her lips and pouts "I don know why tho, He's so nice.."

"Right, it doesn't make any sense to me either but we know that He's got it handled. He's the only one that sees the future you know. Anyway, There are thousands of angel battalions under the service of our King; We each have our own duty to fulfill. I'm going to get mine pretty soon. When that happens, I'm going to finally see that darn world He loves so much!

"Yeah...but it does take sooo lonnng to get there.."

"Oh that's right, you're probably going to be in training Pretty soon too!"


Angelics is one treacherous journey. First there's the selection of angel's with needed skills then the famous mental exams and lastly, and most definitely the hardest to overcome, Physical Education. All of which take about two decades to perfect. Once or if you graduate those you're bestowed a special talent for the use of good and left to your own devices for another decade or so. I'm not sure if they want you to find the meaning of life or anything but at some point in that time frame, The older ones will stick you with another angel for another decade and honestly that's as far as I've gotten....

I'm Kayla, I've been an angel in training for a total of seven decades. Yeah.. yeah.. I know, way more decades then I just named but hey! So what. I was head back a couple of years. I already told you it was tetris....errr...tedious or treacherous... regardless of what I did or didn't say, I will say this. I've MADE IT!

Basic information
eight decades old

Compassionate and clumsy


Name: Hiro Tosho
Birthdate: March 12th, 19
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Special talent
DNA scent


What's happened so far?


Idea checklist/Outline

Tasks coupled

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Hannah stood, waiting in line for the earth bound train to arrive at the station. Fiddling with her fingers, she began to wonder about what would be waiting for her on earth. Were the people there really as strange as everyone said? If so, Would she blend in? Or would they spot her right away? Hannah leaned on one hip and sighed, staring at the ground. She began to wonder about her partner and what she was like. Why the other angels didn't give some info about her partner, Hannah didn't know. She was just happy to know the gender of her partner!

At last the train horn could be heard, though the train wasn't in sight yet, and signaled everyone around her to be ready to board. Hannah picked up her small bag that held all her needed belongings for the adventure below. She didn't really have any belongs of her own, but she was given stuff for earth. Apparently the humans relied heavily on things in their world.

The train arrived with a gust of wind, which nearly knock the bag out of Hannah's hand, and the people began to board. It would be just a short trip to earth.

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"Ummm can you move to your left just a scosche?" Kayla's slightly annoyed temper slipped freely to the crowd standing directly in front of her. Those in the vicinity of her squarespace turned to give her a glance and some even seemed shocked that she'd even spoken...but no one moved. Ahh, great; Angels with no manners! If they don't move I'm never going to see the train come or go! Really, she couldn't blame them for not wanting give up a place in line that had taken them most of their natural born life, even if it was just an inch of airspace. Instead of continuing forward, Kayla squeezed horizontally her small frame through the gathering line of bodies. Once at the platforms edges breathed a sigh of relief puffing her abnormally small chest out for emphasis.

"Well golly, It's much nicer out here!" The good two foot space gave her a clear view of the clouds below and what she thought might be a nice angle to watch the trains approach.

"Ten minutes ladies and gents, Just ten more minutes!" a rather handsome looking angel said as he passed to and fro in the back, completely relaxed. He'd Probably already been on several tasks even though he still looked as freshly excited as the rest of them. Kayla was beaming excitedly at the very nervous looking line when a thought suddenly occurred to her. Why.... am I not nervous about this? Heck, I'm going to hold someone's life in my hands and I don't even feel a burden. She huffed dismissively. I guess I just really don't feel I'll be the one ultimately responsible for whatever happens. After all, I was picked specially for this. A cool breeze swayed her silky, light blonde hair around her face; Short bits lingering around her mouth and eyes as she absentmindedly brushed them away. It was such a wonderful, perfect place here. There was quite literally nothing to dislike here. From what she heard of earth it would not be nearly so beautiful there. She was curious; if God had made both, how different could they really be? Of course that was quite some time ago. The cold had taken to it at the very beginning. Another question arose to the front of her mind. Why did he let them take over in the first place? Her expression had grown increasingly perplexed as her eyes mindlessly watched the fluffy white and blue expanse before her.

"OOh! I hear it!" a girl with short, very curly, red hair practically bounced with nervous excitement "I heard it you guys!"

Kayla's body reacted with thousands of tingly needle sensations the moment the words were spoken. A strange lump formed in Kayla's throat for a brief moment. So much for not being nervous....
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