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  1. Hello there! I'm very interested in role-playing with someone an idea I've been craving to do for awhile now. Here's a little something about me:

    ● I'm male. I'm cool with role-playing both males and females, and I am definitely willing to double, triple and quadruple and role-play many other characters, especially for the role-play I'm about to pitch to you.

    ● I want to better my writing and push myself to new heights, so if you find anything at all wrong with it or somewhere I can improve, don't hesitate to say something. I'll welcome your criticism with open arms.

    ● I have no limits regarding gore, sex, violence, drugs and swearing.

    ● I enjoy romance in role-plays.

    ● I enjoy OOC talk.

    ● I prefer to skip character sheets and get right to it, but if you'd prefer to have them, I'm down.

    ● I prefer to role-play in PM rather than a thread, but if you'd like it the other way around, we can do that too.

    ● I will very frequently contribute ideas to a plot and help progress the story.

    ● I guarantee you I'll tell you if I'm losing interest and plan on dropping it, although I certainly hope this isn't the case.

    ● I can write quite a bit depending on how inspired I am at the time, which can range from two paragraphs to ten. If you'd like a sample of my work, you can find some from the most recent role-play I've been working on here:

    Onto the good stuff:

    In the early 1700's an event struck earth, forever changing the inhabitants who walked the surface of the planet. Humans were no longer alone. Through unknown forces two differing worlds were forced together, unifying humans who until this event lived alone, and all manner of beasts, witches and magic that are today considered fairy-tale and myth. These fantastical creatures have managed to live quietly among humans, allowing them to live in ignorance of their existence. However, such a difficult ruse is not without a a very meticulous hand.

    It's 2015 and in the windy city Chicago humans remain in blissful ignorance of the witches and warlocks that keep a tight, unrelenting leash on the plethora of fantastical creatures that roam the streets. The Brigmore, a coven of witches and warlocks, reign supreme over all the creatures in the city with influence, intimidation and an iron fist, and their power only grows stronger as their sphere of influence grows wider. There is no negotiating with their verdict. Failure to comply with their demands means the release of the Brigmore Insidiatori, a widely feared, hated, and ruthless group composed of fantastical creatures who carry out the bloody work of massacring the rival witch and warlock covens and any creature that willingly or unwittingly breaks the Brigmore Lex, which are a set of laws placed by the coven to protect humans and prevent the revealing of fantasy creatures to them.

    However, as the Brigmore grow in size and power, they are met with contempt by their fellow supernatural. Rival witch and warlock covens of opposing beliefs want the power the Brigmore possess, and convene to bring about the Brigmore's downfall. Utilizing all the pain and destruction the Brigmore have wrought upon their fellow supernatural in an attempt to bring order, they help spark a slow, but steady revolt that can result in a full-blown civil war, potentially turning the earth on its head, leaving humanity's very existence threatened, and leaving the Brigmore power shattered.

    The initial idea behind this was a character, a young witch, who happens to be a member of the Brigmore coven. She is sent into the human world to live as they do, to further her understanding of the beings she is meant to protect, but not without sending a member (my character) of the infamous Brigmore Insidiatori with her as a guardian to ward off any rival covens or other supernatural from doing the young apprentice harm.

    However, I don't want to limit your creativity, so if you'd like to take on an entirely different role, I'd understand entirely and wouldn't have a problem with it at all. Most of this is also up for changing, so if you think you might have an idea we could possibly incorporate, feel free to let me know! I'm also somewhat interested in not only possibly having a single partner participate in this role-play, but two, a 1x1x1. However, this depends on how much interest I acquire and who is willing to be involved.

    If you're interested, please PM me!
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