Bright Dreams in a Dark World

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  1. Belle was born and raised as a vampire; a creature of the night, thriving on the blood of humans. She's been taught her entire life (a short one hundred thirty four years) that it is wrong to change a human into a vampire, and that their immaturity would only cause them to wreak havoc and chaos, and expose the entire vampire community; her only job in life has been to track down those that were not born as vampires, and to eliminate them, along with their creators.

    After decades of the same routine her entire life, Belle begins to question her morals, and wonder why it is forbidden to turn humans into one of her kind. After a brief conversation with one of these apostate vampires, before ending his life and that of his Changed lover, Belle realizes that her life has been lonelier than she had previously known, and becomes that which she has spurned and hunted her entire life: a Renegade.


    This is an idea I've been working on for a little while, and honestly, I'm kind of really excited about it. If you're interested in playing Belle's partner (the one that hunts with her and goes on this little journey with her), or some other character that you think would be pretty fantastic to go along with this plot, let me know. :D Hell, the name could change, the characters could change; everything's kind of up in the air right now. @___@
  2. I'm very interested! I'd be glad to play your character's partner, as well as one of the couple you mentioned in the description, if we're starting that far back ^^
  3. I would like to start a few days, maybe even months before the encounter I had described above, developing some kind of meaningful relationship with Belle's partner, and eventually developing some kind of love-bond between them. Whether that is a family kind of love, or a romantic love is yet to be decided, and we'll work that one out later, but I do want there to be some kind of loyalty between our two characters before we get to the point where she questions her way of life and the things she has been taught her entire life, so that when she decides to go Renegade, she has someone either most certainly on her side, or totally against her just because their views are different. I dunno. There are a lot of angles to be considered. xD If you're still interested, PM me, and we'll talk. :3