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Realistic or Fantasy

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  1. Breakout: One Pocket & One Hundred Miles


    One hundred miles separate you and your comrades from breaking out of the pocket formed from the enemy's advance. You and a group of soldiers must break out or face annihilation. A few supplies are in your possession with rationing, it will last for three days. Three defensive lines stand in your between death or salvation from the struggle. It is up to you to save your troops and return home.

    Hope that's a good introduction, reply if you are interesting. The premise and stuff are still being developed for the roleplay. I've conflicted on making it either realistic or fantasy as both could work at all. The roleplay will primarily focus on combat / character interactions so not a lot of world building here. So a robust combat system will be a necessity along with some spare world building. Character deaths are also expected and all. Anyways feel free to post any ideas.(if anyone is interested in this)

  2. Alright i'm curious.
  3. Nice. I'll tag you when I make it.
  4. Sounds like the Pusan pocket, or Bastonge. I think I could play in this.
  5. I added a poll to decide if it will be realistic or fantasy-themed.
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