Briarwood Academy: The Least Of Your Problems Is Your Grades Open&Accepting

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  1. Welcome To Briarwood Academy

    Here we have one strict rule: Don't Get Caught

    Briarwood is a prestigous academy for the rich, the talented or both. At the entrance ceremony everyone was told the bolded words above and dissmissed. Everyone took it lightly. Someone didn't. Every Friday ever since last summer someone has ended up missing. Not dead just.... missing without a trace never to be seen again. At first everyone was sure that the person would get caught, now nobody is sure.

    Last month, October, in everyones phones the haunting message in all caps: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN BITCHES was sent out to everyone.

    A twitter was made that same day with the name of @Briar_Bitches. It announces who will be kidnapped five minutes before it happens. It generally taunts everyone. On top of that it occasionally releases secrets of people at his or her own whim. You were forced to follow it and you can't unfollow no matter how hard you try. After that it became a Instagram, a Tumblr and any other social media you could think of as a solace.

    Now everyone has to deal with the struggle of making it through a friday, grades and relationships.

    How do you cope?
    (I'm accepting characters into any of these sections.)
    The Jocks/Generally Popular Ones

    King, quarterback :Tsena:
    Head cheerleader :Violet Garnet:
    :Beau Galagher:
    :Chadwick Desliva:
    :Felix Callie:

    The Misfits (Nerd, Delinquent, emo etc..)

    Queen Of The Misfits :Roselynn Dunlop:
    The Artist :Annabelle:
    :Greg Jones:
    :Jasmine 'Thorn' Madison:

    No-Group (hangs with whoever)

    :Joseph Rayne:
    :Alexa Jayden 'AJ' Ortiz:
    :Fiona Catherine Lee:

    :RESERVED: (@HelloBeautifulChild)
    :Violet Garnet:

    Character Sheet

    {Picture/GIF here. Only real people}
    {Quote from your character here}
    Position: (Queen Bee, jock, popular one, delinquent.. etc...)

    History: (optional)


    Talent: (If you got in on being rich list it)
    Extra Curricular:
    Schedule: (You have 8 periods in a day, first is homeroom and third is free period if you have above a B-average.)

    Twitter Name: (Your characters, not yours)
    Relationships: (Who you love, hate, like or date. Any relationship you have with anyone.)

    1. Your characters social media is VERY important. You can't simply ignore it.​
    2. Your characters relationships are very important as well, don't leave out the details​
    3. Post atleast once every three days, if you need to leave for longer make your character stay home sick or something​
    4. You may have up to three characters​
    5. Your characters secrets can and WILL be released!​
    6. It's highschool. Be realistic. The Queen Bee isn't publicly dating a nerd. Nice try.​

    Student Information Sheet
    1. Anabelle :Senior: @Icedoodle12
    • Homeroom
    • AP Gov.
    • Free period (Though she says she is going to another class far away and hides from her friends)
    • AP Physics
    • Calculus
    • AP Lit
    • Art
    • Orchestra

    1. Roselynn :Senior” @HeartOfMusic
    • Homeroom
    • AP History
    • Free Period (Spends her time in the music room)
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Calculus/ Trigonometry
    • Sr AP English/ Lit
    • AP German IV
    • Orchestra

    1. Greg :Senior: @Greggo96
    • Homeroom
    • Social Studies
    • Free Period
    • Psychology
    • Art History
    • English
    • Historical Studies
    • Philosophy

    1. Beau :Senior: @CockyBeauie18
    • Homeroom
    • Calculus
    • Forensic Science
    • Psychology II
    • Comparative Literature
    • Creative writing III
    • Weight Lifting
    • P.E

    1. Jasmine :Junior: @RoselessThorn
    • Homeroom
    • Choir
    • Forensic Science
    • Fashion Design and Illustration
    • Painting
    • English IV
    • Calculus
    • P.E

    1. Tsena :Senior: @ThatOneAsian
    • Homeroom
    • Physics
    • Library Aid (He volunteers to make his College Transcript look good)
    • Psychology
    • Calculus
    • Sr. AP Literature
    • Photography II
    • German III

    1. Joseph :Sophmore: @PastelFaggot
    • Homeroom
    • Physics
    • Piano III (No free period for this B-C student)
    • Fashion Design & Illustration
    • Algebra II
    • English
    • European History
    • P.E

    1. Felix :Junior: @DolphineBoy
    • Homeroom
    • European History
    • Free Period
    • Psychology
    • Drama
    • English
    • P.E
    • Choir
    1. Chadwick :Senior: @Desilvabitches96
    • Homeroom
    • Physics
    • Free period
    • English
    • Drama
    • P.E
    • European History
    • Photography II
    1. Alexa :Junior: @SuperLezzieLexie13
    • Homeroom
    • Choir
    • Free Period
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Art
    • English
    • AP Biology
    • P.E

    1. Fiona :Junior: @
    • Homeroom
    • Calculus
    • Free period {Spends it in the Library}
    • Culinary Class
    • Chemistry
    • English
    • Creative Writing
    • P.E
    1. Violet :Junior: @VioletArnada
    • Homeroom
    • Physics
    • Free Period
    • Psychology
    • French 2
    • Calculus
    • Photography II
    • World Biology
    1. Taylor Moore :Junior: @MooreTaylors1397
    • Homeroom
    • AP English Literature
    • Free Period
    • AP Calculus
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP U.S. History
    • Game Design
    • German IV
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  2. This seems interesting. I am going to take a misfit.
  3. @IceQueen
    Sounds good, your spot is reserved.​
  4. Can I reserve a misfit?
  5. I may well join this...

    But releasing secrets makes me a little...hesitant to join

    Just seems like I'd have to make a shallower character, for my own sake XD

    I'll see about joining as a misfit
  6. @KayThePilotChapter
    It's reserved for you

    No need! You don't need a shallow secret, it can be something simple that you simply don't tell people unless they ask. Or something thats more awkward than horrifyingly embarrassing.
  7. I'll see what I have to work with

    Probably just gonna be that his first kiss was with a guy, even if it was on accident, that's embarrassing for the type of guy I'll probably play
  8. [BCOLOR=transparent][​IMG][/BCOLOR]
    Got nothing good to say? Good, get lost
    Annabelle Lyla Carin
    Misfit- The Artist

    On the outside, Anna is a bit prickly. If you actually get to know her, she is pretty cool. She doesn't show it much to others but she is actually
    pretty nice. She just keeps an aggressive exterior because unless you have some stripes like her, she won't believe that you
    are worthy of understanding her. She doesn't like jocks in particular, since they seem to have
    a habit of making fun of her. She appears to be made of ice, and impossible
    to break, but deep down, she hates all of it and it really gets to her.
    She tries to solve it though creativity, but it is never

    Anna grew up in a small but happy home. But as time went on and the pay for her parents gradually increased, they started working to earn
    more, and leaving her alone more often. Since then, she lost parental support and since they where always to busy and
    stressed to see anything, she started experimenting with ways to make them notice her.
    She drew on the walls, left notes, and lots of other things, but they never seemed to notice her. All this while, she
    had been pushed around by bullies at school, and with no one to help her, she resolved to one option she thought would help, pain.
    She still feels this way, and has given up on trying to get their attention, she has basically given up everything.

    She can sing pretty well, she just likes to hide her voice ever since one incident a few years ago. She likes to draw, and carries her sketch book
    around all the time. She is a pretty geeky girl, and she it good at writing, but only songs.

    Anna can not for the life of her play any sport. She does like making risks and taking them. She can't dance like
    she so fly, and she doesn't like popular music as much. She consumes a lot of food (mostly carbs)
    from her high metabolism. She comes off as kind of antisocial and a bit aggressive, but she
    uses that as a defense mechanism.

    She bounces her leg up and down, due to her consumption of carbs, likes to twirl her pencil, and she bites bet bottom lip a
    lot when she writes or is trying to concentrate.

    She is actually pretty smart
    She has hooked up once
    She accidentally kissed a girl once
    At a party, she ended up being the only one sober
    She was kicked out of dance class
    She can sing
    She broke a heel while trying to sing a solo once in front of a large audience
    She self harms, especially when her secrets are revealed or she feels social pressure.

    -Likes writing music
    -Grades(though she hides it)

    ~Extra Curricular~
    Creative Writing
    1. Homeroom
    2. AP Goverment
    3. Free period (Though she says she is going to another class far away and hides from her friends)
    4.Ap Physics
    5. Calculus
    6. AP Lit
    8. Orquesta (Plays cello)

    ~Twitter Name~
    Currently, no one
    |Thorn| Her pal, who she likes messing around with her. She often snap chats her and is pretty close to the rebel
    |Roselynn| One of her very best friends. She is not afraid to be weird around her, and
    she is constantly showing her weird side to her.
    |Joseph| Joseph is another one of her friends that she keeps close. She almost feels protective over the little guy.
    |Tsnea| For a jock, he's alright. Sure its a little annoying that he likes being nice to everyone and doesn't have the heart to tell them off, but he helped her out. She owes something to him
    |Skye| She showed up, again at the worst possible moment. She feels bad for making the girl hate her, but there is something about her that seems to put her on edge.
    |Felix| He basically showed up at the worst possible moment, and managed to make her mad.
    She would like to have him gone.
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  9. Can I reserve the Misfit Queen?
  10. And I want a no group, since I have a plan
  11. Roselynn.jpg
    Don't judge me when you can't even look at yourself in the Mirror.

    Roselynn Dunlop




    Misfit Queen

    She is patient and caring, almost always offering a smile or laugh to a situation. While polite and calm to a fault, she is not the most social person, but when she does become close with someone it is because she truly wants to. She dislikes being patronized and will not indulge others.
    This can make her look like a snob, and her seeming perfection at everything does not help this perception of her. She is a genuinely intelligent young woman, a prodigal violinist and pianist. Her intelligence is also apparent through her spot on the National Honor Role

    History: (optional)
    Rose's childhood from the outside was picturesque in its ways; she had a beautiful mother and a doting father. At the young age of three her mother started her with piano and violin lessons and it was discovered that she had a natural talent for them. So most of her days were spent at school then home to practice. Her parents enrolled her in a prestigious elementary school school where she flourished and was the top student. As she got older and reached her teens her parents started to loose interest in her focusing on their careers. Her father owned a law firm and her mother a top rated neurosurgeon, so most of the time her parents were away from home. Taking this as her opportunity to fully express herself she and dyed her hair a purple color, gauged her ears and pierced both of her nostrils

    Talking in front of people
    Listening to other's problems
    She writes her own music
    School (Pretty much every subject and isn't shy about it)
    A total fan girl of many things
    Dancing (Classical and modern)

    Letting people in
    admitting she is wrong
    She comes off as cold and distant but its only because she is untrusting of other's especially the popular people.

    biting her bottom when in thought
    playing with her hair when she is nervous
    Playing with her necklace in uncomfortable situations

    She was raped by her piano teacher
    Abused by her parents
    She has never been drunk
    She has depression
    She hooked up with the captain of the football team
    She still sleeps with a stuffed animal
    Has a crush on Beau Gallagher

    being rich

    Extra Curricular:

    1. Homeroom
    2. AP History
    3. Free Period (Spends her time in the music room or in the Library)
    4. AP Chemistry
    5. AP Calculus/ Trigonometry
    6. Sr AP Literature
    7. AP German IV
    8. Orchestra

    Twitter Name:

    Crush |Beau Gallagher| She began to be his tutor their freshman year and she couldn't help but find him immensely attractive. As the time went on she found out that he was funny and sweet and she fell really hard for him.
    Best Friend(s)|
    ||Annabelle|| Rose met Anna in Orchestra their freshman year and they were the misfits together and have been best friends ever since.
    ||Jasmine|| Rose and Thorn are fairly close and referred as the deadly duo. They became friends when they met in Orchestra Thorn's freshman year and ever since then they have always been really close. Rose knows Thorn has a crush on her and Rose thinks its flattering and even likes her as well
    ||Joseph|| Joseph and Rose meet his freshman year in the piano room and Rose took it upon herself to bring the Freshman into her inner circle regardless of him being a social butterfly.
    ||Greg|| She doesn't really hate him but accepts him in her group, liking him for the way he is
    ||Tsena|| Doesn't hate him and doesn't really like him but they have developed a healthy respect for each other
    ||Felix|| She doesn't really know him there for she doesn't have any feelings for him

    Hates| The Clique Queen
    ||Chad|| Does not like him at all. Rose and him don't click and every time they see each other in the halls she sneers or says some snide remark about him. She hates that he lies about everything.

    Tutors before and after School
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  12. @IceQueen
    @Poisoned Rose

    First hour is homeroom and third is free period if you have above a B-average. The rest is purely up to you and what classes your character would be taking (For example for a smart at math sophmore maybe 1. Homeroom 2.Pre-Calculus 3. Homeroom 4. Health 5. Sophmore Lit. 6. Conceptual Physics 7. European History 8. Journalism
  13. [​IMG]
    "These disappearances are a challenge...I will profile and find the person behind them"

    Greg Jones


    12 (no idea what this actually means...)



    Generally comedic, often oushing his boundries, and at times, incapable of using his common sense, Greg loves to be in on gossip, though he rarely spreads or believes it, he just finds it fun to listen to the stories

    lightening a mood, and relieving tension in an atmosphere
    Riddles (he likes to think so)
    Psychological reading and profiling

    Anxiety of being judged by his peers
    Shy around new people
    Clingy at times

    Twutches idly when not doing anything interesting, mostly his right eye twitching around a little
    Bounces his leg when restless

    Has stage fright
    Was kissed by another boy when acting out a play in front of his old school
    Dabbles in poetry

    Great actor
    Can play most instruments
    Sings well

    Extra Curricular:

    1. Homeroom
    2. Social Studies
    3. Free Period
    4. Psychology
    5. Art History
    6. English
    7. Historical Studies
    8. Philosophy

    Twitter Name:

    None (yet)​
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  14. Finished her up!
  15. Ohh this looks awesome! Can I join the No-Group?
  16. Would you mind if I joined as a no-group?
  17. @DapperDogman it means that they are a senior it goes like this in most US highschools:

    9- Freshman
    10- Sophmore
    11- Junior
    12- Senior
    And I finished it up
  18. I'm a Brit haha, so I was a little unsure, thanks for the explanation
  19. @DapperDogman I had a feeling you did not know and was more than happy to explain it to you ^^
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