Bringing Light to the Darkness

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  1. “No,” A woman with blazing green eyes said raising her chin up defiantly.

    “C’mon,” A gruff looking man said in a voice that reminded her of rusty tin.

    “Not going to happen,” She said again putting an edge of ice into her musical voice daring him to continue.
    Shaking his head he backed off slowly with his hands raised in defeat before returning to the fire and group of their rowdy comrades.

    It was a night of celebration. Another battle had been fought. No land had been lost and more of the enemies clan had been finished off than their own . . . at least that’s what she’d liked to think. In all honesty the battles in the past 100 years were all starting to blur together in her mind. No land had been gained since her clan, The Novinas, had taken back the Swamps in the west and in all honesty there hadn’t been a battle where one clan took more lives than they lost since the massacre of Tresder in which her clan suffered greatly. It seemed the Great War was a stale mate. Who would tip the scales in their favor?

    “Kayla,” said a very handsome man as he came striding over to her. He sighed and took a seat beside her away from the commotion and light. In the darkness Kayla looked at her oldest friend. With hair black as moonless cloudy night, strong but kind features and skin that nearly had the color of life in it he was quite easily the most handsome man here. He was tall as well at 6 feet he toward over almost everyone around especially Kayla who stood at only 4 feet and 11 ½ inches.

    “I’m not going,” Kayla said after several moments of silence between them. She knew he’d come over to try to talk some sense into her yet again. All the men had passed by to try to convince her at some point in the past week. Every time there was a ranks change they had the same conversation. He’d start out trying to reason with her saying it was ridiculous to continue to stay out on the borders of their lands and their enemies. He’d say that everyone from home missed her especially Mondos. She’d sigh but say nothing knowing it’d just make him angrier. He’d lose his temper and call her a foolish child who was being stubborn before walking off to go find someone to feed from. When he calmed down he’d return and then he’d leave with the other men back to civilization with warm, soft beds, plenty of humans to feed from and plenty of vampires to enjoy their company.

    However she suddenly felt very tired, just absolutely drained. “Please don’t,” She said her voice coming out weaker than she wanted it to. Randell looked over at the woman he’d come to think of as a younger sister. He was astonished to hear her sound . . . so . . . small. Kayla was a woman who drew everyone’s attention no matter what they were doing or where they were. She had brown hair like rich soil and a musical voice. Her features were soft and her skin was so pale even for a vampire. He remembered after he’d first found her and taken her to Mondos. They’d forced her to drink so much thinking she’d been starved that she would have had the blood coming out of her eyes if possible because of how pale her skin was.

    Even then she always found the strength to hold her head high, fight on through another battle, do for others and hid her own thoughts and emotions from everyone around them. To hear her sounding as if she couldn’t find the strength to even get up from the rock they were sharing worried him. With a sigh of defeat he simply nodded. Hearing him nod rather than seeing it with her emerald green eyes Kayla sighed in relief.

    ((Hope you like it. I didn’t get into it that much thinking our first few posts would be setting up the story for both of our sides and then we’d begin to get closer to meeting.))
  2. Catreis sat in the living room of a dignitary's house and waited for the meeting to be over. She was sick of all the same arguments over and over, and eventually left the room to be to herself. Things weren't looking well for the Enelesi. The Leader was dying, their numbers were dwindling, and the recent battles were doing more harm than good. They were stuck between a really big rock and a hard place, and the only thing to do was the one thing no one believed would ever happen. As far as some were concerned, the Novinas knew nothing of their problems and it should stay that way until otherwise, but no one knew when "otherwise" was. There were warriors in the East that were on their way to the border, but what good was that? War was the reason they were in this mess, and they definitely couldn't use it to get out of it. Especially if it meant losing more people.

    It was night outside, of course, but the sun would be up in several hours. Catreis hoped the meeting would be over before it did. She didn't want to be stuck in Baptiste's house til night fell again. That perverted old man tried to hit on me last time. Creep. Of course, she wouldn't have to if her brother left early as well, but that was a fat chance. Aristide believed in duty. He took his position a lot more seriously than Catreis, and left only when he was dismissed. I could never be like that. Always doing what I'm told... I never have. Even before I was changed.... The young vampire had always been just as defiant as she was beautiful. No one could resist her seemed like. Especially humans. Catreis didn't know if it was her curvaceous body or her seductive personality that always drew men to her, but one thing she was sure of: she liked the attention.

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    "Couldn't resist skipping out on the most important meeting of our lives, could you?" a soft voice said from behind her. In response, she ran her fingers through her hair and laughed, "I guess it's over? Are we all going to die?" "We'll talk about it at home. In the meantime, let's go." Catreis got up and walked out of the front door, her stiletto boots clacking across the marble floor. Aristide had looked troubled. Really, he always looked rather depressing, but this time he looked seriously concerned. Oh, whatever. How bad could it possibly be?"

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  3. They sat like that for a little while. Faye was lost in her own thoughts. She missed the only people she could remember being her family. Randell was one of the first people she remembers. He'd found her wandering aimlessly amongst a battlefield long ago abandoned while he'd been on patrol. That's the first full memory she really has. The feeling of death was all around her. She was lost and not just in the sense that she didn't know where she was. She couldn't remember anything. Not her name and certainly not who her creator was. Randell had brought her straight to Mondos, the leader of their clan. Many were afraid she was just putting up an act. Perhaps this was a form of trickery by the Enelesi? Perhaps something else entirely. Mondos however took her into his home, became almost a father figure to her. To this day Faye can't remember anything before 150 years ago. Sometimes she'll get flashes or feelings that she'd been somewhere or done something before but nothing that stuck, nothing that would give her the answers she wanted.

    Kayla wanted to go home. She wanted to drink and be happy with everyone she held dear but the stalemate the clans seemed to be in from where she sat at least left and uneasy feeling deep inside of her being. Whatever would shift the war would be coming and Kayla was determined to be a part of it. She'd once asked Mondos how the war had been started. "That story is best left for another day," He'd said before quickly changing the subject loosing all his air of grace. Kayla knew this meant he had no clue. He was doing just as the Enelesi's were. Fighting because they were being fought as it had always been. What a silly thing to do in Kayla's mind but she still felt like an outsider looking in at times so kept quiet.

    Randell kept looking at Kayla. Sometimes it was so hard to be around her. She was always in her own mind. One would think that after 150 years knowing someone that they well . . actually know them. He knew Kayla's characteristic and personality like it was his own. He knew that once she'd set her mind on something that there was no stopping her. Knew that she'd risk getting killed to protect any one of their comrades or their make shift family of power. However he didn't know why Kayla continuously chose to remain on the outskirts of the battlefields. It was rather irritating. He'd hate to see the hurt in Mondos's face when once again Kayla didn't return with him. Randell was kind to all he met and loyal to those he trusted. He was a fierce opponent in any situation whether it be life or death or simply a friendly game between friends. Kayla often told him that he was a man of men. He chuckled to himself at the thought still thinking it was too much of a compliment for him.

    Randell's chuckle pulled Kayla out of her mind. She looked at him curiously tilting her head to one side in a silent question. He just shook his head and stood up to stretch. "You going to sit here in your own world all night or are you going to come and see us of properly?" He asked with a sly grin kicking her feet that were dangling from the rock gently. "Of course I will," Kayla said with a smirk sliding gracefully to a standing position, "After all someone's got to show you men how to do it things right." "Is that so?" Randell said his competitive side kicking in. "You'll be regretting those words in the morning," He promised as they begin to walk towards their comrades who were well into the celebration.