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  1. Hello. I am new here and looking for a few role-play partners. I am a fairly laid back person who can write anywhere from a paragraph to five paragraphs. I am not the best on grammar and spelling but I try my best to keep it where it can be read easily. I love fantasy and supernatural based role-plays and I also have a few fandoms I would like to try out. I enjoy more mature role-plays with romance elements the best. I will do both boy/girl and boy/boy plots. I can play either gender but I prefer to be the girl in boy/girl plots. I am online a lot and my reply times vary from right away till a few days later. If I take longer than three days please poke me incase I have forgotten.

    Fandom's I Enjoy
    The Avengers
    Iron Man/Loki
    Loki/Black Widow
    Anything in this world is welcome
    Dragon Age
    Again I will do almost anything set in this world though Templar and Mage is a favorite idea
    Harry Potter
    Harry Potter/Any girl but Ginny
    Lucius Malfoy/Anyone
    Severus Snape/Anyone
    Semi Original Ideas
    If you see a idea that you like please PM me or post here if you like. I will try to keep all of my requests and ideas in this one thread. I will add the actual plots soon as well.
  2. I AM IRON MAN... I saw it, I had too. Any of the semi original ideas look good to me as well as the Avengers Fandom. If you ever in need a player PM me, I am always happy to play. I am pretty much good with any setting and character.

    The specific semi original ideas that popped out at me was Alien/Human, Noble/Peasant and God/Mortal but I would be fine with any of the others.

    So remember, I'm your go to guy if you have been looking to do a really specific RP... But disclaimer, I hate Harry Potter.
  3. I'd be into doing a Dragon Age or Skyrim rp, if you want. The demon/human idea sounds good, too. I'm on just about every day, so the roleplaying would be quick, and I can post as much as you will, so if you need a partner, I'm your girl ^3^
  4. To Iron Men and Saints: I have been wanting to do an Avengers RP for awhile now. I will PM you shortly. You don't have a problem with M/M pairings do you? I love pairing Iron Man with Loki for some reason....

    To EquinoxSol I would love to do a Dragon Age RP with you. Do you like using the game characters or would you prefer original ones. I am fond of Templar/mage drama but I also like Fenris. ^_^
  5. I'd be fine with either one...I've got a mHawke/Fenris and Anders/Fenris obsession, but I also really like some of the ideas that I've had in OC roleplays ^^
  6. You like Anders/Fenris! I love that pairing but I haven't been able to find anyone else who shares my enthusiasm until now. I would like to do that one. Do you have a preference on which character you would like to play?
  7. I do not mind the male / male. One request however, can I play Iron Man? I am good at the intellectual playboy thing. ( Atleast I think so. )
  8. I'd love to be Fenris, 'cause I suck at playing Anders, even though I love him to death T.T But if it's not a problem, I would like to play Fenris :D
  9. Sure. I can play Anders no problem. Its Fenris I have trouble with so that works out well. Where should we start?
  10. Maybe around the quest 'Bait and Switch'. Either a bit before or a bit after. I haven't played DAII in forever, so I'll have to read the wiki on it tomorrow, maybe, but if you have any other ideas, I'm open to them ^^
  11. After Bait and Switch sounds good to me. Anything else we should go over before starting?
  12. I don't think so. I think we're good, so if you want to start the thread, go ahead ^^