Brightening Days

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    As we edge from the time of spring romances and happiness, from the giddy ending of classes and hopes for summer, or simply experience change in our lives unrelated to either of these, it can be hard to keep up spirits.

    What I want to know is this: what do you do to cheer yourself up, make yourself feel better, and help pick you back up when you're down?
    (P.S. If you're unhappy and you need someone to talk about feelings to, I and many of the other marvelous people here would be happy to listen. Don't keep things bottled up inside if you need to talk. <3 Be healthy and be safe.)
  2. -must appease Kitti so she doesn't go on a murderous rampage-


    I cuddle them, look at videos on Youtube of kitties, and do anything that has to do with kitties.

    Except for when my poor baby died :( My cat had to be put down in January, so looking up kitties didn't make me happy then, but it usually does!

    If kitties don't work, then jamming out to the Lucky Star theme song and other anime theme songs work too!

  3. KITTENS! Kittens always make me happy. 8D

    I like to roleplay. o__o Roleplaying usually cheers me up too.

    And sometimes I just go to the cbox and demand that everyone give me compliments so I feel better. 8D I haven't been let down yet!
  4. On days when I'm not feeling good about myself or how I look, which happens now and then, I like to really focus in on how I look and I spend time just making myself feel pretty.
    I'll take a bath (and use bath salts if I have it). Soak and use nice smelling soaps.
    After that, I will actually remember to use lotion when I'm doing the "make myself feel less bleh" sequence.
    From there, it's messing with my hair, putting on make-up, etc.

    For other things, being upset or sad, I tend to go one of two ways: listening to music and writing or something along those lines or grabbing someone that's around that I like talking to and turning my bad feelings around to instead shower the person I'm talking to with affection, positive comments, and pleasantness.
  5. If there is something that makes me angry or upset, I draw a picture that represents it. I'm normally open about my art, and like to show it off, but these are the few drawings that I don't show to anyone. I usually feel better after the drawing is done.

    And then I try and talk to people I enjoy spending time with.
  6. I don't really have pets to like...nuzzle and things.

    Usually, if I am just down in the dumps, nature is my day brightener. Everything is innocent in nature to me. The wind does not mean to blow the leaf the ant was sitting on. The water does not mean to rage and rush against rapids. But it always does, because they have to. This is why it brightens me. I love nature. It's only job is to exist. Exist to give life.

    I can not argue with life. They say all things die in time. But my large sitting stone? My tree that drops seeds? My stream? The wind? The sun? The smells? They're everlasting. my day brightener.
  7. If I am blah, I like to do a multitude of things. As of now one of them is horse riding, or even just visiting with them in the pasture. Otherwise, I like to make things. It distracts me from whatever that's going on and in the end, I am doing something productive.