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    • Long ago in the age of war, werewolves were evolving with the angels. But so were vampires and their little friends... The war lasted till the mid 1900's, taking millions of lives and killing the innocent. Now... Now it is the 3000's there are hunters and clans and packs... which side will you choose... the innocent (angels and werewolves)? The unforgivable(demons and vampires)? Or... The breathless(a new kind of werewolf)...?

    • The Breathless Pack are the main pack of the story. After centuries of peace, there will be another war. But this time they will uncover the truth... and that might destroy them for good.
      During the war they created a new kind of werewolf but no one has seen it in full action or what to expect of it. The Breathless Pack is this new kind... What EXACTLY are they?

    • Photo(human and shifted form):
      Character name:
      Ranking(if any):
      Special Ability/Power:
      Species (werewolf, vampire, angel, demon, or human(hunter)):
      Clan/Pack/Family(or loner):
      Weapons(if any):
      Family History:
      Personal Bio:

    • Name:
      Rankings and if they're available:

    • None yet

    • Breathless Pack~
      Alpha Male: Alexander Luega
      Alpha Female: Luna
      Alpha-Male-In-Training: Lupus Argentum
      Alpha-Female-In-Training: open

      Beta: Isis Lucari

      Delta: open
      Healer: Open

      Omegas: Zachery, Miyuki Katanobe
      Pups: open
      Wise Ones(elders):

      Pack of the North Winds~
      Alpha Male: Anubis
      Alpha Female: open
      Beta Male: open
      Beta Female: open
      Warriors: Hazel
      Little Howls: open
      Mothers(currently pregnant or nursing): none yet
      Wise Ones: open

    • [BCOLOR=#ffffff] Lacrima~ [/BCOLOR]
      Keeper: Aalto Lynelle

      Guardian - open
      Seer - open
      Archangels - open
      (for other positions ask @WinterCookie)

    • None Yet

    • None yet

    • Kastia Rose
      Tenebris Umbra
      Angelina Jones

    • The angels, demons, hunters and vampire vary depending on family

    • There are pures (which are born from both a werewolf and a werewolf) there are spineless (which are bitten) and there is Equals (which are born from only one werewolf and one mortal parent)

      (Alpha's are usually pures and Omegas are usually bitten. You can only turn from an Alpha bite)
      Also there are Alphas-In-Training which are usually the younger brother, sister, daughter, or son that haven't gotten to the Alpha ranking yet

    • Keeper - History Witnesses/Recorders
      Guardian - Guardian Angel
      Seer - Prophets/"Star" Readers
      Archangels - Messengers
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  2. Photo(human and shifted form):
    Character name: Alexander Luega
    Age: 19
    Special Ability: darkness and some fire

    Species (werewolf, vampire, angel, demon, or human): werewolf
    Clan/Pack/Family(or loner): Breathless Pack
    Weapons(if any): Sword
    Personality: fierce, unforgiving
    Family History: Died in The First Great War
    Personal Bio: He is fierce and rude due to his past. He is currently is working to uncover the secrets of his pack​
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  3. Could you explain the RP a bit more..? I don't really understand where the Angel/Demon families come in, or anything...

    Still, I sort of want to be an omega, so can I reserve a spot for that?
  4. The angel's and demons are allies. Angel's to werewolves and demons to vampires. They kinda work together, see what I'm saying?

    I edited the first post a bit
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  5. Well, alright. You might want to go a bit into depth about that in the main post. Confusion tends to drive people away, you know?
    Thanks for answering, though. c: And welcome to Iwaku.
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  6. True and thank you!
  7. Question~
    How do werewolves work in this universe? Are they born werewolves, changed into them, or..?
  8. [​IMG]
    Character name:
    Zachery Barra

    Age: 20

    Species: Werewolf

    Pack: Breathless

    Rank: Omega

    Submissive, loyal, reserved, quiet, and observant

    Family History:
    Zachery comes from a rich family that believes him to be dead.

    Personal Bio:
    Zachery accepts his role as an Omega, knowing the alternative of trying to live without a pack would mean certain death.
    He gets by each day simply focusing on survival.​
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  9. There are pures (which are born from both a werewolf and a werewolf) there are spineless (which are bitten) and there is Equals (which are born from only one werewolf and one mortal parent) (

    (Alpha's are usually pures and Omegas are usually bitten. You can only turn from an Alpha bite)

    And you are accepted. You may begin rping. (you may also make more than one character)
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  10. Alrighty, thanks. I'll wait for others to join before I start RPing, though. 'Bout to head to bed. Though, if you want, I'll put together a banner for you, to help attract more people. (If you haven't gotten that bit figured out yet, you can submit banners at the top right corner of the page to help advertise RPs.)
  11. Okay, goodnight. And yes that would be very much appreciated!!
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  12. That's really cool! Could you advertise it for me? I am currently advertising for us already
  13. Can I join this? I'll have a CS up tomorrow.
  14. Yes of course, would you like to reserve a spot somewhere?
  15. Actually, it's not as late as I thought. I could get started now.. xD
  16. Beta it is! and okay!

  17. Photo(human and shifted form):
    Human Form
    Wolf Form

    Character name:
    Isis Lucari
    Special Ability:
    Darkness. (Includes: Halucination, Shadow Control, Fear Manifestation, Dream Walker/Controler)
    Species (werewolf, vampire, angel, demon, or human):
    Clan/Pack/Family(or loner):

    Breathless Pack
    Weapons(if any):
    Any bladed weapon she can get her hands on. Often carries a all black Katana, Axe, or Chain Scythe.
    She is naturally a cold and cruel person, but only towards people who aren't in her pack. Despite that, she is amazingly loyal to both her pack and to her Alpha. She, of course, wishes to be Alpha herself but she is quite happy with the rank she holds, being second in command. She has a soft spot for any pups or elders, often seen taking the undesirable job of caring for the elders and helping them. If challenged, she is not afraid to use her powers to cause her opponent to Hallucinate and alter there perception of reality. In battle, she is merciless and sadistic, going all in to protect those in her pack. She always puts her clan before herself. On bad days she is easily irritated and snaps a lot. She doesn't socialize much outside of her pack unless she knows the person isn't a threat.
    Family History:
    Isis lost her parents at a young age. But what she does remember was that her father was a Beta before her and a fierce warrior. She always looked up to him and aspired to be like him. Her mother was one of the most kindhearted people ever, having been a healer for the pack. She loved them both dearly. One day, the clan was at war and Isis followed the warriors without permission. While there, she saw her father slaughtered for protecting her mother while caring for a injured warrior who was, in turn, slaughtered after her father. Isis has been cold and cruel ever since.
    Personal Bio:
    Isis may be a cruel person, but she would lay her life on the line in a heartbeat if it was to protect her clan. She never had much friends growing up, but her best friend was and is the pack healer Ashton, who is a half a year younger than her and was her moms former apprentice. The day she saw her parents slaughtered was the day she started talking to him. He comforted her and she fought anyone who tried to bully the boy. He is always her best friend and one of the most important people in her life because he helped her through rough times. She isn't as strong of a believer in Spirits as Ashton, but he always said to her the spirits told him her parents here very happy and very proud of her (though it was often followed by a "and be nicer! Make more friends, you loner!" But she let that slide.)

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  18. [​IMG]
    Character name: Kastia Rose
    Age: 15
    Special Ability: Illusions
    Species: Demon
    Clan/Pack/Family(or loner): Loner
    Weapons(if any): Staff
    Personality: Deathly / Hateful / Unhappy / Buzzkill
    Family History: Family?
    Personal Bio: Born from blood of a fallen demon she knows really nothing about family nor love all she cares about is killing. She is known well known. Making people hallucinate and attack trees and then going behind and killing them..known to kill a pack of wolves by herself..of course those are just rumors..or are they..

    (Sounds op but I'm not gonna be that op just wanna sound creepy <3)

    Gosh darn it Kaz I can't get away from you...​
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