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    "When that summer ended, the one memory that still haunted my mind the most was how breathless he had me after every word."

    This role-play is centered around two teens left alone in their house for an entire summer. How could the adults do this, you wonder? Why would anyone ever leave two hormonal teenagers in the same home for two months? Well, there's a certain trust put into it due to the fact that these teens are brother and sister. Not exactly by blood, though. You see, Alexander's father married once more. This left their relationship hardly there at all. Alex felt that his mother was being replaced- she'd died years earlier due to someone breaking into the house for the paper in his parent's wallets. This had left Alex broken- therefore she shut down for a year or two and lost a part of himself along with his mother. It didn't make sense for his father to move on so quickly or to fall in love again, not in Alexander's eyes. Well, his step-mother had a daughter of her own and once she moved in, that daughter came with her. Not that Alex particularly wanted a sister, nor did he care about her. Hell, they hardly even know each other. Alexander mostly stays in his room, shutting the world away as he focuses on what he considers more important- his music and school. With a love for alternative rock and music in general, as you'd expect, Alex plays guitar and even sings a little. Creative as he is, he doesn't really give anyone the chance to know. His father works for a huge company that is sending him away to Japan for the entire summer- Alexander's last summer before college. He graduated not too long ago. His sister however, is still in High School and is a Junior. So, being that he has to take care of her while his 'parents' are gone, they have to get to know each other, and as they do, an unexpected bond forms. In fact, they fall for each other, and this is considered forbidden due to them being technically related but not so much. This perhaps drives the passion further. What are they going to do? What happens if and when they're found out?

  2. Blue eyes watched the two adults as they drove away, heading for the airport where they would board a plane and then stay in Japan for an entire two months. Alexander cleared his throat as if he hardly cared, and ran a hand through his blonde hair, blinking before turning away from the door and closing it. You'd think he'd be excited about having a two-story townhouse all to himself. Fact of the matter is, he didn't have it to himself. No, he had to take care of his younger step-sister and that didn't seem like fun. Alex hardly knew her. Oh well, he'd have to try to know her. Hell, maybe he'd make a new friend.

    Alexander looked at Sky, whom stood a few feet away from him. He offered a nervous smile. "Do you want breakfast? I can make something or I can take you to a Waffle House or wherever you'd want to go," he told her, arching a brow in question.
  3. "No thanks,"she says."I'll be fine. I can just make some cereal." She looks at him for a moment longer before walking into the kitchen and getting the cereal, milk and a spoon out. She looks in the cabinet and stretches her arm up and stands on her tippy toes to reach the bowl. She finally gets ahold of it and turns around, making herself a bowl of cereal. She sits at the end of the table, taking small bite and nibbling on her bottom lip. She hears someone in the room next to her, and starts tapping her foot against the floor nervously.
  4. Alex rolled his eyes. "Fine, then," he sighed, and then sat on the couch that was placed in the den. He turned on the television and began watching whatever was on- it happened to actually be a show he liked. The Walking Dead, to be specific, but it was a re-run. The blonde laid back against the comfort of the couch and tried to take his mind off of his situation; and college. He still hadn't got accepted into one yet.

    Alexander stayed silent, wondering how he could take care of this anti-social girl for two months.
  5. Sky quickly finished eating ad washed her bowl and any other dishes that had been left in the sink before going upstairs without another word to her step-brother and into the bathroom where she took a quick shower. When she got out of the shower she wrapped a towel around her body and walked down the hall to her room quickly and changed into ( this. She finished putting on her shoes before grabbing her phone and wallet and walking downstairs."I'm gonna go out with a couple friends. Don't wait up,"she says before opening the front door.
  6. Alexander snorted. Girl stuff. "Don't get yourself in trouble and don't get drunk. Wear a condom if you have sex," Alex said, the last part just to bug her and make her uncomfortable. It seemed fun. That was how siblings bonded, right? Annoying each other? "I'm not bailing you out of jail either!"

    Alex smiled at her. "Have fun," he said, standing up before going upstairs.
  7. She chuckled,"Now that you made those rules I might as well stay home. You just ruined all of what I had planned,"she joked."Well... Except maybe running off to Vegas and getting married." She have him a smile and walked outside, sitting on the porch bench, waiting for her friend Ryan to pick her up. She crossed her legs and tapped her foot while texting her mom back. She looked up and saw Ryan pull up in the driveway, making her jump up and walk to the passenger side. She jumped in his car and smiled, buckling up and looked up at her brothers window before turning towards Ryan and watching the road while he drove away.
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