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Breath & Shadow

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Drew, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Hello, as some of you might know I have been dealing with some serious issues. Ones that have nearly cost me my life. Im not saying that to get sympathy or to scare anyone, its just a fact. Its not by any means.. something Im proud of. I am however damn proud and very, very surprised that one of my poems was selected to be part of this site. Wirting has always been my salvation and redeption.

    Please check out the site and just give it a chance. I wasnt sure at first but as part of my treatment and healing, Ive had to come to terms with things that honestly.. NO. I dont want to... but I have too. Everyone here is like family to me and in that.. I feel I owe you all the truth. So look over the site and in Spring 2011 they will also have one of my poems up. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing so honestly, Inky. I agree that writing can be a great release from the pressures of life. I read a few of the poems and stories in the current issue and liked what I saw. Congratulations on being featured... can't wait to see that issue.