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  1. Hello fellow role player how are you? I'm looking for a roleplay partner that would like to do an original roleplay. I'm not much for ones mixed with books, movies, manga, or anime because I'm afraid that i would protray the original characters of the 'rp zone' wrong and to me that is a sin against the artist. :thoughtful:
    I dont mind doing them I would just perfer not to if you want me to do it you better sell it and sell it good :quixotic:
    I, myself am a random person and a nerd. Reading is my favorite pass time I can visualize the scenes that play and that's why i love to roleplay. I can see what myself and the other person I'm interacting with are acting out.
    If you want examples of my work i will gladly post them up for you but for now I'm just going to sell my own stunning personality. Anyway I'm hopeful that someone out there will write a world with me so dont be afraid to step up to bat.

  2. *Steps up to the bat and gets hit by it* ...Ow...

    I feel you on the 'not role playing with books and such'. Originality is always a good thing. Fan-based rps don't do it for me either. I like spawning a character out of no where and then loving it, nurturing it, touch it when it isn't looking, and making it a part of my world!

    Which is what you're looking for, I suppose?

    Do you have any plots, genres, or story lines in mind already?
  3. Right now I really like Yaoi but if you want to do a romance I'm more inclinded to do a heterosextual romance right now...but as far as anything else on your mind goes BRING ME VIOLENCE!!!!! just alittle =3
  4. hehe you replied just as I was writing how sneaky of you =3
  5. I am ninja like that apparently.

    Never done Yaoi before, but I want to wait until my muse and stomach it to do it. Not that I don't enjoy me a gud dude on dude ackshun, but I'm gonna wait for it. Romance seems to be my subplot for most rps, soooo, yeah, I'm swimming in your waters.

    Guess my general questions are: Feel better playing a Dude or a Girl?

    You...never did say what genre you wanted... ;__;
  6. Well, I'm more for fantasy romance if that's cool is so I dont mind playing the guy then we can negotiate plot XD
  7. You have me interested c: As far as fandoms go, I prefer not to role play them too. I don't like basing a role play completely off of a book or a movie or a show. But if there is a book you really love and would like to go with it's plot only altered then I wouldn't mind. I can sometimes be picky on what I role play, but most of the time I'm really not. I don't really like scifi based role plays and that's kind of the only thing.
  8. Then is there a particular role play would want to do?
  9. I'm alllllll out of plots and ideas. *Blink* I'd rather just play follow the leader with you! There are no story lines you have in mind either?
  10. Well I got two ideas, one is with two dangerous asylum patients trying to escape the ward or two murderers are caught and sent to a desert like planet that is livable but there is no real way to escape but they just learn to adapt.
  11. ....I LIKE TEH SECOND.

    PM me teh details!
  12. Not really right now. I'm kind of out of ideas at the moment. Do you have any ideas?
  13. BleedingRainbow if you look above Iliana's post you will see my ideas =3
  14. I'm still looking for other roleplayers though to weryone else out there XD