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Should there be positions or should people create characters entirely on their own?

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  1. Yes, provide descriptive positions open to interpretation complete with loose relationships.

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  2. No, let people do all of that on their own.

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  3. Yes, positions, but no relationships. Let people set that up on their own time.

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    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx██████ ██ █████████████████████████████████████████████
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/////////////////////////////xxxx( xbaby`s on firexxxxxshe got me goin` crazyx )x
    ██ x██ x██ x██ x x██ xx██ x██

    Located in the affluent suburbs of Boston, where all the graces of society shine brilliantly upon the surfaces of pearls and diamonds glimmering from around the necks of trophy wives, the prestigious preparatory school known as Briarton lies in the quiet, expansive countryside, kept locked away from the public eye behind intricate, iron-wrought gates. Since its founding in 1736, Briarton has risen to the top of the rankings with the aid of its brilliant students and the generous of their even wealthier parents eager to see their progeny succeed. A private school with access to only the cream of the crop, the desire to enroll was merely unrealistic fantasy for those who fell outside of the circles occupied by the truly powerful or the exceptionally gifted. During its golden age, an era of unrivaled glory, Briarton reigned supreme as the number one academic institution for youths aged 14 to 18. Hopefuls poured through the gates from near and far, hailing from every corner of the earth, with the desire to walk through its halls as one of them. But with the bars set almost impossibly high, dreams are smashed to dust with each failed entrance exam. The slim few who made it through the first circle of hell wore the school's crest upon their lapel with pride, for it was because of this school would the stepping stones to greatness be laid before them.

    Briarton's reputation has declined since then, no longer heralded as the zenith of modern education but as a glorified playground for rich rascals with far too much money and time on their hands, the spawn of emotionally unavailable oligarchs far to involved with the affairs of their job to spare their offspring the basic necessities required to rear respectful and empathetic children. The once-pristine name of Briarton has been tarnished, as world-renowned professors cower at the feet of reckless hellions and their bank accounts, as administrators turn a blind eye to the illegal activities of the gilded youth, as parents send their troubled kids there as a way to simply not have to deal with them-- as the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind, and for many, it seemed that several students faced similar situations at home. The neglect they received from families only turned them down an increasingly destructive path, one where all of the world's vices became confidantes and constant companions, where money filled the ever-growing voids in their hearts. Wild parties and tumultuous romances lead to relationships gone haywire, soured by a cocktail of manipulation and power games. Lives are crushed and then left to collect the pieces, hastily strung back together with drugs and alcohol smuggled in at the request of those looking to grow lost for a few more hours in their potent effects. Bodies intertwine at night under tangled bedsheets in order to distract from the demons that consume and whisper tales of a perfect afterlife hidden in the barrel of a gun.

    Behind it all sit Briarton's royalty upon their petty thrones, a perfect smile curved upon their pretty faces. Beautiful people who dabble in ugly things, they destroy and take as they please, and all of Briarton merely bows in response. They are the illustrious Elite, sovereign deities who exist only to indulge in hedonistic pleasures and to ruin all who oppose them. Life is merely a game when one has nothing to lose, because nothing can be taken from these untouchable beings. Beneath them grovel the peasants, the "Normals"; typical, unsuspecting students who haven't made it yet in order to be accepted into their ranks. They live in the shadows and in fear of the Elite, who use them like toys, only to discard them once they've grown bored and move on to find a shinier plaything. If life is but a game for the Elite, then life is all about survival for the Normals. They've learned three things that surpass any sort of textbook lesson or theorem in terms of importance; keep one's head down and leave the limelight left to those at the top, then brace for impact when it all comes crashing down.

    For many years, Briarton has seen generation after generation graduate under this same hierarchical model, which has continued to rule over the general student populace, the unfortunates with one flaw to many to be admitted into the ranks of Briarton royalty. Despite the widespread detestation for the tyrants that play puppet master, there lies still, inexplicably, the desire for their stamp of approval, to be accepted as one of their own. They hang upon every word glibly spoken and spring upon the chance to entertain as if it were a divine purpose ordained upon them, until the party is over and the Elite's backs are turned, and the resentment resumes itself once more. But this time, students notice something inexplicably different as they pour through the double doors for the start of a new year; an electric tension in the air promises the arrival of a storm upon the horizon as the lives of the ordinary and naive are dragged like feed for lions into the arena of the Elite. Fate has woven these threads into their story, and it is only fate that can tell what will become of them in the end.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxE V E R Y B O D Yx T A K Ex Ax L O O Kx A Tx M E
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxE V E R Y B O D Yx T A K Ex Ax L O O Kx A Tx M E xxxxxx////////
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxE V E R Y B O D Y x T A K Ex Ax L O O Kx A T x M E

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    now we're in the ring and ( ♕ ) we're coming for blood ▬ ▬
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYOU CAN TRY AND TAKE US xxxxxxx YOU CAN TRY AND TAKE USxxx
    x♥ ┄ ♥ ┄ ♥ xxxxxb u txx w e ' r e xx t h e xx g l a d i a t o r s xx e v e r y o n e xx a xx r a g e r xx b u t xx s e c r e t l y xx t h e y ' r e xx
    s a v i o r s
    ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

    x the ELITE ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Briarton's infamous Elite, a fearsome squadron of impeccable teens leading far from impeccable lives. They have both the
    beauty and the money to dominate their more simple counterparts, ruling over the scool with stony exteriors and iron
    fists. These are the alphas, heirs and heiresses to the enormous wealth of renowned families. They're known primarily
    for bending the rules to their will, throwing parties wild enough to destroy lives for good and getting away with nearly
    anything because their wallets are lined with extra to spare. It is said that you are simply born into the Elite, picked from
    your very first day if you've got the stuff and there until your very last. No one ever works their way in; they're an
    exclusive, VIP clique, and what they say, goes.

    ( name | grade | face claim | played by )

    1) Ronan Kavinsky | 12th | Diego Barrueco | Played by; Viscera


    x the NORMALS ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Although many of the Normals are also relatively rich, as are most students that attend Briarton, quite a few are also of poorer
    background who made it to the prestigious preparatory through hard work and talent alone. For all of their years spent at
    Briarton they've been strictly kept out of the affairs of the Elite; it is common dogma that the two don't mix-- it may not be said,
    but it is certainly known. They've watched from outside of the Elite's gilded cage all of the antics that ensue, shaking their
    heads in disapproval, and yet, part of them yearns to share the spotlight with their overlords. But this year, everything has
    changed-- they've been pulled in like unsuspecting flies to a spider's web, chosen, for some inexplicable reason, to play the part
    of royalty. At this point, there's no turning back-- that would be kissing a social life goodbye. Welcome to the limelight, prepare
    for hell.

    ( name | grade | face claim | played by )




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    now we're in the ring and ( ♕ ) we're coming for blood ▬ ▬
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYOU CAN TRY AND TAKE US xxxxxxx YOU CAN TRY AND TAKE USxxx
    x♥ ┄ ♥ ┄ ♥ xxxxxb u txx w e ' r e xx t h e xx g l a d i a t o r s xx e v e r y o n e xx a xx r a g e r xx b u t xx s e c r e t l y xx t h e y ' r e xx s a v i o r s
    ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀


    • Encompassing the campus of Briarton is tall, gothic iron-wrought fence. Before, it was installed for the sake of security reasons, however, today it is more of a decoration if anything. The main means of entrance to the campus still remains through the front gate, an intricate and intimidating thing that screams wealth. Located close by is a mailbox, where all packages and envelopes belonging to students or teachers are delivered. Usually, a Teacher Assistant is assigned to collect the mail each morning and bring it to the processing center, where it will then be taken to each designated person.

    • A clock tower named after McAllister, the man who donated the money to see it built, looms over Briarton. At every hour, it emits a loud, gong-like sound that resonates across the campus. If it were completely quiet and if one were close enough, they would be able to hear the tick of the minute hand as it makes its rounds. Though it is several centuries old, the groundskeeper does a good job maintaining it. Students, however, are prohibited from entering the clock tower under any circumstances.

    • Also a very old piece of architecture, the aqueduct, located farther out from the main building, sits among birch trees. Its purpose is to, of course, collect rainwater and to prevent a flood, as it rains quite often. Some believe the water is recycled into the school, though in reality it simply sits there until dry spells where it is then evaporated. When full, ducks and geese often visit. Most students stay away from the area, as a few decades back one unfortunate fell in and drowned. Teachers never fail to scare freshmen with this story.

    • Directly outside of the corridors of the west wing is the garden, a beautifully maintained plot of pink tea roses and wisteria-covered arbors. In front of beds of pansies is the occasional stone bench for students to sit upon. Aside from the library, this place has become a popular study spot, especially when the day is beautiful and the weather permits it. However, such a day is rare especially in the spring when the majority of the flowers are blooming, and aside from that, it's usually empty.

    • Briarton's most impressive building, aside from the main one, is easily the church. The school was originally founded as a catholic academy, complete with on-campus sermons to attend each Sunday. However, only a decade or so afterwards, Briarton opened its doors to all religions, and dropped Catholicism from the agenda. The church remains unused, though maintained, for the most part. The candles inside are always kept lit, the stained glass spotless, and the statues free of dust. But few venture in their out of their own accord.

    • The boys' dormitory resides on the east side of the campus, opposite of the girls' dormitory. It is much older than the latter, as Briarton, for most of its existence, did not admit female students nearly two centuries later since its founding. Its renaissance style architecture gives it a regal appearance, adorned with aged bronze motifs and curling accents. Inside, the commons has become the usual location of the royals' parties. Rent is roughly 1550 pounds ($2,400) a month, which covers the expenses of utilities and boarding. The cost varies, depending on the size of the room as well as the amount of persons to share it. A student is able to choose a roommate in order to share the cost of rent and scholarships are also offered to cover the price. Pets of any kind are prohibited. A mandatory uniform is provided, however, on time off students are allowed to wear normal clothing as long as it is within the dress code.

    • The girls' dormitory is located on the west side of the campus, opposite of the boy's dormitory. It appears considerably newer than the rest of the campus, partly because it was built in 1909 when Briarton opened its doors to women. Rent is roughly 1550 pounds ($2,400) a month, which covers the expenses of utilities and boarding. The cost varies, depending on the size of the room as well as the amount of persons to share it. A student is able to choose a roommate in order to share the cost of rent and scholarships are also offered to cover the price. House pets of any kind are prohibited. A mandatory uniform is provided, however, on time off students are allowed to wear normal clothing as long as it is within the dress code.

    • On the edge of Gillcrest field lies the forest, a place off limit to students who do not have permission to be there. Any sort of smuggling goes down here, where goods are dropped off and then transported inside Briarton walls. Elite are known among the student body to frequent the forest more than most, typically to smoke as well as to engage in other various prohibited recreational activities. It's a fairly peaceful place as well as expansive, and if one does not know what they are doing, they can easily become lost.

    • The western portion of the school. It is an open corridor, with greco-roman style columns that separate it from the gardens. At the end of the corridor is a stairwell, but it has been closed off this year for renovation. Some of Briarton's classes are located here, typically electives. During passing periods it becomes quite busy.

      Core Classes:
      English I
      English IV
      Advanced Biology

      Intro to Economics
      Economics I
      Economics II
      Political Science I
      Political Science II
      Home Economics
      French I-IV
      Spanish I-IV

    • Between both wings is the central courtyard, an open area constructed of white stone. In the middle of it is a large, square fountain donated to the school by a former alumni. Underneath the water, the floor glitters a bright copper. Students often throw coins in it as part of a superstition that by throwing in a penny, a wish of theirs shall be granted. They coat the bottom of the fountain, and at night, the light from lampposts casts an orange glow when reflected off their surface.

    • The eastern portion of the school. Unlike the western portion, the walls are closed off as opposed to the open columns of the West Wing. At the end of the corridor is a stairwell that leads to the second floor. If a student peers through one of the windows on the stairwell, they can see the aqueduct lying in the distance. Similar to the west wing, during passing periods it becomes busy, and the stairwell becomes especially congested.

      Core Classes:
      English II
      English III
      Algebra 2/Trigonometry

      Intro to Psychology
      Psychology II
      Graphic Arts & Animation
      Concert Band
      Chamber Choir
      Consumer Science
      Creative Writing
      Russian I - IV
      Mandarin I - IV
      Japanese I - IV

    • A large field upon which Briarton sits. It is called Gillcrest Field as the previous owner was a humble farmer by the name of Gillcrest who sold it to Briarton's founder. The school's top three sports, soccer, football, and polo, take place here. On spring and summer mornings, if one rises early enough, they can watch the sun rise above the field's horizon. It is usually occupied by the football team or by riders and their horses or both, and tournaments involving sister schools are frequently held here. The most frequent presence, however, is the soccer team, as soccer is by far Briarton's best sport, with an astounding soccer team that has gone unbeaten for the past 6 years.

    • Part of the reason why Briarton has a separate building for its art studio is because a very wealthy donor gave away a large sum of his fortune after his passing to the school in order to fund its arts program. Here, classes like woodshop, ceramics, and art I - IV are held. It is located close to the west wing and from its windows has a clear view of almost all of Gillcrest field. Many of its windows are tinted in order to keep paintings from fading. It has a very distinct smell, a pungent mix between turpentine and charcoal.

      Core Classes:

      Art History
      Interior Design
      Fashion & Textiles
      Anatomical Studies

    • Briarton is known especially for its library, a massive room with domed ceilings that seemingly stretch on for miles. It feels rather austere with its massive size and dark oak paneling-- one often feels very small in such a room. Nevertheless, it remains a popular study spot; copies of all of the textbooks required at Briarton can be found there, as well as various other works of fiction and non-fiction. The school is in possession of a large collection of books, which have been acquired over the years from various sources, the main one of course being from the money of donors. The library is a popular study spot, and during prep periods is full of students working on assignments or trying to cram for exams. Volume levels are strictly kept at a low whisper.

    • Every morning at 8:00 AM and every night at exactly 7:00 PM students come to the dining hall in order to have breakfast and dinner. Lunch is also offered at 12:00 AM, however attendance is optional and some students choose to use that time for extra studying. Meals are typically full course, with multiple options placed on the tables for students serve themselves. It is a long room filled with equally long, oak tables that are lined with leather-seated chairs. At the very front of the room hang several pictures of Briarton's past headmasters, while a large window further above the paintings allows sunlight to flood into the room. However, small lamps are still set out in order to further provide light, as on particularly gloomy days it is greatly needed. Students who skip meals too often are sent to the Headmaster's office for conferencing, simply out of concern and/or suspicion.

    • Off to the side of Gillcrest field and close to the forest is Briarton's river and corresponding crew house. It really isn't used for much aside from crew, Briarton's third main sport. After school, the crew team is always seen rowing, making laps in the river and training for upcoming tournaments. The river is small so most crew tournaments are, in turn, small or held elsewhere. Occasionally couples visit the old, eroding stone bridge. During the summer, it becomes unbearably congested with gnats and duck poop.

    • The auditorium is often occupied by the theater group, who practices and performs all of their plays there. They're usually a hit among the student body, as they often raise several hundreds of dollars in ticket sales with each play. The orchestra, concert band, and chamber choir alike also use the auditorium for their performances, though they have separate rooms where classes are held. Assemblies are also held in the auditorium, as well as small events like film festivals that might be thrown by extra-curricular clubs.

    • Briarton is in possession of a very impressive indoor pool, located next to the gymnasium. Though it is often used by the water polo team and for the occasional gym class, when unoccupied it is open for public use among the Briarton students. The pool is broken up into three sections; a thin strip off to the side for swimming laps, a section for diving, and the rest is left open for other activities. It reaches depths of 12 feet, especially in the diving area. Oddly enough, a white, marble statue stands at the head of the pool, perhaps for decorative reasons.

    • The Atrium is a massive greenhouse of sorts, with an entirely glass, domed ceiling. It is filled with several plants, especially trees of moderate size. Being almost entirely made of windows, it lets in a great deal of sunlight and makes for a very pleasant setting. Every year for one morning, the Headmaster invites the school's top students to the Atrium to join him for an extravagant breakfast. It is seen by the majority of the student body as a great honor. On other occasions, it is not used often, but remains open to the public. Some students come down here to complete their assignments or eat lunch when it's a particularly beautiful day.

    • Because Briarton offers Polo to its students, a stable is kept on campus grounds. It is not often visited by anyone other than Polo members, as the smell of horse manure is unbearable for noses unused to the smell. Volunteer students act as stable hands on their off time, though sometimes students are forced to work in the stables as punishment.


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    now we're in the ring and ( ♕ ) we're coming for blood ▬ ▬
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYOU CAN TRY AND TAKE US xxxxxxx YOU CAN TRY AND TAKE USxxx
    x♥ ┄ ♥ ┄ ♥ xxxxxb u txx w e ' r e xx t h e xx g l a d i a t o r s xx e v e r y o n e xx a xx r a g e r xx b u t xx s e c r e t l y xx t h e y ' r e xx s a v i o r s
    ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

    Students have 6 classes on their schedule; 4 are core classes that are mandatory for them to take, while they
    are able to choose 2 elective classes. However, they only attend 3 of their 6 classes a day. This is because
    Briarton uses a block system, where the classes are split into two days: A days and B days. A typical Briarton
    schedule might look like:

    A DAYSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxB DAYS
    1st periodxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2nd period
    prep-period xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxprep-period
    3rd periodxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4th period
    5th periodxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6th period

    Breakfast begins at 8 AM sharp and is held in the dining hall, whereas dinner is served at 7 PM. Lunch is also
    served in the dining hall, however students have the choice to use the thirty minutes designated as a prep period,
    where they can work on assignments and prepare for upcoming classes. After a student's first class of the day is
    a prep period, which lasts for an hour long but can sometimes be extended, especially on exam days. The student
    has the liberty to determine for themselves what they will do with that time, however Briarton recommends that
    the student use it for academic purposes. After the last class of the day, students are allowed to do as they please
    (as long as it is within the school rules) until dinner. The same applies to after dinner is held until 10 PM, which
    is curfew and all lights must go out.

    On weekends, classes are not in session. Saturday acts as a free day; teachers will still be on campus so students
    may consult with them should they need to and most campus locations are kept open. On Sundays, students are
    expected to attend a 2 hour long mass beginning at 11 AM. The rest of the day is theirs.

    • Freshmen:
      English I
      Geography & Social Sciences

      English II
      Algebra II/Trig
      World History

      English III
      Pre Calculus
      United States History

      English IV
      Calculus AB
      Advanced Biology

    • THE ARTS:
      Woodshop - Ceramics - Painting - Art History - Interior Design - Fashion & Textiles - Photography
      Intro to Psychology - Psychology II
      Graphic Arts & Animation

      Concert Band - Orchestra - Chamber Choir - Jazz Band

      Anatomical Studies - Sports Medicine - Elite Fitness - Team Sports

      Creative Writing - Media Analysis - Philosophy

      Russian I to IV - Mandarin I to IV - Spanish I to IV - French I to IV - Japanese I to IV

      Intro to Economics - Economics I - Economics II

      Political Science I - Political Science II

      Teacher Assistant (TA)
      Consumer Science - Statistics - Engineering Design
      Home Economics - Independent Living

    • Forensics Debate
      Riding Club
      Science Olympiads
      Marketing Club
      National Honors Art Society
      National Honors Music Society
      National Merit Scholar Society
      Cooking Club
      Scrapbook Club
      French Club
      Spanish Club
      Russian Club
      Mandarin Club
      Acting/Theater Club
      Newspaper Club
      Horticulture Club
      Chess Club
      Tech Club

    now we're in the ring and ( ♕ ) we're coming for blood ▬ ▬
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYOU CAN TRY AND TAKE US xxxxxxx YOU CAN TRY AND TAKE USxxx
    x♥ ┄ ♥ ┄ ♥ xxxxxb u txx w e ' r e xx t h e xx g l a d i a t o r s xx e v e r y o n e xx a xx r a g e r xx b u t xx s e c r e t l y xx t h e y ' r e xx s a v i o r s
    ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀


    Girls must wear a crisp, white, collared shirt with a navy tie. Over their shirts, they wear a navy colored
    blazer to match the color of their tie. The jacket is trimmed with the school colors of yellow and blue, while the
    front pocket is the school emblem embroidered in gold thread. Below, they wear khaki-beige pleated skirts that
    end just above the knees. Along with the skirt, they are given the option of wearing different colored stockings
    either white, black, grey or blue tights. During the fall and winter seasons, the girls wear heavier jackets and
    thicker skirts accompanied by dark brown over knee boots. In colder weather, students are permitted to wear
    scarves or hats over their uniforms. When warmer seasons arrive, the jacket can be switched out for a navy
    Briarton vest. They are also allowed to wear polo shirts and oxford loafers. Many have taken liberties
    in altering their outfits like shortening their skirts and wearing ribbons instead of ties. Some have
    foregone the tights all together, a trend more popularly seen among the elite.

    Boys wear a white, long-sleeved button down, crisply ironed with a striped navy tie. At the collar, there is an
    accent of yellow and navy to match the school colors. They wear a navy blazer to match their ties with the school
    emblem embroidered in gold on the front. Pants must be khaki slacks and boys are required to wear belts, usually
    a tan leather in color. Though the girls uniform allows for more liberties to alter it, the boys really are only able
    to wear watches or change the color of their socks. During the fall and winter seasons, guys wear heaver, wool
    jackets and thicker pants with dark leather chukka boots. On all of their shirts they are required to wear gold
    cufflinks. When the warmer seasons arrive, they are able to wear a navy vest instead, though it is a less popular
    option as most simply opt to wear a Briarton white or navy polo. They are also given the option of wearing khaki
    boating shorts. The shoe worn during these seasons up until early fall is typically a full brogue derby or oxford
    shoe, until the rain no longer allows them to do so. Some male students, typically the royalty, try to get away
    with bending the dress code by rolling up the cuffs of their pants or leaving part of the collar unbuttoned. The
    particularly daring go so far as to make more obvious alterations, like cutting their shirts. Such typically
    results in punishment if caught, but the Briarton dress code has slackened over the years.

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  5. [​IMG]
    now we're in the ring and ( ♕ ) we're coming for blood ▬ ▬
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYOU CAN TRY AND TAKE US xxxxxxx YOU CAN TRY AND TAKE USxxx
    x♥ ┄ ♥ ┄ ♥ xxxxxb u txx w e ' r e xx t h e xx g l a d i a t o r s xx e v e r y o n e xx a xx r a g e r xx b u t xx s e c r e t l y xx t h e y ' r e xx s a v i o r s
    ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

    1) All Iwakuroleplay rules apply. Please consider them sovereign and consider them at all times.

    2) Positions are technically unlimited, though if the roleplay starts to become too congested, then I
    will close off sign ups. There are currently 10 positions open to start, though more will be added as
    demand increases. Each person is allowed a maximum of 3 characters for the time being.

    3) Your GM is myself, @Viscera. If you have any questions, feel free to
    direct it to me via PM or in the OOC chat.

    4) Keep the SU clean! Do NOT post OOCs in the SU thread.

    5) Respect your host, yourself, and others. Do not start arguments in the OOC thread, keep that
    in PMs.

    6) This is an intermediate RP, so please, at the bare minimum, have top-notch spelling and grammar.
    Google is your best friend. No asterisks (*) or one-liners; two paragraphs (if you can manage) at the
    very least. Slang is O.K. if part of dialogue.

    7) Give credit where it's due; do not plagiarize. I will not hestiate to remove you from the roleplay if this
    rule is broken.

    8) For this roleplay we shall be using FACE CLAIMS. I encourage you all to use faces that are unique,
    ie. not someone like Selena Gomez or Liam Hemsworth. Do not simply google a picture of a "scene girl"
    and use them; I need an actual NAME to go with the face. I highly recommend using models for
    face claims; there are plenty of agencies online where you can grab a face for your character.

    9) It is mandatory that you have read the rules! To make sure you have, put "snooty" under your
    skeleton. If you do not have this, you will not be accepted.


    now we're in the ring and ( ♕ ) we're coming for blood ▬ ▬
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYOU CAN TRY AND TAKE US xxxxxxx YOU CAN TRY AND TAKE USxxx
    x♥ ┄ ♥ ┄ ♥ xxxxxb u txx w e ' r e xx t h e xx g l a d i a t o r s xx e v e r y o n e xx a xx r a g e r xx b u t xx s e c r e t l y xx t h e y ' r e xx s a v i o r s
    ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

    [ banner; can be GIFs or still images. either is fine ]

    Face claim:
    Name [Middle optional]:
    Nickname [Optional]:
    Year [1, 2, 3, 4; 1 = freshman, 4 = senior]:

    Personality [Paragraph format, can list traits and write out single paragraph or write paragraphs for each trait]:

    Biography [One paragraph minimum, but I don't expect a whole novel either!]:

    Relationships [IMPORTANT-- relationships with other characters and family/NPCs, etc.]:

    [ will look something like this: ]
    A DAYSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxB DAYS
    1st periodxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2nd period
    3rd periodxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4th period
    5th periodxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6th period

    Extra-Curricular Activities [see list]:

    Appearance [written description and/or extra images]:
    Others [The more creative you are, the more brownie points you get *hint hint* useful for competition]:

    **delete what is written in the [brackets]


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    now we're in the ring and ( ♕ ) we're coming for blood ▬ ▬
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYOU CAN TRY AND TAKE US xxxxxxx YOU CAN TRY AND TAKE USxxx
    x♥ ┄ ♥ ┄ ♥ xxxxxb u txx w e ' r e xx t h e xx g l a d i a t o r s xx e v e r y o n e xx a xx r a g e r xx b u t xx s e c r e t l y xx t h e y ' r e xx s a v i o r s
    ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

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